Rolo Tomassi - A Flood Of Light Lyrics

And I fall, into your open arms
Soundly embraced here
When I fail
Fall into your open arms
Soundly embrace here
When I'm lost

Plot threads for a patchwork
I've been searching for...
Presence in a wandering heart
Kept like secrets
Forces bind us with no
In my absence I have not
The shadows we create

Fall into those arms again
And there you are always

After all this time when I'm my
Most lost
An anchor, eternally
Grounding me to navigate
A darkness, until a light so
Blinding burns through the
Its never in doubt

After all this time when the
Rain comes down
An anchor, eternally
Grounding me to navigate
Whats left behind
What lies ahead
It can take the
Worst to find out
But there you are always

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Rolo Tomassi A Flood Of Light Comments
  1. NVYV

    Thank you.

  2. PentaMaster

    They're criminally underrated

  3. M G

    Beautiful pictures. Beautiful song. Thank you!

  4. Alexander V.

    I can't believe this on has 18k views...holy moly this is beautiful...

  5. Widersacher

    4:22 Goosebumbs...always

  6. berserkr

    I remember that I was about to finish reading a girl by the sea while listening to this album and this was the song with which I finished reading it, I liked it so much that I didn't stop listening to it all day.

  7. Jermy BentHam

    Kinda has some Desperate Living vibes. Loving the keys in this album!

  8. Ogirok

    Здесь речь о семье и об утрате? Ничё не понял, но круто, красиво. Постараюсь разобраться и обязательно напишу про это видео в своем паблике VK

  9. stgodd


  10. taguchikun

    this is the video I was dreaming for this song. my favorite of their album. absolutely amazing.

  11. Gilbert Daniel

    Rolo tomassi are the usual suspects !!! 🤘 ❤️ 🇫🇷

  12. Max

    Thanks for the incredible music
    Thanks for the insane music video
    Thanks for making me cry

  13. Teon

    The fuck is this shit?

  14. Eternity's Fall

    So happy I found these guys recently! I've listened to all their stuff and this is definitely one of my favourite songs on the album.
    Just such a perfect song, keep up the great work guys!

  15. Robert Smith

    This is fucking insane!!!!

  16. Ryd Cook

    Incredibly beautiful video for an incredible song!

  17. Sid TheFilthyBastard

    Yesterday my exgirlfriend blocked me for no reason. She's still my anchor. We both are big rolo tomassi fans. That was one of the things that made us fall in love. This álbum came out a few days before she broke up with me. Today, after she blocked me, this comes out... I'm sad as fuck now


    Get over it you will be fine. Time to move on 👍 how long you gonna let her control your life bro? Not worth it man. Shit sucks but theirs more to life

  18. thy undyingas

    Saw them in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago, they were amazing :)

  19. Alan K.C.

    Lol why am I crying

  20. jawkster

    their best song in years. great video production

  21. Sam

    Fucking hell this is beautiful

  22. Jin Kazama

    Амэйзен блять!)

  23. Stan Gladkov

    Haven't cried for decades. Thank you

  24. Василий Смирнов

    That's just... incredible!

  25. Александр Кед


  26. victor ortiz

    That flow between consonance and dissonance is so beautiful and moving

  27. FinalFina

    Stunning. Remember reading an interview where you stated that you all wanted to incorporate more Audio/Visual components to the music. Absolutely looking forward to more.

  28. Elliott Wragg

    DoP is a hero, that's beautifully shot.

  29. Jonathan Cameron

    Surprise! Love this track.

  30. nat pettman

    Brilliant stuff!

  31. Allen Ashworth

    I'm not crying, YOU'RE CRYING

    Allen Ashworth

    (seriously, absolutely amazing vid for an absolutely amazing song)

  32. Chris

    Wasn't ready to get that emotional. Great fucking job, this track is huge.

  33. Evil John

    Song of the Day

  34. Nix

    Holy shit a Rolo Tomassi music video let's gooooo

  35. Gary Smith

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd I'm crying. Beautifully shot and lovely complement to one masterpiece of a song and album.

  36. Rodrigo Plasencia

    Just amazing.

  37. Vyacheslav Gafarov

    Great work! ♥️

  38. GodsColdHands

    anybody weeping.? i'm not weeping... i-am-not-weeping.!! all my love for rolo tomassi**

  39. Mr Matamatic

    My fav ! Awesome !

  40. Sven Johnson

    Saw you guys in Munich.
    Didn`t know you existed.
    Now you are my suprise for 2019.
    Awesome Video to a great song!

  41. Jewels1001

    Amazing - Be proud, be very proud.!!

  42. Syine

    Seriously though, well done this is awesome

  43. Syine

    (love this track - go find the album now)

    Alex Davies

    Literally like it's tuning for a trap song. Ugh


    It's the mix/master, not the youtube compression. Way overcompressed :((


    Sounds great on the album though.

  44. Phil

    Amazing video for a fantastic
    song; thank you!

  45. Adam Gosling

    Majestic and once again another beautiful track 🖤

  46. Dmitry Chernous


    Dmitry Sabirov

    Dmitry Chernous а ты хорош, мужик

  47. memphis0

    fresh air.

  48. allenboughen

    love it!

  49. crcinc82

    Now I have to go listen to the album in full again.

  50. Mathieu Rouland

    i love how the colour grading matches the vibe of the song it's gorgeous

  51. jamesmacveigh

    What a banger!