Roll Deep - Over Lyrics

I've told them (over) and over again
Young, older or dead I'm never phoning the feds, or using my legs
I will swing till it's (over), skinny nigga like Willis
I'm spitting for spinach, repping my village, it's Trim
I'm in but no one will knock for me
The name Trim translated is what you've got for me
This game gets clocked with ease, from Rinse to Freeze
I write and squeeze, booking flights with Breeze
And Will, I'm head (over) heels, my flow's like smoke, it kills
You can get choked or peeled, smoked and grilled
Till it's (over), done, finished, finito
Roll Deep will be your negro, yo

The partnership between me and Dizzee is (over)
But the movement ain't (over), Roll Deep has got the power
I'm not pissed it ain't (over), you should've known it weren't (over)
Our time, it ain't (over)
It's Eskiboy and Roll Deep, you should know that we are blessed
We're up there with the best, getting ratings from the best
And we say much more than the rest, you can't imagine what we went through
I suppose it was meant to be him on his own, me on my own
I tried to call him up and he was like "please, leave me alone" so
I don't wanna put no pressure on him, I'll make it better for him
And go my own way, he just needs to be alone, I know dem way there
Focused blud? I know dem way there
Pissed off? I know dem way there
Don't like me? I don't like me
Can't take me? I know dem way there
Now I know a way where I can block it out
Music's all I'm thinking about, making paper's what I think about
I think about the days when we were top boys, every crowd making noise
Some of these boys, they're unstoppable, who's gonna stop them? No one

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