Roll Deep - Mystery Girl Lyrics

He just wants to go home back to the Roman
And find a wife to hold him, his past life [?]
So they can't be controlled by what gets said on the street
Look at that, cause I mean she won't take me seriously
But I'm like her, I want someone who can treat me properly
I worked hard for what I've got, so there's no stopping me
I feel like I know you already, let's start the friendship
And keep it steady, no rushing, just fun times and loving
Listen, the other day I was on the corner of Redwood Close
I saw this girl, she was chung, she was getting real close
She's probably got a man but I could be wrong
If I'm here tryna be strong, she won't know what I'm on
So I left it for a while, I'm not fast, I'll wait my time
I'll siphon her number out of the phone that's got her number in it
"Let me use your phone quick", that's all it takes
I'm a ninja, I've broken hearts and I've been through heartbreaks

She's a mystery girl, she makes me think
Even though I don't know her too well, she's a wife
That's what I think, she's a mystery girl, she tries to act all swoosh
I can't force it, it's her decision

She's a mystery girl, she makes me think
Even though I don't know her too well, she's a wife
That's what I think, she's a mystery girl, she tries to act all swoosh
I can't force it, it's her decision

Her name was... I get a chill when I see her, she's from the ends
No, I won't pretend she ain't special because she is
And cause I'm involved in showbiz, it can't happen
So much has happened, from fights to gun clapping
And wars and street stabbings, I'd need to settle down
Put my cards on the table and settle down
I could see our kids in the garden running around
I would be faithful to you, I would stop playing around
We could start building a wall that won't get broken down
Take my word for it, all this pissing about? I'm getting sick of it
I wanna stick to one girl and one girl only
Sometimes late at night I get lonely
I need a wifey to hold me
People chat shit on the roads, I don't care what they told me
Let's take a chance and try it, you won't regret it
You could be the one to make me change, let's try it

She's a mystery girl, she makes me think
Even though I don't know her too well, she's a wife
That's what I think, she's a mystery girl, she tries to act all swoosh
I can't force it, it's her decision

She's a mystery girl, she makes me think
Even though I don't know her too well, she's a wife
That's what I think, she's a mystery girl, she tries to act all swoosh
I can't force it, it's her decision

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Roll Deep Mystery Girl Comments
  1. Creative X

    Привет 2020👌😊


    Mds, que aleatorio. Eu estava assistindo o dorama Bl tharntype, o ep acabou e do nada cmc esse dance practice. sksksks. Credo, vou dança.

  3. PeSY!

    Ok im gay now

  4. PeSY!

    Im hetero but now... I dont know XD

  5. Salina Syakila44

    I watch this vid a long time ago, n i thought he was ilhoon.. But now i realise

  6. boba우유

    EDawn wearing a 24 lakers jersey & kobe's passing recently🥺.

  7. MaddiMae531

    Mayhaps I'm forcing my two male friends to cover this with me-

  8. sHiMmYsHiMmYcOcOnUt

    Honestly i first found this song when i was newer to kpop and was a hard stan. I would watch these ff on youtube and they’d always have dance class and i swear so many used this dance for the mc but i don’t think i noticed till now 😂😅😅

  9. JustPeachy

    The backup dancer wearing all black has my whole heart, but like no homo tho 😳

  10. 꼬치에꽂혀

    현아가 동상이몽에서 평소에 노출 선호하지 않는다고 했는데 진짜 안하는것 같다..



  12. Danii Dayz

    She made wearing a big shirt and huge shorts sexy...

  13. soso.姤

    *Te corrieron de la agencia por mostrar tanto culo xD*

    that's mY OPINION

    Dónde si aqui está mas tapada que una monja

  14. Potato Farmer

    E’dawn as ilhoon😭🤣🤣

  15. 윤지연


  16. qurratu ain

    I just noticed that guy is not ilhoon but dawn my whole life was a lie

  17. Epiphany

    HyunA: I miss seduce Edawn

  18. Byun Han

    oh my I just realised that Hyuna's short match with dawn's shirt

  19. Joselynn A

    0:46 1:15
    Excuse me while I try to learn this

  20. Ailynnn Yeet

    1:42 I’m sorry I always just find this part mad funny idek why😂

  21. Min zom

    Just notice EDAWN wow

  22. Kiran Saroya

    Hyuna and Edawn💗

  23. Yrrem Louise

    This is the time when Hyuna have one-sided crush on E'dawn (now Dawn)!! Omg 😂

  24. Туйаара Протасова


  25. Roxy Lipz

    Like the outfiT

  26. santi capoo


    santi capoo

    2:42 0:56

  27. whale seefar

    i need ig's girl black+short hair +black outfit

  28. Mini Taetae

    So are we gonna do like cube and ignore hyuna and love that BACKup dancer or our we gonna appreciate hyuna like real fans.

  29. Caio Oliveira

    Someone in 2019??? 💖hyuna


    She not even wearing sexy close but she already slaying 🔥

  31. Goddess Gina Rose

    Imagine getting sister zoned by your own boyfriend😂

  32. Brenda Jeon

    A legenda em português kakekwksk QUEM FOI SKSKKS

  33. Wens Manuel

    Hyunas back up dancers are sooo OA. Like c'mon! Its hyuna's song! But they dance out there as if the own it

  34. Baka

    Q legenda maravilhosa pqp

  35. Érica 134 Bao

    The background dancer wearing black killed it

  36. Bianca Munteanu

    "Can you do a dance for us"
    Me: *only knows slutty song* um well...

  37. Hyllary Anette

    Su short Lmao

  38. 시간

    옷 디게 편해보이고 조타

  39. aru akise

    i didn't notice that he's EDawn, not Ilhoon :( i feel so dumb

  40. Shoto Todoroki

    Hyuna kimm nice dance

  41. Vera Cunha


  42. Vera Cunha

    A Letra e música top amo hyuna minha cantora solo utt


    Por favor ativem as legendas em português... "Scr olha essa raba" kkk mas que ousadia kk amei

  44. D Love

    She used to have Cheeks

  45. little miss crazyness

    i like that outfit more on her than the over sexual stuff

  46. Vmin World

    All the dancers have better outfits than Hyuna but she is still the beautiest and they sexiest ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  47. Breizy Mejia

    Esta gorda hiuna

  48. choisantheloml

    the back up dancers look like they're hyuna's whores

  49. Jessy shine

    "scr olha essa raba" KKKK

  50. Olivia Stuck

    2:22 dance break <3

  51. Kiara K


  52. Maria cecilia Malveira de carvalho


  53. Pxro

    Even hyuna's back up dancers are making me question my sanity and sexuality

  54. Lee JooHeon

    3 years later realizes that he isn’t Ilhoon

  55. 강sarah

    the back up dancer in all black with short hair is gorgeous

  56. baekosaurus rex

    hold on, is edawn wearing the matching shirt to hyunas shorts 👀👀

  57. 원예은

    이때 일훈이 얼굴보니까 일훈이가 아니라 이던인데..얼굴 자세히 봐봐여



  59. AJ Tom

    Sometimes I feel that Hyuna has a mommy kink. Well, I love her.

  60. Hihihi Loo

    BTOB hoon

  61. marleny

    Ok but the one with the black shorts and black tank top-

  62. Lil peep Gus

    La chica de negro está tan linda 🖤

  63. day biss

    sometimes, I enjoy reminiscing on how we all missed the obvious signs that Hyuna and Edawn were together way before it was exposed. we were all just a lil too dumb to realize sksjdhsjs

  64. 바나나 머ваηаηа мυ

    It's been 4 years and I just realized that's e dawn not illhoon ... Btw why are some of the dancers wearing knee pads?

  65. Mamberroi fasuki

    La chica de negro es linda

  66. Dhuda Lobato

    Adorei a tradutora KAJDOAJDIAHD

  67. Spongebob Squarepants

    No wonder E’Dawn fell in love with Hyuna , I mean just look at her 😍

  68. Nick ShiShi

    es mentira si estoy weando

  69. Nick ShiShi

    yo creo que es algo indecente que estén mostrando demasiadas veces el poto

  70. Lisa Liz

    The dance like me Kill it Girls :D

  71. gela sags

    wait guys i'm still confused???? what's the real title of this song? i'm a god girl? because i'm the best? roll deep? or just "hyuna" lol help?????

  72. hương phan

    Ggoodd, very good

  73. hương phan


  74. Re veluv

    There like those two bad siblings

  75. Wens Manuel

    Hyuna's back up dancers thinks they're in a girl group with hyuna😂

  76. 빠숑

    와씨 이게 이던이었네

  77. Толя Лёха


    Толя Лёха

    @Vellamo Pangea нет ты

    Vellamo Pangea

    @Толя Лёха :(

  78. Raven

    Every time I watch this video I’m reminded that attractiveness and confidence doesn’t really come from the clothes your wear, or from good/any specific clothing style for that matter, but from the attitude you carry.

    Hyuna may be physically attractive but I feel like her attitude and confidence in this video is what makes her really cool and sexy

  79. Nah, you’re Scary

    1:45 I bet hyuna was giving her the stink eye😂😂

  80. chenlele

    anyone else notice that ilhoon kinda looks like e‘dawn?

  81. namjoon stan but i love them all

    1:44 au where hyuna gets mad after seeing that and the backup dancer makes e dawn fall in love with her

  82. Yesenia Meza

    Saraghae hyuna ,BtoB 4ever

  83. Venom

    Edawn said in his rap that 'she's like my sister to me'

  84. 수지

    지금 보니까 되게 이던 위에 농구st 옷이랑 현아 바지랑 세트로 보임...

  85. XxJooJooxX 5900

    Can I find anywhere the black short haired girl??

  86. mmm mmm

    I wonder why there are so many caption on cube dance practices??😅

  87. Lissa Lars


  88. 420 subscribers with no videos

    Definition of big dick energy

  89. Nome vida sobrenome que segue

    Caraca oq aprendemos hj! Que a Hyuna é a melhor e a mais linda e que não devemos deixar um brasileiro brincando com as legendas do vídeo skksksks brinks

  90. Kate Sparkle

    Ahh yes the reason I'm gay is because of this video

  91. Michelle Castro

    Mucho arte para esta empresa :v

  92. 새콤달콤

    역시 갓현아😍

  93. 이술이

    Girl with short black hair 🖤

  94. Rei Yu

    She has the best body in this era now she looks unhealthy to me 😢