Roll Deep - Graveyard Freestyle Lyrics

You can't chat to me
Cause back in the day, you had your back to me
But now you see me live tryna make the money
It's working for me, Roll Deep family represent E3
We've got sticky skunk and choong kiki
I'll make your ship sink if you try test me
Make your girl wink when I see you in the street
She starts to feel weak when she sees me and
So, you're a big boy now
You're making nice money in the music name
And you've got big tunes in the music game
I might want a piece of that music game
Yeah, I heard you're a baiders now
You're keeping it gutter in the music game
You're the next big thing in the music game
You've almost locked the whole music game
Oh my God, you've got so much gash now
Only cause you're in the music game
Just cause you got a name in the music game
They only like you cause you've got a name
You must be a big money man right now cause
You sell a lot in the music game
And you're putting out tunes in the music game
You've got dough, it's you man who run the music game
Listen, Wiley's a this or that
He's a what? Top boy and I flow with the top boys
I'm making a big noise, I play with the big toys
You're not a top boy, don't make no noise
I'm a what? Game player, I'll hustle your team player
You wanted to be a sprayer but your game went down
I am a real sprayer and my game's gone up
I'm running my mouth up, I'm not shutting my mouth up
And you can't come around, you will get spun around
Cause the level of MCing is high around
And you won't see no funny guy around
And your girlfriend tries to act shy around
If you don't like it, don't bring her round
Cause I hear her, she's tried to sing around
Oi rudeboy, you won't win a round
Sharp like a pin around, I've already been around her
I've already been around countless times, got countless rhymes
I write for the cause, cause trouble in the area
Who's that boy? I don't care
If he wants to clash me, don't bother, blud
Yo, you're not rough, I don't fear ya
Didn't feel nothing when I was standing near ya
Where was your lyrical flow? I couldn't hear ya
I told you blud, I can't hear ya
They say they don't care about Wiley
But every day you're hearing my name, you're not forgetting me
Not by a long shot, brother, I'm gone
Still in your face and you can see what I'm on
I'm on a big scale, won't fail, standing up strong
Won't see me in your estate for ages
I come around, stay for a little while, then I'm gone
Touch your ends for two minutes, then I'm gone
Gone, I'm gone now, it's on now, I'm singing my song now
Your girlfriend knows what I'm on now
Always tryna show me her phone now
And if we get it on, I'll be doing you a little wrong now
I'll be doing you a wrong, I'm out of order
Out of order, MCs in the game, I fear no one
Care not, who's who, do what you gotta do
I fear no one, I care about nothing
While you're at the other end
Of my phone bluffing about the other end puffing
Let's see who's ducking if I ever start bussing
I know I know enough to start bussing
When they see my shadow on the road
On the back street and the weather's getting cold again cause
I'm possessed on the road again
So now when you see me on the road again
You bet it's not my fault that garage has changed
And everybody wants to be an MC in the game
Well it's a brand new game, that's that, watch this
Real street ghetto people like this
And garage was a 2-step, then I took a big step, side step
No MCs could ever step, so you better just
Step away, get away, it's too late
You can't make or break me, I've got fresh cake
It's not my fault that I'm futuristic
See me just a creep through the mist quick
Willy Kat practice, I shoot, the goalie can't catch this
Biters snatch my flow and copycat this
It's not my fault that I'm worth this much
Just pay what I say, or you won't get much
If you don't take it when it's worth this much
We make the thing bigger and you pay this much
Bang! Willy is a midnight man
If you didn't know, I roll with the midnight gang
When I'm in a big dance, do midnight to one
Vibes then run from midnight to one
When the clock hits midnight, right, here goes
Anywhere Willy goes, every ghetto yout knows
I blaze the radios, I blaze the stage shows
I blaze it all day as I blaze your girl, bro
Yo, it will never end, I'll be coming back again
New tune on the back again, make more dough again
Shots wanna know again
I've got another thousand sells to make again
I don't stop, press em up again, straight to the shop again
If you don't do that, you can't say jack again
Mout can't clap again, lyrics can't chat again
You don't wanna test the big Willy Kat again
I run the city again, showing no pity again
Going on chilly again, [?] again
Taking the mickey again, Willy is skippy again
If I see your girl, I'm gonna give her a cookie again
Round the back again, going on shabby again
Enemies worried again, but I'm not worried again
It will never end, I'll come back again
Never again, nah, nah, not again
Yo, I got away with murder
Didn't wanna stop, I had to go further
Didn't wanna stop, I had to be a cheater
Cheating on girls, that was in my nature
Yo, I got away with murder
I pissed so many people off and
I've shut so many people off and
The weakest links have all been locked off
Yo, yo, I got away with murder
I just took what I wanted, always
I just done what I wanted, always
I'm gonna run this game always
Yeah, I got away with murder
I was like don't care, no morals, yo
Living my life without no morals, yo
I had to change and learnt some morals, yo
My head's hurting, my body clock ain't been working
Still awake, 4 in the morning
I write lyrics and flows at any time
Preferably do it at 4 in the morning
When I run out of silk cut Rizla
Go to the garage at 4 in the morning
Can't sleep, still awake, 4 in the morning
Come out the rave at 4 in the morning
If I was with a certain someone
I would get moist till 4 in the morning
I wanna go to the bagel bar
Cause I'm hungry, go there 4 in the morning
I'm in the studio making a riddim
And I don't leave there till 4 in the morning
I smoke weed till 4 in the morning

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Roll Deep Graveyard Freestyle Comments
  1. Snack

    I fear no one I care about nothing.

  2. Julian Miller


  3. Zero Cool

    Beat is mad

  4. John Smith

    King of heavy

  5. blueschrissy

    Moral is work hard. Every day till 4 in the morning. One day you might be amazing!

  6. Ben Ingram

    2018 🔥🔥

  7. Alberto Moonez

    Wish grime still sounded like this

  8. Sloccification

    wiley is 1 hunna'

  9. Olly Slater

    U.K. Grime hip hop back 2016 love the sound


    Grime isn't hip hop.

    Bud Weiser

    And this is from early 00s

  10. Olly Slater

    Big tune bass line love it hard

  11. craigcaradineful

    Probably the best grime track ever


    Years later and this tune still not been beaten. Lyrics - beat - bass - Just insane. No words.

    Luke Ballance

    Fully agree

    John Doe

    Autopsy is a fire beat too


    The bars are dead man this is why i never used to rate wiley. His best track was nightbus dub he actually went hard on that.

  12. J2Smusic


  13. Ritchie Evans

    Instrumental is Lewi White's remix of What m8s

  14. ThaRaman95

    Pretty sure its a footsie tune


    no its lewi white

  15. Daniel Webb

    The best wiley freestyle #BASE

  16. Daniel Webb

    what is the instrumental !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i NEEEEEEEEEEED this instrumental

    Anthony Gray

    Darude Sandstorm




    What m8 - Lewi White remix

  17. martin boon

    david gordon shut up you fool!! your a 40 year old virgin

  18. martin boon

    brom bromm brommmm

  19. David Gordon

    4 in the morning .. and im zoning

  20. BK FR

    on a mad one!

    Alex Ayrton Dockerty

    brooklyn fraser marry me


    Alex Ayrton Dockerty raah she don't even look real