Roll Deep - Freestyle Lyrics

I'm gifted at the gab and gifted with the birds
I'm genius with grammar, even better with verbs
Yeah, it works like magic, I'm a wizard with words
I skid round the track like it's wet on the curbs
I ride dangerous, I ride for the road
Ride on the wrong side and I ride with a load
Ride with no guide or no green cross code
I ride for the east and ride for the postcode
Sell a ride on, it's no skin off my nose
I do this with my eyes closed, I keep on my toes
Keep running down the track till my socks have got holes
This is skippy, boy, man, the boy's got flows
Born to be wicked, I was cursed at birth
And don't do bubblegum cause bubblegum bursts
Hit me with your best cause I'm prepared for the worst
So find your first punch so I can finish it

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