Roll Deep - Cut Em Off Freestyle Lyrics

Yo, Eskiboy
Hold tight Rascal
Roll Deep, yeah
Let me just do this for them
Creeper Volume 1, listen
Hold tight Raskit
It's all rapid round here
E3, hold 'em up
E3, hold 'em up
East side, hold 'em up
Eskiboy, yo, listen

My name is Wiley, I'm the master of my flow
Don't sit there tryna act like you don't know
I'm from E3, otherwise known as Bow
I will take you to the cleaners if you try to piss me off
You've got a cheek telling people that I'm weak
I could've been dead but I'm still standing on my feet
The backstreets, the back roads is where we meet
Don't try backing off, now, take your jacket off, blud
Some of these soundboys just don't make sense
They think their crew are hot, they're worth two pence
Listen to him cause he's chatting nonsense
Why's he on the line [?] please take him off, blud
I'm a winner, I'm determined on my path
I put my brain work in hard on my path
I'm too confident, the critics make me laugh
Don't try it, turn that dick to phone off

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