Roisin Murphy - Off And On Lyrics

No, I can't get out
I'm trapped inside of it
I won't let go
Pain keeps driving it
I, I only hope and pray
That I can make it pay
Keep pushing, keep
I keep pushing on

I did the best I could
I learned to sacrifice
I've got to make it work
This time away has done me good
It's a change from you

Keep switching me off and on, and off and on, and off
I put myself back together
You've been gone too long beyond, the love is gone
You thought I could feel forever
Keep switching me off and on, and off and on, and off
I put myself back together
You've been gone too long beyond, the love is gone
I got my life back together

No, I can't turn back
I'm sick and tired of it
And love broke down
I rewired it
I'm only human, babe
You let the feeling fade
Keep pushing
Till I reach the higher ground

I tried to make it right
When every door was closed
Your love is all I had
I tried to make an honest man, woah,
Out of you

Wired to the sun like a laser beam
Power surge, come feel the energy
And I'm letting it shine, shine...

Keep switching me off and on, and off and on, and off
I put myself back together
You've been gone too long beyond, the love is gone
You thought I could feel forever
Keep switching me off and on, and off and on, and off
I put myself back together
You've been gone too long beyond, the love is gone
I got my life back together

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Roisin Murphy Off And On Comments
  1. Lucas Vinicius

    Eu ia morrer sem saber que a versão original dessa música é de Roisin Murphy, e olha que eu acompanho ambas as cantoras. Mas a certeza é de que a música ficou bem melhor na voz de Sophie EB

    José Ananias

    Eu estou do mesmo jeito. Ainda bem que melhoraram a música, pq esta versão está bem retrô. Eu tb prefiro a versão da Sophie. S2

  2. Louise X

    She must have spent a million pounds on designer clothing and styling, but her amazing looks are really complimented by all these fascinating outfits. What a feline body and head! :)

  3. Денис Якупов

    Она молодец!

  4. João Vitor Gonçalves Leite João

    this is the best!
    guys, Sophie is amazing, but Roisin is so much ahead of her time! the best artist in the music world!

  5. One night in Bangkok

    Roisin Murphy and Sophie Ellis-Bextor are both such phenomenal, class acts. Strong, gorgeous, wonderful ladies. You can't not admire them. They're both fantastic in their own ways, so are the two versions of this song. LOVE!


    No se pasan de moda estas canciones.

  7. yogilouie

    Y a s s .

  8. Tesco Asda

    A stern tune with hush tones

  9. Tesco Asda

    Sophies and roisins versions r both good in different ways

  10. Karen Gale

    LOVE HER! 😍😗😙😘😚

  11. J. Sias

    6 people are "off"

  12. Valerie Escamilla

    Cathy Dennis is Genius! I love both Sophie and Roisin Versions. I just wished you could hear Rosin's voice louder on her track to this song. I would love to hear Rosin's Acoustic version to this!

    Alexandre Melo


    dj K.I.R.

    Very well said! I also wish miss Murphy more in infront on the mix.

  13. AnnaStesia

    I love this song! Astonishing dance track and a hidden treasure!

  14. Gonzalo Herrera


  15. Gustavo Jiménez



    NICE Track,Wisht I could Get Her To Sing On My track Called " SELFISH WENCHES"..But... BrooklynSTERiO

  17. Ben Wong

    Roisin fans and Sophie fans don't need to argue, the fact Sophie' got the chance to have this song in her album doesn't affect Roisin fans, at least you have the full version of the song. So everyone should be happy.

  18. adrixs alvarez

    amazing song,

  19. adrixs alvarez

    amazing song,

  20. adrixs alvarez

    amazing song,

  21. drsw36

    Roisin did not produced this one. Calvin Harris did alone. Cathy Dennis wrote it with Roisin and Calvin.

    Without Cathy and Calvin this song wouldn't exist.

    Anyway I don't see why Roisin & Sophie fans have to fight all the time. Roisin gave her blessing and like Sophie's version and they both friends.

  22. Arcilios

    Did Cathy Dennis and Calvin Harris sing this song?
    Oh? No.
    All Bextor did was sing over what Roisin had ORIGINALLY produced, therefore your argument is invalid. I can read wiki too so thanks for that, but really. Play both tracks alongside one another and you can easily find Roisin trumps Bextor.

  23. drsw36

    No, Cathy Dennis & Calvin Harris made this song. Roisin only co-wrote it.

    I don't see the point of having a war. Roisin said herself that Sophie's version is better. This song was just not made for Roisin. That's why it did not made it into her album Overpowered. Roisin did not think it fit with her album.

  24. Arcilios


    "Youtube war accepted"

    Nah you're crazy, The ORIGINAL Roisin made this song, it's her song. Whack covers from Sophie are 10 times crappier than this.

  25. Arktrux C

    @Feroal2 Thanks Feroal its changed now!!!!

  26. Feroal2

    It's actually called "Off and On"

  27. TheGoodStuff2010

    @iamtomalmond lol Sorry about that. ;-)

  28. TheGoodStuff2010

    @iamtomalmond Please don't; that's how you start youtube wars unless you want it that way.

  29. NoireFox

    This should have been on the album, as others have said, it is an AMAZING song, and IMHO, a bit better than the title song Overpowered. I find this to be more melodic and catchy.

  30. Azure888

    I really like this song. I wonder what Roisin didn't like about it.

  31. Dargy Bellic

    tight song, tight one. enjoyed listening this!

  32. Andrés Naveda

    @tulusnexia xD LOL, typical xD

  33. Andrés Naveda

    @tulusnexia Right. You are an ignorant idiot and u live in denial. ;)

  34. Andrés Naveda

    @tulusnexia he is not comparing them musically, he is comparing them in Fashion, something diferent, and it's a fact that lady gaga in her first album she imitated Roisin.

  35. danuzdani

    New Cover Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Off And On

  36. luckypinky91

    I'm so glad i found your music. Really really enjoy it <3

  37. malyy000

    @tulusnexia music is for relaxation. No worth of fighting. One day I choose this song, another day II might start with Gaga's song or maybe even Britney's. Everything depends on how good is that song on me.. And this song isss driving me....

  38. madjohnbrown

    It's worth noting that even a Roisin Murphy castoff is ten times better than what we're subjected to in mainstream music and radio airplay. If Lady GaGa and publicity machine released this track it'd already be redone on "Glee" by now, sigh. Let history note who the real originals in music are, I guess . . .

  39. Johnny Stark

    Yeah, We love Roisin .... Fuck off Lady Gaga!!!! Don't imitate her!

  40. Jamiro Sparro

    Beautiful photos

  41. Tanja Tomic

    Great song!

  42. Arktrux C

    i guess it's because Calvin Harris is one of the writers

  43. thebronxdog

    Sounds only a little bit like Kylie's "In my Arms"...
    Don't you think so?

    Cristian Dario

    thebronxdog it's the same producer Calvin Harris

  44. backdrifterliar

    it's "off and on" :-) very nice song!

  45. madjohnbrown

    Wow, this is an amazing track! Thanks for posting it!

  46. Maja Majo Maje

    <3 <3 <3 i love you! :*

  47. TheLuigiPop

    se saleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  48. Roy Redfield

    I love This song!!! Too the version of Sophie Ellis Bextor!!