Rogers, Maggie - Dog Years Lyrics

I count my time in dog years
Swimming in sevens
Slow dancing in seconds
Oh and I'm the one that loves you
Oh and I'm the one that loves you
I spend my time daydreaming
As sure as the sea
It's just you and me
Oh and I'm the one that loves you
Oh and I'm the one that loves you

And if you had a bad week
Just let me touch your cheek
Oh and I'll be there waiting
When you get frustrated
I know things are changing
But, darling, I'm saying
I'll be singing you in all of my songs

Come what may
I'll still stay
Inside your mind
For all of time
Singing, ooh
We will be alright
In the afterlife

Of all that is shifting
And shaking my system
I know your rhythm
I know, I know, I know
That I'm the one that loves you
Oh and I'm the one that loves you

And if you had a bad week
I will sing you to sleep
Oh and I'll be there waiting
If you start to get jaded
I know things are changing
But, darling, I'm saying
I've been here all along

Come what may
I'll still stay
Inside your mind
For all of time
Singing, ooh
We will be alright
Not in vein will still stay the same
Inside your mind
For all time
Singing, ooh
We will be alright
In the afterlife
In the afterlife

I count my time in dog years, dog years, dog years, dog years
We will be alright
We will be alright
In the afterlife
Singing, baby, we will be alright
We will be alright
We will be alright

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Rogers, Maggie Dog Years Comments
  1. Flguy34698

    I can not express enough how much I love her music and how often it has a calming affect on me. I thank the universe for her and her wonderful music. 😁😁😁😁

  2. Alejandra Robles García

    Your music makes me feel comfortable with myself, in harmony. It's cute.
    (English is not my mother tongue)

  3. William Haneke

    Stay with me here - 1.44 min is a nod to Bill Withers (Ain't No Sunshine), with Bruce Springsteen (I'm on Fire), and Dido combined. In totality, her phrasing, lyrics, and composition is a phenominal amalgamation of styles!

  4. Corey Boiko

    In case anyone is wondering - 1 dog year = ~7.4 weeks (52 days)

  5. Kariel

    Relaxing song thanks

  6. Alainna Marincic

    best part is at 2:38 chills everytime i hear it

  7. Eric Lee

    I'm late but I love it

  8. RedRiddin Hood

    Maggie playlist & Shower 🚿 that what’s good - 01/05

  9. sTarDustJoker7v

    3:15 THATS HER MOM . maggie said it in an interview with pharrell

  10. Cashyear 21

    Love it

  11. Lucas Macedo

    eu amo tanto essa musica

  12. Ed David

    this video is so gorgeous!!!!

  13. Hannah

    her voice is like what i imagine a greek siren's to be

  14. Hannah

    what a free spirit

  15. Daren Wagner

    What can I do to join Maggi's witch cult

  16. edgarkavuma

    Where was this filmed?

  17. Alison Williams

    I love that she uses so many bird sounds! This one has a Boreal Owl.

  18. Maurice Wagura

    December 2019 anybody

  19. Robert Wilson

    This is a good song. I bought it. Hope she keeps evolving

  20. Matt Judge

    I have been doing creative work for over 20 years. If I *ever* do anything this deeply affecting, I will be forever grateful. Such beautiful grace in the guise of straightforward pop. There have been actual tears.

  21. S. Karma

    Her soul is what I need!

  22. richard owens

    that mic isnt plugged in. so dumb.

  23. tj johnson

    😹Who else is here before she releases Cat Years:👇


    cat ears!!

  24. Saad Ali

    I cant find the words to explain the feeling I'm having listening to this. I just hope you feel your music too.

  25. No Fox

    berry nice

  26. Talia Sainclair

    If you’ve had a bad week, let me sing you to sleep ❤️

  27. Surgeon Funtime

    Terrible video. It doesn’t convey at all this beautifully sad lyrics.

  28. bigfish 123

    the microphone is terrible

  29. idolatrystudios

    This girl is SUPER talented. She needs more love from the music industry. Wow!

  30. A Veson

    shout-out poncho's

  31. Robert Lukens

    When she touches the dancers cheek and walks through the line, I get tingles.

  32. MintArcade

    The song feels like a dog waiting at the harbour waiting for the sailor to come back

  33. Leah Goodness

    i love it!

  34. Sooz M

    At her shows she always says this song is about close friendship. Just a tidbit to share

  35. Zech Doran

    The acoustic version of this song that she did for tiny desk is so much better than the studio version

  36. W W

    Oh my my my 😊 Never more in love have I ever been before..........

  37. III A J A Y III ,

    Beautiful voice, 🧡

  38. Lydia Ellen

    this song will forever be my favorite song it can help me feel all the feeling in all the ways i need to. maggie you don’t know how much i adore this song

  39. jodiebug1

    Such a Drew Barrymore look!

  40. Itz Amethyst

    She kinda looks like Max Mayfield.. (Stranger things)

  41. Lisa Lisa

    Sending love and good vibes to you Maggie. ✌️❤️🌼

  42. Zeta K

    Best song from Maggie.

  43. WeUsedToBeAngels

    Soooo beautiful hurts

  44. Cara Shillenn

    The moment with her mom at 3:15 is just so sweet. You can just see in her eyes how proud she is of Maggie

  45. Thomas Willey

    Amazing artist so underrated

  46. Ryothelion

    Look to the beginning again

  47. The philadelphia buddhist

    maggie rogers, music appreciators.....hear my cry!! i really want to see her sing live tonight, im gonna wing it and get to the venue, outside...i lack a ticket, or the $50 to purchase, i was going to go meet radio station, z100 ELVIS DURAN,at phila barnes 7 noble 6pm at 1805 walnut st, yet thats also only if you purchase his book on eventbrite, to get bracelet in book store, for 6pm event, allowing ppl in at 4:30.

  48. Abbrielle Rain

    Her existence pleases me so 💕

  49. kevin yoo

    man...this song is next level...i am speechless. what a beautiful way to portray our mortal selves...this song is filled to the brim with love.

  50. Alexander Andrew

    One of the older ladies sitting down is her mother, maybe the one she laid her head on? Just recently found out about maggie and her music, she is awesome!

  51. Catlover222

    Ugh I love this camp!! Camp Wohelo! I go there every there every year! Ya know her song (color song) was stolen from us when she went there?

  52. Jeff Jameson

    If Xanax were a song it would be this...😍😍😍

  53. Othership Adventures

    I love that she sings like nobody is listening.

  54. horsenmusicaremyforte

    Just happened to stumble upon Maggie’s songs due to complete procrastination and random clicking. Best decision I ever made. That was a year ago now and I’m hooked. I never comment on like anything but I have to say she gets you in ways that commercialized music can’t. You can write songs built on formats and psychology all you want, but this is the purest part of music, that comes from the soul, something you can never teach someone nor truly understand. All you know is that you feel it too. Thank you Maggie for being pure and for writing music that is unique and true to you and thank you for sharing it. ❤️

  55. William Smart

    wow, just stumbled on this friday night, 9:00pm august 30th 2019, watching a pharrell master class, then her song comes on, and I'm like wow (had to re/edit this, to it was more like a Wow, what is this I am hearing, this reminds me of hearing sigur ros, or phantogram for the first time, or even portis head, not comparing her to them, but that feeling of something new), that master class on youtube was 2015, glad she recorded songs, maybe get to see her in orlando 2019 now, gotta love a random search on the internet!

  56. Jordan Ricks

    she is one of the really unique artists of today

  57. Anna Lis

    Why the people there? If she would be alone would be much better

  58. Isrial Music

    Almost 3 years already?!!! I still remember when it premiered!

  59. Berit Rose

    i go to this camp

  60. Marcus Ervin

    The missing Art in Music 👑

  61. Ana Cardona

    The doooog daaayss are oooover, oh, shit, wrong song.

  62. Sasha Bogin

    How haven't I heard of her before? Authenticity and vulnerability and beauty. Amazing.

  63. sarah celestiia

    This is the most good quality beautiful music I've found in awhile

  64. Charlotte Bond

    I was just at a summer camp and my counselor would sing this song with her guitar i really miss camp so I listen to this song and it reminds me of camp. Love u ko💓🎵

  65. Remy Swash

    3 months ago my dog wasn't feeling so well, he had liver problems and I used to sing this song to him saying "we will be alright",
    1 month later he recovered and is feeling better now 💜

  66. Caio Graciani

    Estou simplesmente apaixonado pela sua música. Obrigado, Maggie!

  67. Alle Bernardi

    You are some serious special light <3

  68. Ann Kleinman

    When I get stressed, shes my antidepressants pill! Lolling me to calm

  69. Anthony Webster

    Great tune,can’t stop listening to it.

  70. that mad kid kid

    I liked give a little better.

  71. James Vertin

    L💗VVVvvvvvvvvv it So much,
    thanjk Youjoyo💗uU go girl..

  72. hi there


    just me? OK

  73. Derek Haywood

    Maggie Rogers , I LOVE YOU !!!! YOU ROCK.

  74. Latasha Barnes

    Please come to boston

  75. Morgan O'Connor

    I'll be singin you in all of my songs....soooo cute, so romantic

  76. LCToner

    I love jogging to this song. So glad I found out about Maggie because of the Ellen show.

  77. Gerry Gold

    Hopefully with the money earned from views on this video she has bought herself a leaf blower

  78. jo leeni

    why on earth does this have 1k dislikes?

  79. Jack Rushall


  80. Meet Rajesh Patel

    so peaceful.

  81. paper bag

    her read sweater and mic reminds me of alex from arctic monkeys in that music video cornerstone

  82. Jonathan Malley

    I could run in any weather to this song and feel stronger through it because of who I’m thinking of and loving them in my mind and my heart. :)

  83. Jonathan Malley

    Appreciation, loving that person so much, smelling the scent of your new favorite tree, in the mind AND in my heart these words touch me to hear the memories made wherever I go from dreams to reality and beginning to see the dreams hear the dreams with my life my love now and in the afterlife. Thank you for sharing your heart and mind with us. God bless you to keep sharing all the good you find and keep in your heart. We appreciate you!

  84. Rhianna Schwartz

    This song gives me chills every.single.time. <3

  85. CeeCee Jimz

    Such a queen!

  86. James Casey

    This is the song I danced to with my wife on our wedding day 🎶❤👌🏼


    excuse me that's beautiful

  87. Leizelle Guinness

    I sang this song to my dog. Now that she's not here, I hope she sings this for me. Miss you Buddysing.

  88. whitney source

    I love her music videos.

  89. gunpei

    kinda sounds like that leona lewis song. or am i crazy?

  90. Clarissa Case

    This girl is pure magic.

  91. Claudia Espagueti

    i love this song too much <3

  92. steve crell

    Wow son brought over this L.P. What a totally fresh an unique sound.Love this.

  93. Tamsyn Pogue

    I get swept up in her pure joy! I love how natural she is and dances with the microphone cord. Just simple and out of this world!

  94. Gurjot Singh

    I just love the way Maggie grooves in this video. ❤

  95. Pedro Duarte

    My life has changed since Maggie Rogers showed up. We will be alright!

  96. McK USA

    Wait... this is 2 years old? Damn. 💛

  97. Jonah Udovc

    Saw Maggie live last week. I’ve always loved this song the most and she made it so magical in person. Her energy is so bright and beautiful and I am so happy she is finally making it big with her new album

  98. JeVarie

    She is so damn cool. We gotta be from the same planet 😁