Rogers, Maggie - Color Song Lyrics

Ooh, ooh, ooh
Now that the light is fading
Silver and purple at twilight
Scenes of the day remain with us
Bright as the fire is burning bright
Blue is the sky above the lake
And blue the water flowing
White birch drooping on the shore
Rubies of emerald glowing
The night is roped in spangled black
And soon we shall be sleeping
Beyond the moon, the horizon high
The radiant dawn is creeping, creeping
Down through the leaves, the sunlight
Came in shafts of gold
Now by the dying embers
We watched the day grow old

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Rogers, Maggie Color Song Comments
  1. Hunter Darling

    Here from wanderlust

  2. Elena Zahorodni

    Ah... that's lovely.

  3. lincs 4life

    Never realised until now this came out on my birthday. Such a beautiful voice

  4. bittersweet_ _meg

    Why is music like this so underrated?

  5. Courtney Nicole

    lol give cred for use of the spiritual style.

  6. Bruna de Oliveira

    Uma experiência sonora dessas

  7. Cristóbal Alarcón

    That... was one of the soothes things I could have ever heard.

    Just... :'')

  8. Bruna de Oliveira

    Parece uma canção tradicional do Distrito 12 (Jogos Vorazes)


    bob ross????\

  10. Angela

    One hella good EP

  11. Black Sand

    Now that the light is fading
    Silver and purple at twilight
    Scenes of the day remain with us
    Bright as the fire is burning bright
    Blue as the sky above the lake
    And blue the water flowing
    White birch drooping on the shore
    Her leaves of emerald glowing
    The night is robed in spangled black
    And soon we shall be sleeping
    Beyond the moon that rides on high
    The radiant dawn is creeping, creeping
    Down through the leaves, the sunlight
    Came in shafts of gold
    Now by the dying embers
    We watch the day grow old

  12. Brittany Marie


  13. Marijana Bosnjakovic

    Wauuu:-) :-) :-)

  14. Genevieve Girling

    It's so fresh and yet it's got such a vintage sound, like one of those harmonising acapella groups that were on tv and did songs for films in the 40s and 50s.

  15. ljpm ljpm

    I want to sing this to my kids before bed, so beautiful

  16. iridescence

    So glad that video of her & Pharrell went viral so I and surely many others could discover her music. Every song she releases is an instant classic.

  17. Megan Taylor

    girl, Maggie, DO NOT STOP! you are magic& the world need you rn. Beautiful💙

  18. Kelly Victory

    Love love love her! Rock on Maggie! LOL

  19. Asia Rose

    I hope there will be a video for this one, even if shorter. The color imagery is just gorgeous.

  20. Nathan Garrett

    In tears... this is absolutely magnificent.

  21. dontzenyourselfout

    ...religioso rhythm patterns
    americana plainchant
    quite the spirit
    nature girl

  22. eliot stevens

    when a camp you work at has a song to the exact same tune, but with slightly different words

  23. brookeleebee


  24. Wyatt Hughey

    What an amazing girl. She's so beautiful, and she has an amazing voice. I want to marry her. 😍

  25. BAT GIRL

    oh the Mountain Man vibes...

  26. skittlebug101

    Maggie Rogers reminds me a lot of Sylvan Esso. If you like this song in particular, you should check out Sylvan Esso's "Come Down." Lovely song!

    Rob Paul

    thanks, i did and you're right : ) thanks for introducing me to sylvan esso

  27. Samantha B

    Wonder if the sales from this will go towards a scholarship to our camp. Would be such a beautiful way to bring this full circle. Bravo Maggie!

  28. David O'Donoghue

    This sounds like the song from How To Train Your Dragon 2 "For the dancing and the dreaming".

  29. Alfiando Tarigan


  30. Heath Kimball

    I die a little bit with excitement every time she uploads new music!!

  31. Come along and be free

    Aurora and Maggie Rogers would be a perfect combination

  32. Jian

    Very soothing. Amazing while staring into nothingness of nature.

  33. dj shenanigan

    just got the album.. only has 4 songs on it

  34. hellyeah



    ...not one for understatement are you, my friend. But you're right. Sometimes the most simple things are the most epic

  35. Meg

    I'm willing to bet that this is song about her synesthesia. I wonder what amazing things she sees while listening to this song. I wonder if she tried to match the tune to the colors she was describing. It's so neat and a great contribution to an artist, although I'm sure it's a burden at times. Love you Maggie, so proud!

  36. jakeharrison


  37. Summer Vail

    I swear, i dreamed of a song so familiar to this one

  38. Charlize Flores

    lyrics anyone

  39. teater purnama

    I live in Indonesia, and idk but her music always make me feeling like in somewhere but the deep wood in Europe(?) Thank you, i love this feeling.

  40. Ethan Radomski

    Damn. Goosebumps all over. This is something special. Thanks for all the tunes.

  41. Bella Kinealy

    i've broken the replay button.

  42. Gwendoline Villanueva

    maggie rogers, must you kill me with your beauty & talent??

  43. It's Mikki

    Every time something shitty happens, imma come here

  44. repolover123

    Music to feed my soul. Thank you Maggie <3

  45. Lina Star

    I love this song it's so peaceful 😍😍

  46. multi-fandomer

    This is the kind of song you would harmonize around a campfire.
    At least, that's what it feels like to me anyway.
    It's such a 'cozy-warm-feeling' kind of song. 💕💕

    Ray Gummy

    Sheabe it is a camp song I know it


    I first heard this song sung by my camp counselor at a school camp and yes it was around a campfire, and it actually made me cry

  47. Natalia Rivera

    Love ur voice... so different from everything playing out there

  48. Hilal Demir

    this is so amazing👊

  49. Corey Evans

    beautiful music

  50. rarethen9

    this is magical

  51. David Moore

    Sounds similar to Bon Iver's 'Woods' and that is not something I say often. Really great!

  52. Diarmuid Cahill

    arrow true voice...:)

  53. aloominaut

    pure bliss


    che video inutile

  55. Meg T


  56. Raveen Anwar

    Cripping! 😱😱

  57. Benjamin Man — iBenTV


  58. HRN

    It's wonderful when your voice blending with midnight ambient.

  59. OhHeyItsMJ


  60. fershi gálvez

    her voice is so magical

  61. jayleene

    maggie is absolutely amazing I love her so much omg

  62. Alexandra Tegart

    I wonder if this about her Synaesthesia. I don't know. But I like to think it is. I love how simplistic it is.

  63. Dante Appling

    Hottest track since bring me to life

  64. Caleb Howell

    The crickets 👌🏼😍 this song is on a similar path to Vernon's recent path. Nothing copied just both extremely experimental and cool to hear

    Caleb Howell

    Reminds me almost like an opposite "creeks'

  65. Jimmy Cen

    I just keep falling in love with Rogers new songs. Can't stop

  66. Claudio Hernández

    love your vibe, i follow you since ever found you by accident on soundcloud

  67. Vannessa Moreno


  68. Julia

    this is magical

  69. Philip Fontana

    Wow great songs! You are my favorite artist of all time 🎤

  70. Kayla Bartz

    I just preordered her EP CD!! I'm excited!

  71. Brianna

    i am blessed to be living at the same time as maggie rogers

  72. Alexander Najar

    Getting a Bon Iver feel from the vocals. Nice song; glad to hear more stripped down music since Blood Ballet is a favorite of mine

  73. Caitlyn

    This gave me a lot of Bon Iver vibes...So chilling.

    Bella Kinealy

    omg yasss!

  74. whoslucey3


  75. Paulina Kania

    Your songs are sooo good😌

    Cyjanek Potasu

    Też tak sądzę 😃

  76. Life of An Actress

    ugh, every time she release music my soul just wakes

  77. Oak Frost

    when does the music start?


    ...nice one

  78. Hruaia Zote

    i was here

  79. Aidan Gomez

    yeahhh nice

    Aidan Gomez

    I really enjoy spending time in the mountains up north during the summer and I think you do a really good job of expressing its magic

  80. Molly Anderson

    amazing wow

  81. Lars Ulrich

    my new favourite campfire song

  82. KC Familam

    Barbershop reharmonization waiting to happen.

    Alex Griffin

    KC Drummer exactly what I was thinking

  83. Beatriz Miranda Arcos

    you're such a magical creature Maggie! keep doing great lovely music! 💖

  84. Ariadna Valerio

    Not what I was expecting, but not complaining

  85. RyanJayGee

    I'm about to cry

  86. Alyssa Miranda

    who the hell disliked this? i will find you and destroy you and all you love


    practice what u preach

    Diamond Geezer

    alysse it's a shit joke that u see on every YouTube video, sad cases

    Federico Mateu

    man, I laughed so fuckin hard at this fuckin comment I woke up my sister, was chill listening to the song, scroll down, and this, out of context, fuckin hilarious

    Avocadog the Great

    Alyssa Miranda remember to destroy all they love before you destroy them. Otherwise it won't have any effect.

  87. Maralyn Gam


  88. Krisatris

    this sounds like something I wouldve sang at girl scout camp lol

    Kayla Bartz

    But it's also hella lol

    Lucy Paiste

    I went to summer camp with her and this is actually a song from our camp!

    Marco Soriano

    Lucy Paiste Wait what?? lol

    Ray Gummy

    Lucy Paiste same I go too but I'm much younger

    Airy Angelic

    This song is meant for camp she said

  89. julian sandoval

    it's simply beautiful Maggie! :')

  90. aims s

    Love you maggie!!

  91. Brietta

    YAY 😍

  92. Brandon Puente

    Mother has not forsaken us, thank you for the nourishment.

  93. Juan Azócar

    Damn it! I'm hoping for one new song, but it's here, i hope more, i love your music ❤


    Juan Azocar can you subscribe to me

    Juan Azócar

    Daniel Skates of course i can, but follow to my page about drawings on instagram @draw.graphys