Rogers, Maggie - Back In My Body Lyrics

I was stopped in London when I felt it coming down
Crushing all around me with a great triumphant sound
Like the dam was breaking and my mind came rushing in
I was stopped in London, oh, I was awakening
I was

I was so embarrassed and I almost ran away
Two times round the block before I decided to stay
Puffed along a cigarette that went and made me sick
Spent another day pretending I was over it

This time I know I'm fighting
This time I know I'm (back in my body)
This time I know I'm fighting
This time I know I'm back in my body, oh
I'm back in my body, oh

And all along the highway there's a tiny whispering sound
Saying I could find you in the dark of any town
But though that I am here and in the poem of my mind
The silent, twisted words finding their way in every line
All this time, all this time

This time I know I'm fighting
This time I know I'm (back in my body)
This time I know I'm fighting
This time I know I'm (back in my body)
Lost you in the border town of anywhere
I found myself when I was going everywhere
This time I know I'm fighting
This time I know I'm

(Back in my body, oh, oh)
(Back in my body, oh, oh)
(Back in my body, oh, oh)

All this time, all this time
All this time, all this time
All this time, all this time
All this time, all this time

This time I know I'm fighting
This time I know I'm (back in my body)
This time I know I'm fighting
This time I know I'm (back in my body)
Lost you in the border town of anywhere
I found myself when I was going everywhere
This time, I know I'm fighting
This time, I know I'm back in my body, oh
Back in my body, oh
I'm back in my body, oh
Back in my body, oh, oh

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Rogers, Maggie Back In My Body Comments
  1. Olaf O.

    Who came here after 2059 huge nuclear explosion?

  2. Misty W

    Odd one out here: Risk Podcast brought me here!

  3. Colma B

    I really want the google version. But this one is also great

  4. Bob Atkins

    I'm not here because of Google! Good song, up to her usual high standard, love it

  5. Jodi

    All her jams are beyond clever lyric wise I litterally love them all but this is extra special this one 💛 eyrie feels to it 💫

  6. kris strong

    My favorite song and my favorite singer song writer!!!

  7. Exploring the World

    Goodbye 2019, it's been an adventure.

  8. Mudassir Sharif

    Nice beat

  9. Ēl Gŕeñædə


  10. SaL_- -_

    Search on.

  11. Courtney OmegaDeLancy

    Already bawling at the first line

  12. Omega Courtney

    First note and im already crying

  13. Michelle Alexandra Avalos

    I'm here because I love the song, don't know what are you talking about.

  14. Michal Slavkovský

    You know why I"m here

  15. Michael French

    Can we get the SiloxBettinaBergström Remix from the google video? I would LOVE for a full version of it. It was pretty amazing.

  16. -DriiZzY

    I need the google year in search 2019's version of this song now!

  17. Cree Toner

    not to be this bitch but who has been here for nearly a year and wasnt brought here from the google vid

  18. RY Queen

    OMG is it just meeee or does SHE LOOKS LIKE HALSEYYY 😱

    Ethan Brown

    Only in this picture

  19. Saheen C Najeeb

    Google 2019 😍 I couldn't find the siloxbettinabergstrom remix of this, which was used by google. Anyone got the link?

  20. Brandon V_DEC

    Thank you Google for using this, and thank you Maggie Rogers for making this gem of a song

  21. Emmanuel Macron Ah oui oui

    Shut the fuck up about your google review we get it

  22. Jawad Adam

    Came here not because of Google year, came here to see the comments about "who's here from google year search"

    but the real question is, where is the version that is used in the video?

    Martijn Hissink

    Maggie Rogers - Back In My Body (SiloxBettinaBergström Remix)

    Jawad Adam

    @Martijn Hissink couldn't find the audio :'(

    Saheen C Najeeb

    @Martijn Hissink do u have the link ?

    Martijn Hissink

    No, I unfortunally don't.

  23. Adam Rhye

    Where’s remix ver?

  24. Marc Garcia

    Did google bring you here ?

  25. Oscar Asso'o

    This song has such a special meaning to me. I love it so much

  26. dead channel

    Just imagine an Illenium remix...
    Google in search 2019 BTW :)

  27. relax

    Ok Google

  28. xxwhispersxx

    Everyone is here from Google Year In Search 2019.

  29. GOD OF OWL

    From twitter -> google rewind -> here

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    We all know deep down what's right and what's needed. This innocent boy needs a surgery within few days. We have gathered around half of the amount. I request you to spread out the boy's echo and help him out.

  31. Namu Jin

    thank you google 😢 this is so beautiful

  32. 10k Subs without Original Content Challenge

    Google — Year in Search 2019

  33. Oindrila Dey


  34. Anorkhil

    I WANT SiloxBettinaBergström Remix !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sarang Gupta

    It's nowhere to be found!!!


    Right?? I hope they release it. It was a great version.

  35. Akshay Sharma

    Song used in Google year in search video 2019

  36. Mohammad Sadman Chowdhury

    My first comment to any music video ever as it touches my heart Love this song.

  37. Victor José Luis Valencia Ambriz

    I'm literally crying...what the heck? 😭

  38. arpit parekh

    Yes we all are here because of Google video of 2019

    Shivam Mishra

    Yes we are 🙌🏻😁

    ESC KeS

    no im not

    Ethan Brown

    I'm not...

  39. Jesse Wu

    Wow Google's got a thing for Maggie Rogers. Used her during the Google Pixel 4 presentation and used this song in Year in Search 2019.

  40. footballbettingtips

    Google Review 2019 - Who is here because of that !?

  41. Sami

    Damn Google really knows how to use good music in it's videos

  42. Shamik Kundu

    Who's here from Google year in search 2019 video?!

    Jean-Carlo Tabares

    I do! Sucks that the remix from the video isn't uploaded.

    Shamik Kundu

    @らじくくじら I'm from kolkata but living in Japan since last year. Do you speak bengali?!

    Exploring the World

    Me 🙋‍♂️

  43. Fram KRR

    Thanks for good music in Google Year in search 2019.
    I hope 2019 would be another good year for everyone.

    Keep Searching.

  44. elevenAD

    she is great.

  45. Shannon Rogers

    Maggie has a song for every aspect of my life. It’s so refreshing

    Limonada3 Presidente

    And your last name

  46. Aqua KayKay

    ❤️❤️❤️ Maggie

  47. Lorraine Achieng

    another hit !
    TAKE THAT STUPID OFFENSIVE SINGERS …. I'm not mentioning any , but we all know them ...

  48. Sean Mc Namara

    Tune Maggie rodgers💫💫🙌🏻

  49. Bret Hitchcock

    Stopped v. Off ○● im out

  50. Robert Lukens

    This is about her spiritual awakening 😊

  51. James Summers

    Phenomenal song! PROBABLY my favorite on the album, which was originally Fallingwater and Say It, but On + Off is a big favorite of mine from the EP. Maggie, you're a fantastic musician and this album is phenomenal, you're quickly being placed among the likes of Florence Welch, Karen O and Lana on my list.

  52. Hailey Lang

    Looking for the live version of this @ Red Rocks where she shouts out her family & tears up but I cant find it. If it was deleted it's a true tragedy 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  53. Jess Costello

    I want to always feel the way I do when I'm listening to this song

  54. David Y

    It's weird because I interpreted this song for me while trying to stop smoking weed because I always felt like I was never in my own body and mind and I felt like a completely different person and this song gives me hope I could return back to my body and I live in London the lyrics are a perfect description of how I'm feeling right now, she deserves more for a soul reaching song

  55. Ian Myers

    She’s a genius

  56. Katalina

    okay wig

  57. strawberry

    This song resonates with me on a level no song has before

  58. Wahaj Mallick

    this time I know I'm farting...

  59. eric nettles

    best one.

  60. Annieflowes

    Love this! Makes me wanna paint something

  61. Linda Hamon

    Seeing her n Nashville TN at the Ryman (the Mother Church)❤️😊

  62. ZINK

    Mrs Rogers, This resonates with my frequency. Congratulations of a beautiful piece of music. Sincerely, Thankyou for your efforts to create this for yourself and us. Simply gorgeous. I wonder if you would be ok, with me sampling this song for my own love of it? I’m by no measure a professional or well known. I’m from Byron bay Australia and I have not slept in 2 days. I’m feeling very sensitive. I would like to not just sing this song, I want to dance while I sing. I would like to send you a bootleg remix of this song. With your permission I would like to put the song on my channel once I’m proud to say It’s now a dance mix. No matter what happens, I am sober and yet drunk on emotion listen to this. I’ll be back intouch as soon as I can produce something. I feel like I should do this now before I sleep while I can feel it deep in my being. Either way, Thankyou again. Weather I dance or fall asleep. You’ve touched my heart.

  63. Tom W

    First heard this song on the Risk podcast. <3 great song, gotta hear the album now.

  64. caelibarnhart

    I absolutely love this song! So much so that I did a mashup of this song and This Love by Taylor Swift over on my channel. I'd love it if you all could check it out!

  65. bob lorek

    She sells out so fast everywhere, but hasn't come to Ohio yet. I hope she releases a live album so we can see her!

  66. Brittany Savoie

    favorite song from this album

  67. Moumita Sinha

    I love her music because it gives me such a homey, cosy feeling. Y'know what I'm saying? Like when you're listening to big artists like Ariana Grande and jamming to their songs, you're simultaneously thinking how glamorous and talked-about and popular they are... But relatively smaller artists' music gives me such a closer-to-heart feeling. Like even I could dance freely like Maggie does and make it cool, in my own way. Does anybody relate?

    Grant Eubanks

    I'd recommend Bon Iver for peak coziness

  68. Ryan H. Pike

    I'm obsessed with this song!

  69. kiraraneda

    the lyrics are wonderful.

  70. P Brooks

    They’re touring together soon

  71. ALVARØ

    melhor musica do album

  72. Artofficial


  73. Jenny D

    I always try to turn the volume up and it's already as loud as it can go. I am SO IN LOVE with this song, I wish I could put my feelings into words when I listen to it. WELL DONE MAGGIE!!!!

  74. Nina Edimo

    You're so heavenly Maggie, thank you.

  75. Vincent C

    Best song out of the new songs on Heard It In A Past Life.

    Future single please!

    emma !

    The best songs are like all the songs 😂 i cant decide lol

  76. Hannah Barnes

    omg i would listen to this on repeat in her documentary !! now it's finally out and i couldn't be happier :-)

  77. Caden Conley

    The female version of Mumford And Sons. Simply wonderful

  78. Andrew N

    Here before it blows up

  79. Celine Ng

    She almost gave up on music. She found herself when studying abroad. Now she's back in her body.

  80. Ben Cusack

    I found myself when I was going everywhere.

  81. KinaRevolution

    Song is great but the comments are weird man...

  82. Chika Uzor

    This time I know I'm farting.....this time I know I'm..

    I'm sorry...I had to do it.

  83. Christine Wichman

    Thank you Maggie for your talent, and your magic!

  84. Winterchild

    this song is fantastic, i really love it.

  85. Rosheine Nelson

    Beautiful voice

  86. Darren O'Reilly

    I actually thought it was Marlisa when I first heard it 2 days ago

  87. emma leigh

    my dentist told me about u and u truly are amazing!!!

  88. Barry Smith

    underated track on an amazing album

  89. Nabella

    I have been waiting for this ♥️

  90. GGmelodic Music

    fuck off square space

  91. adriano serate


  92. Malta Gamers

    I came here at 1k views

  93. S C

    This might very well be my favourite from the album. I cried listening to this on the way to work today.

  94. Faye Faye

    I've got this album on repeat..with a nice big glass of redwine!

  95. Blue Davis

    finally get to hear the studio version, been obsessed since hearing it live

  96. Richaney Cheam

    love the beat and the sound and the most important thing the VOICE

  97. DJ GriF8

    great song