Rogers, Kenny - You Were A Good Friend Lyrics

If I closed my eyes it didn't hurt quite so bad
'Cause tonight I've just lost the best friend I've ever had
You were a maverick running all away from New Orleans
We'd tell stories 'round the campfire late at night
When it was down to just you and me.

Good friend, why did you have to go?
Just when I was getting to know you
I'll sing this song to show
You were a good friend
They don't make 'em quite like you
And in my memory
You'll always be a good good friend to me.

You said I got a home, boy
Haven't seen it for so long
Said I'm going home, boy
My work is done
I can feel it in my bones.

Good friend, why did you have to go?
Just when I was getting to know you
I'll sing this song to show
You were a good friend
They don't make 'em quite like you
And in my memory
You'll always be a good good friend to me...

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Rogers, Kenny You Were A Good Friend Comments
  1. Mary Jo Graham

    This song reminds me of my bother danny

  2. Susan Smith

    I'm coming home to you Colin K. Shourds. I love you bubby 💙

  3. Melissa Moss

    When my sister died in a car accident in 2001, I had them play this at her funeral. Everytime I hear this song it reminds me of her, makes me have all the good memories come flooding back and makes me smile, knowing she's looking down on me from heaven.

  4. Joe Rodriguez

    My father died listening to this song over and over again ...

  5. R j

    I lost a friend on February 13th2019. By suicide and this song hits home .great song....

  6. Venice Chambers

    The first time I heard this song, it was a good friend of the family song it at my grandmother's funeral 15yrs ago and it has been apart of me ever since

  7. Deb DeRose

    This is my favorite hands down Kenny song....when i saw him in concert i waited all through to hear this one and alas not to be heard. Thank you for this...into my mix it goes!

  8. Collin Gelderbloem

    Good friend Kenny the 👍💐

  9. Jimmy Esposito

    I want to thank you for posting Gideon Tanner. One of my favorite albums from my youth. Many in my circle dont recall it. thats a shame . Thanks for the memiories.

  10. mckenzie

    who else came down here to read the sad ass comments

  11. Adam Kaczanowski

    Beautiful song <3

  12. tigressa

    i think of my sister and my dad whom passed away not to long ago. i miss them both so very much.

  13. nathanbosley76

    Oh man. Memories of my very young childhood, listening to this on my Grandma's Kenny Rogers vinyl album. God how I miss those simpler days.

  14. daniel valencia

    song dedicate maritza ledesma 1996

  15. gustavo sierra

    I was obsessed with Kenny Rogers during this time. I was leaving high school and getting ready to leave for college. Gideon was my favorite and an album that required listening in order without interruption. I tended to jump tracks. I always wanted to sing like him but soon found out it was better to sing like me since we already had a Kenny Rogers. Listening to this today takes me back and is just a good record. Very underrated.

  16. opie1956

    Great song! Hello type in "Ron Howard  Cover" listen to "The Dance" To all of us who have lost ones.  Life goes that fast, and we will see them again that soon!

  17. Paul Biddle

    This song touches my heart. Today in particular for my dear friend Cheryl who was taken yesterday in a car accident. Love you girl...

  18. Jason Gula

    who else gets chills when kenny belts, "you were a maverick..."

  19. Mark Monzon

    ive played this song for 9 brother and sisters who i miss and i would have gave my life for

  20. Raven Moon

    for all the good friends I have lost . way to many gone to early miss you

  21. Cathy Long

    good friend. ill miss you when you retire but your songs remain in my 💙 enjoy your family.

  22. Marie Novella

    I will always remember Dra. Molen Alfaro w/ this song...we bacame good friends through music and songs,the best one is this song......Lord Jesus bless us all good mood and deeds....

  23. Kyle Ridge

    my fathers best friend played this at my fathers funeral. he died right before his 19th birthday

  24. Rose Bacardi

    lost my best friend October 23, 2013 she was 51 . her birthday was november 14 ......i miss her spirit her soul and smile ...she brought life into everyone she met Bobbie Ekert

  25. tatjana1707

    Even though this song is probably talking about someone who was a very good friend and then died (maybe I am wrong) I think of "you WERE" part every time I listen to it because it reminds me of some friends that I've lost or I'm losing. I didn't lose them because they died (God forbid) but because they've changed...The ones I'm losing now I really love so much, but I can't neglect the feeling that they've changed in a wrong way...I don't feel the love or closeness I felt before....It's like some of them have distanced from me, or maybe they didn't but I can't help feeling that things are not the same...And it is a shame because I really love them and I have always been a devoted friend....I am sometimes too nostalgic and melancholic...

    Don Johnson

    That’s the beauty of music, it’s up to your interpretation, but I believe it’s both. Good day

    Yacin Benraya

    me too
    same fellings
    sometimes you feel like a stranger to them with those attitude they do like selfish and greedy even in thier fellings
    but the most important thing is that not losing our selfes, friends go and come but if the really me gone its hard to get back again
    its been 3 years now i hope you found what really important to you

  26. Bill. Cruz

    Love Kenny Rogers

  27. David Tretter

    Reminds me of a friend I grew up with and we fell apart going to different schools and reconnected in college and he died shortly after in a motorcycle wreck.  RIP Danny!!!

  28. Chuck Wright

    A few years back, my dad and I were driving back from up north and this song came on, and he told me about how it reminded him of how he and his dad had really bonded and grew exceptionally close the last couple of years before he died.  I thought it was really cool because he and I were really reconnecting ourselves at the time (I was about thirty, after a whiskey bent & hellbound decade of 20's).
    That was one of our last trips up north, as he suddenly became sick (cancer) and passed away the following spring.  I am fighting off tears right now so I can finish typing this.
    Great song.

    Adrian .Hoda

    +Cleatus Van Damne brother....  our stories sound almost identical.  I was horrible in my early 20's, and when I came out of it my dad and I became best friends.  This was one of our 2 favorite songs, and we sang it to each other all the time.  He just passed this June from stomach cancer.  You're not alone, and lets not forget the good memories with our good friends :)

    Joe Rodriguez

    My father passed away listening to this particular song he nearly were the section of tape out


    There are no words that can express the hurt one goes through from losing a loved one my heart and prayers go to you your father and your family❤❤❤ I too understand the pain my precious son Jacobe passed away 2 weeks ago ❤❤❤

    a vestey

    I was 19 when my dad passed in 1983. This song has been my song to him for all these years.

  29. MissSugar2010

    The first song I heard after losing my Dad 24 years ago..... Still chokes me up, but such a beautiful song xx

  30. Tim Burleson

    This song reminds me of my boyhood friend Curtis.We had lost touch and I found out he passed away a few years ago. So, this song will always make me think of him.

  31. Nick Thune

    this song reminds me of the best lady bug i ever met

  32. Eddie Leon

    this is for the best erver had charles pepio

  33. Cheryl Kaban

    Just lost both my mom and dad within 23 days, even though they were no longer together, I know you are now and you were and always will be best friends

  34. rhymeandreasoning

    sadly bittersweet to know a song resonates with so many.
    For all of your loses, I feel for you.
    xx Montreal

  35. nanoramos209

    OMG finally that this song on youtube i been waitting for so long for this song to be on there thank you soo much

  36. Sherry Douglass - Daniels

    For Brandon. For him suicide was the answer, for me it was a great loss. I still miss you my friend.

  37. Iris Starwalker

    I lost my friend to pride, I've wondered if that's worse than death

  38. Iris Starwalker

    The pain only deepens for me, thanks for giving me some form of hope though

  39. king koonie

    just to think he is such a great singer but he will never be as good as George jones

  40. Gloria Gibson

    I got to see Kenny in the Ealry 80's in east Rutherford, NJ WOW that brings back memories. In this day and age it reminds me of George (my soul mate,soI thought). after 34 years caught him out there. It has been a year and everyday I think of him. We did everything together (he took me to the concert and several more) So it stinks but all things happen for a reason. I think this reminds me so much of him.

  41. Darci Ferreira

    essa musica e linda


    todavia recuerdo a mi querido ODV, fueron buenos tiempos, hicimos mancuerna en negocios, pero tuve que marcharme al norte, ahi se perdio toda comunicacion, han pasado 17 años y todavia lo extraño, solo ese honor tienes, el de elegir a tus amigos. LSM

  43. sophia newman

    love this song

  44. margarita espinozaq

    Hermossisimo para mi mejor amigo

  45. Courtney Render

    the most beautiful song i have ever heard and especially when it says 'you were a good friend, they don't make em quite like you'!

  46. aManOnaJourney

    Trust in your heart that he appreciated the comfort your provided him at the time.

  47. Tiffany Magnuson

    My dad used to listen to this song reminded us of his good friend Eric who died in an accident... My little brother is named after him

  48. scurvdog84

    This one is for you Gary. Miss ya.

  49. yuccakev

    George Wallace-true rambler.

  50. Chris Hoefler

    Dont feel sorry for me!! I accepted the fact that it was an accident!! I dont want ANYONE to feel sorry for me!!!

  51. w84happiness

    I had this was played at my grandpa's funeral in 1984 because he was my good, good friend. He was a great person and I still miss him<3 Love you Grandpa Sukie

  52. Chris Cantrell

    I lost my best friend 3 years ago, he was the best friend anyone could ever have. I love and miss you Bob.

  53. JPWELSH35

    This Song not only makes me think of my Mom and Dad but also all the good friends I've ever lost in my life. Why did they have to go?

  54. Misty Tumlinson

    ive lost good friends also, mostly in my youth. I think this song brings back the good memories. You never miss them any less, but the pain fades away a little more each day.

  55. Chris Hoefler

    I lost my best friend in a car accident while i was driving. I still wish it was me that died instead of him. I held him in my arms when he was already dead. Still to this day I think about that night when he died and its been almost 20 years.