Rogers, Kenny - Where Or When Lyrics

It seems we stood and talked like this before.
We looked at each other in the same way then,
But I can't remember where or when.

The clothes you're wearing are the clothes you wore.
The smile you were smiling you were smiling then,
But I can't remember where or when.

Some things that happened for the first time
Seem to be happening again.

And so it seems that we have met before
And laughed before and loved before,
But who knows where or when?

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Rogers, Kenny Where Or When Comments
  1. Erik S

    So do I now need to ask the obvious question of...

    ... who is listening this in 2020 ?!

    I’ve a better message... Kenny Rodgers had a brilliant voice. Way better than Bieber sh*t of 2day

  2. Nice Boy

    Lonesome boatman here we go again my turn now

  3. weelHop

    pls stop my addiction

  4. Mariano Roland

    Tired of being anything else but me, I'm a rancher, cowboy by heart who longs to be free of critical judgment

  5. Michael Hollett

    Was at a bar many years ago at Airlie Beach and this song came on..everyone and I mean everyone started singing. It was just a fantastic moment.

  6. Melanie

    I've always enjoyed songs of all different genres...I'm not particularly a country fan, but I have always enjoyed the songs on this album and the fact that each song tells a story...and now since my son is a fan, we can enjoy them together...

  7. gobluenick16

    If this song isn’t played at my funeral I’m not going!!!

  8. [MG] smasher

    If I could say this was made in my day I’d love it. But all I get to say is instead of music about how to gamble. We have music on how to say words fast AKA: RAP SHIT

  9. [MG] smasher

    Alright kids, there you have it. The secret to gambling is staring at you’re competition and aces. LOTS OF ACES

  10. Dudley J Garidel Jr

    This is better advice than a therapist will give, cheaper, and easier to understand.

  11. Q Co

    An e called a fr. 2 were . D 2 ac led to p a !

  12. TopTube 99

    Vengo del video de rubius

  13. Anthony Gibbs

    # Kenny

  14. Truth Teller

    This is supposed to be fun...

  15. Hanoi Tripper

    This is good life advice haha

  16. Romo Rabbit

    No freaking Autotune here.

  17. Mara's Fortune

    Scared money never wins.

  18. Dannibee Hill

    Gambling man lol xx merry Christmas xx

  19. Togoodforyou24

    Anyone from beach day episode

  20. Zephyra Anna

    who's here from George of the jungle?

  21. The Fishers

    its easy when you are playing someone that's not there

  22. Michael Cerrone

    this song is not about gambling it about life god bless you mr rodgers

  23. Michael Cerrone

    the man!!!!!

  24. Hazle Weatherfield

    Okay look hear me out here:

    This song, but it's Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance

    dean butler

    Which came first?

    Hazle Weatherfield

    @dean butler This one did. But they don't really sound alike, I just thought it'd be fun to make a mashup with them. I'm shit at editing or else I'd make one and post it lol

  25. my G

    Merry Xmas eve everyone 😍😃

    Ian McCreadie

    my G merry Christmas friend

    SYK Outback

    Merry Christmas

  26. Chelsea Mason

    "Ernie if you sing that Kenny Rogers song one more time I'm gonna punch you in the eye!"-George Lopez😆🤣😁

    Lance Smith

    I can't help it love love it

  27. Eduardo Molina

    You never say what you have before having it, you have to choose your friends correctly, throw away bad people, keep in your life good people, you have to know when to fight, when to just walk away, and when to run away.

  28. NuclearQuantumLasers PewPewPew

    2019 December?



    NuclearQuantumLasers PewPewPew

    @awhandmom No better time.

    NuclearQuantumLasers PewPewPew

    @awhandmom Sub to make my 100

  29. Q Co

    He put the fluid on the rag, and the rag over her mouth and nose.

  30. Deletedpeanut

    All these people just saying December 2019? Trying to get likes while all the normal people are listening to a good song

    Scott Spencer

    You're doing the same shit

  31. Alphonse Xhino

    Still loved kenny since birth! From PHILIPPINES

  32. Gareth Hall

    Kenny, when he still looked like Kenny. Still a killer song no matter what he looks like.

  33. Bidness


  34. Claudio Frasson

    On a warm summer's eve
    On a train bound for nowhere
    I met up with the gambler
    We were both too tired to sleep
    So we took turns a-starin'
    Out the window at the darkness
    The boredom overtook us,
    And he began to speak
    He said, "Son, I've made a life
    Out of readin' people's faces
    Knowin' what the cards were
    By the way they held their eyes
    So if you don't mind me sayin'
    I can see you're out of aces
    For a taste of your whiskey
    I'll give you some advice"
    So I handed him my bottle
    And he drank down my last swallow
    Then he bummed a cigarette
    And asked me for a light
    And the night got deathly quiet
    And his faced lost all expression
    He said, "If you're gonna play the game, boy
    You gotta learn to play it right
    You've got to know when to hold 'em
    Know when to fold 'em
    Know when to walk away
    And know when to run
    You never count your money
    When you're sittin' at the table
    There'll be time enough for countin'
    When the dealin's done
    Every gambler knows
    That the secret to survivin'
    Is knowin' what to throw away
    And knowin' what to keep
    'Cause every hand's a winner
    And every hand's a loser
    And the best that you can hope for is to die
    in your sleep
    And when he finished speakin'
    He turned back toward the window
    Crushed out his cigarette
    And faded off to sleep
    And somewhere in the darkness
    The gambler he broke even
    But in his final words
    I found an ace that I could keep
    You've got to know when to hold 'em
    Know when to fold 'em
    Know when to walk away
    And know when to run
    You never count your money
    When you're sittin' at the table
    There'll be time enough for countin'
    When the dealin's done
    You've got to know when to hold 'em (when to hold 'em)
    Know when to fold 'em (when to fold 'em)
    Know when to walk away
    And know when to run
    You never count your money
    When you're sittin' at the table
    There'll be time enough for countin'
    When the dealin's done
    You've got to know when to hold 'em
    Know when to fold 'em
    Know when to walk away
    And know when to run
    You never count your money
    When you're sittin' at the table
    There'll be time enough for countin'
    When the dealin's done

  35. RTL The Musician

    “Oh c’mon kids you can’t say you know who Kenny Rogers is, you guys just know him from the commercial” -my 6th grade math teacher

  36. Ricardo Lugo

    En una cálida tarde de verano,
    En un tren que no iba a ninguna parte
    Nos conocimos con el apostador.
    Los dos estábamos muy cansados de dormir.
    Así que nos turnamos para mirar
    Por la ventana a la oscuridad
    El aburrimiento nos sobrecogió y él comenzó a hablar.

    Dijo: "Hijo, me he ganado la vida
    Leyendo las caras de las personas
    Conozco que cartas tienen por la manera en que sostienen la mirada
    Y si me perdonas que te lo diga, puedo ver que quedaste sin ases,
    Por un sorbo de tu whisky, te daré algún consejo".

    Entonces le entregué mi botella
    Se bebió el último trago.
    Luego mendigó un cigarrillo
    Me pidió prender la luz.
    La noche quedó mortalmente en silencio
    Su cara perdió toda expresión
    Él dijo: "Si vas a jugar el juego, muchacho, tienes que aprender a jugarlo bien."

    Tienes que saber cuándo quedarte con ellas
    Saber cuándo cambiarlas
    Saber cuándo irse caminando
    Saber cuándo correr.
    Uno nunca cuenta su dinero
    Cuando está sentado a la mesa.
    Ya habrá tiempo suficiente para contar
    Cuando se acabe de repartir

    Ahora, cada jugador sabe
    El secreto para sobrevivir
    Es saber qué desechar y
    Saber qué conservar.
    Porque cada mano es la ganadora y cada mano es la perdedora
    Y lo mejor que uno puede esperar es morirse al dormir.

    Y cuando terminó de hablar, se volvió hacia la ventana,
    Apagó el cigarrillo, se dispuso a dormir
    Y en algún lugar en la oscuridad
    El jugador salió invicto
    Y en sus últimas palabras,
    Yo encontré un as que podia conservar.

    Tienes que saber cuándo quedarte con ellas
    Saber cuándo botarlas
    Saber cuándo irse caminando
    Saber cuándo correr.
    Uno nunca cuenta su dinero
    Cuando está sentado a la mesa.
    Ya habrá tiempo suficiente para contar
    Cuando se acabe de repartir.

  37. Retro G

    I don't know about you but the movie "Richard Jewel" brought me here.

  38. Just The Highlights

    This is one of those songs that you like even though you don't usually listen to that genre of music.

  39. Adrian Arencibia

    This song never gets old for me for me this song is an earworm it doesn't get out of my head thats how good it is for me.

  40. ImEditTV

    Beautiful Song😩🥺❤️

  41. The Fireface

    fuck your who’s listening to this in uranus 3021 .. this comment is starting to make me sick

  42. Jennifer Warshiniack


  43. greedylou7

    gotta admit the remix of this song with pharoahe monch and Wyclef (hip hop) was amazing and Kenny was actually in the studio with him to record it

  44. William Mack

    this is the song of life

  45. Jack Kenchington

    This song also teaches you life lessons

    Jack Kenchington

    Really I didn't know that

  46. Eggs On Toast With Brown Sauce

    They don't make this type of this music anymore 😭😭

    Miss B

    So Sad!

  47. Jezza

    Still playing it in 2019-2020 and probably until I kick the bucket #ClassicsNeverDie

  48. Michael McInerney

    Anyone else wondering why youtube comments seem to have turned into calendars recently? Just shut up and enjoy the great music.

  49. masteringthegame company

    Aligns with life alright

  50. Dia 2

    Songs of the past had messages in them not like today's which are full of insults and illuminatic meanings

  51. Blake Inchcombe

    Anyone else here from Family Guy?

  52. Reece Humphries

    Well mom listen to old music and I’m 15 and like kenny Rogers, Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury, Johnny Cash, Michael Jackson

  53. Joshiewowa

    Any March 2020 listeners?

  54. Ikm Mv

    I love this song and I am young only 44

  55. Nissa Solmonson

    If you don't understand what he's saying then you're missing out. My Grandma & I both love this song :)

  56. Khaled Dahwi

    I am from algeria i love kenny rogers the best voice

    Nada Lina

    So am i !
    P.s. Algeria not algéria

  57. David Evan

    This is some A hole dad shit

  58. rudy melgar

    Richard Jewell brought me to this awesome song or this song brought me to richard Jewell. Awesome

  59. Jimbo L

    "That's why they call it gambling"...When he caught 4 deuces! line in the movie!

  60. Jessica Belcher

    count me in!!!

  61. crazypants 1234

    I didn’t know this song existed then I saw Richard Jewell and now I love this song!

  62. Ethan Weeter

    Love this song and Kenny Rogers. Love George Strait more, but Kenny is in my top ten.

  63. Benjamin George

    Beautiful words

  64. Valentino cbs

    Pure beautiful song, my heart is always ready to hear such song

  65. Brennan MacDonald

    This is one of those songs you know your whole life and never think too much about it.
    But then one day, something in you changed and it’s suddenly gospel.

    Arno Lourens

    So true! I could not have said it better.

  66. Rosemeire Toledo

    I Love you kenny Rogers ♥️

  67. j d

    This song makes sense today  12/19/2019

    Night Wolf

    As it did back then.

  68. Vampire Hybrid


  69. Angela Denne

    This is the best song of all time any December listeners

  70. real cooking

    Wise words

  71. carol laws

    Yes I collected Kenny Rogers years ago I like Dolly also when they sang together stolen from my music collection like it yes yes

  72. chris.tres

    Great song! On a side note, any loaners in the chat?

  73. Bodee Branscum

    Anyone who disliked this is not mentally right

  74. Tabatha Gilbert

    You got no when hold um and no when to fold um

  75. Rafael Figueroa

    Like si lo bisté por el rubius

  76. David AdventTime21

    By the way who else is here because of a Geico commercial?

  77. H MM

    Did the gambler die ????🤔🤔🤔

  78. David AdventTime21

    What a catchy classic.

  79. Dave Arcudi

    This song is just a perfect storm of music

  80. Burner Mcburned

    Dont take poker advice from a gambler that cant afford his own whiskey and smokes

  81. Alexander Dominguez


  82. :ㄥU匚丹ち

    R.i.p Bob

  83. Adam MidCal

    Makes me think of joe Biden’s campaign. Lol

  84. Jacob Nash

    when you see this song grow from 100 views to 37.9 MILLION views in little more than a year!
    Makes this song more special to listen to know so many people like it....Besides the 9k dislikes(why dislike this again?

  85. ryan21terry

    plays Gameboy

  86. Kimberly Ritchie

    This song is about a card game but it applies to real life also.

  87. Esta Dewberry


  88. Triplex Longueuil

    The song is great but the video is awful; probably the cheapest video ever made.

  89. Silmara Fusco

    Henny Rogers eu Amo esse Cara...

  90. djordje moravcevic

    MADTv helped me found this rock of a man!

  91. Shantol Kent


  92. Amos Kitiku

    This is my best song in my playlist in this year

  93. Karen Sawyer

    Fuckin gold

  94. Wikus Kleinhans

    Best song ever

  95. Sebastian Norrington

    This is a good story telling song.

  96. David Phillips

    I just lost $3400 in a casino yesterday in 30 minutes. And for me that’s a huge amount of money that just about destroyed my life. But I’m listening to this song today, and am not giving up .... the casino is calling lol