Rogers, Kenny - One Place In The Night Lyrics

Girl, don't wait up tonight
Don't live on the lie
´cos you'll be sleeping alone again
I know my intentions were the best
I had it all worked out you see
But you deserve a whole lot better than me.

You need a man whose heart
Is only one place in the night
Who'll stay right here
And just be satisfied
You need a man
Who won't disappoint you every time
I call and say my plans have changed
So don't wait up tonight.

Stop me now
I've gone and talked too much again
You know I do that now and then
So pay no attention to me
If I say your name a thousand times
Again and again
Just don't listen to me.

You need a man...

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Rogers, Kenny One Place In The Night Comments
  1. Stephanie Hill

    Love this song


    Mee too


    One of the best Kenny´s albums

  3. nila kas

    cool voice!!!!!