Rogers, Kenny - In Our Old Age Lyrics

Comin' home from work today I saw our future
And old man and his wife were holdin' hands
They were sittin' on a front porch swing like two young lovers
I waved to them as I went by then I realized
That life does not grow dimmer with the settin' of the sun
The best years of our lives still are yet to come.

In our old age love will just get better
The longer we're together, we'll grow stronger everyday
Our bodies may get weaker and our hair will turn gray
But love will never fade in our age (love will never fade).

One day the kids will all be grown and they'll be leavin'
And it will be like it was years ago
We'll be sittin' on the front porch swing like two young lovers
'Cause today I just saw what our future holds...

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Rogers, Kenny In Our Old Age Comments
  1. white shadow

    This was the first slow song my wife and I danced to. It was also our first dance when we wed . nearly 25 years later we're still together.

  2. Czarina Czar

    And now Kenny Rogers has reached his old age and retired. Hope the words of the song apply to him in his old age. ❤️💜

  3. 원동준

    외국의 임재범인가

  4. Jan S'field

    This song has helped me so much, our marriage hit rocky times, but illness made life hard, but underneath we still loved each other! This song makes sense where we are! Love has never faded things got in the way! Thank you so much Kenny! Love from the UK! God Bless x

  5. kerry lin

    Thank you 🙏🏻 lovely song

  6. Pradip Sarma

    Great song

  7. Patrick Sherwood

    My wife n I danced to this song at our wedding in 1995. We're still married 23 years later.

  8. Adda Diapr

    Loveeee song music kinda like this even though im 20, lol

  9. Calvin Wynn

    Love will never fade in our old days.

  10. Alicr Unabia

    In our old age love will just get better and will never fade. Love it 💗💗💗

  11. Keith Sage

    Over forty years......

  12. Shannon Kendall

    Great song Chaz. Sung by the most soothing voice in my young life.

  13. Irene Muindi

    I love this for always forever.

  14. fernanda landin

    este tema no puede ser más hermoso!!! Gracias Kenny por tan bella música!!

  15. Carol Sharp

    I already had a heart attack

  16. Wilman Lopes


  17. Rhonda Boncutter

    I have loved every thing Kenny has ever sung! This so is another one! Good job Chaz Bosarge!

  18. Rhonda Boncutter

    I have loved Kenny Rogers all of my adult life! He is so amazing! Never have I heard him a song I did not like!

  19. Carol Sharp

    He died 32 years ago

  20. Carol Sharp

    I take five meds fore my heart

  21. Rhonda Boncutter

    My husband of 22 years died and I am lost! Loved him so much! We thought as one most of the time! Lordy, I miss him! We will all meet again someday!

  22. Carol Sharp

    It died 32 years ago

    Rhonda Boncutter

    I am so sorry! Lost my husband 2 years ago! Still miss him!

  23. sina mumuta

    Love this one very tight when we get their

  24. Betty Bartley

    I wish I had someone telling me these wrds

  25. R. BAS

    we're going our old age....

  26. ann martin

    I love this song because my special man sent me this song

  27. rose siwila

    I got engaged. planning get married and planning grow old with my husband

  28. Kanchan Chakraborty

    Excellent rendition - I truly believe in the lyric. Me & my wife are together as wedlock relation for last 35 years while as love birds we are together for last 42 years

  29. Ryan Richard

    I have liked this song since I first heard it years ago. I reminds me of my mom and dad to a T. They have been married for 46 years(and counting) and truly are each others best friends. They have showed me, my brother & sister how a marriage is should me.

  30. James wiedl

    Reminds me of my Mom and Dad many years ago

  31. Scott Mcdonald

    what a beautiful song Kenny will always miss you may the angles keep you safe in heaven xx

    Rosemary Okoth

    Scott Mcdonald - When one died, they put are in grave and get rotten and eventually they become fossil. Nobody goes to Heavens. The only hope of mankind is resurrection. Kindly Read The Bible in John 5: 28-29. Jesus is going to help Jehovah God in recreation.

    Mariela Rosas

    Scott McDonald, what do you mean? If I'm not mistaken, Kenny Rogers is alive....??

  32. Fannie The Watch Woman

    Thank you Kenny.Meaningful indeed.
    My husband and I Love this song.
    We will be celebrating our 12th Anniversary this year and many more to come.

  33. Patricia Herrera

    te amo por ser hombre que canta al amor bello

  34. Indra Iskandar

    A NICE SONG. . . . .

  35. abelardo jr Domincel

    touching song from my idol

  36. Kenties Norah

    just aawesoome!

  37. manuel bentic

    Super like the song of Kenny Rogers

  38. lovelylili

    wow ! so true ! a true love never die !

  39. Mickey Walton

    Love your songs, Kenny!

  40. donna cannon

    Only Love.

  41. Mmachi Chinwendu

    This is exactly the phase of life my hussy and i are about getting into and it is fun.

  42. Dottie Lovett

    that's how I see it for me and my guy ilove him so much

  43. Karan Dalbir Sodhi

    One of the best song in the history. 😘

  44. hawi oselu

    Lovely Song

  45. James McDougall

    "Joy! As A Boy!"

  46. Gumboot Zone

    First time I heard this song, it was given to me by my girlfriend. Next month we celebrate our 23rd anniversary.

  47. William Raisor

    So true josiette R.

  48. Chaz Bosarge

    It was my honor to have penned this song for Kenny back in 1990.... Thanks for all the kind words and sentiments about the song - Songwriter: Chaz Bosarge

    Rhonda Boncutter

    Chaz, you are a musical genius! shout out to you!

    Rhonda Boncutter

    Chaz, this is such a beautiful song! Thanks for penning this! Beautiful song!

    Rhonda Boncutter

    Love did get better! Miss my husband so very much!

    Paul Pereira

    Mr. Chaz, this song is one of my favorite songs, I can feel my future frame by frame while listening to this song. Thanks for penning this :)

    Mariela Rosas

    Chaz Bosarge, that's an excellent song!! You got talent. Does somebody else (or yourself ☺️) sing any other one of your songs? I hope you're still writing 👍😉

  49. Kim Goebel

    Thank you Kenny. My husband and I always said Islands In The Stream was our song but now I think this one suits us better. It's beautiful.  We love you and you will always be our favorite performer.  

  50. Grazya Dhelgado our old age, ARN726!!! my love for you will get better & stronger everyday..

  51. jerry otu

    i wish i'll have a wife who know that


    After 25 years my love we're still loving each other. Our love will never fade.. I will never stop loving you until i take my last breath. Thank you for all the years we've shared...


    Happy sunny Sunday ! LOve will never fade in old age .....

  54. beatrice ofowena

    i have in the time past searched for this song and Godbless youtube for making it possible!!!

  55. Lee Jone Tumps

    wanna have a Kenny Rogers medley sung for my future wedding!

    niue song

    Lee Jone Tumps n

    niue song

    Lee Jone Tumps

  56. mike reid

    i love you judy, i'll never understand why god took you from me, we had such a wonderful day, than 18 hours later you were gone.why

  57. George Opiyo

    As you grow old and mature in family life,this song dawns on you with hard-hitting realities, its the best thing I had in mind till my wife went to rest with the Lord so suddenly...on the exact date of our 20th wedding anniversary.this is still my dedication to her. RIP

  58. laura harrison

    i used this song when i renewed our wedding vows on our 15th wedding anniversary xxxxx

  59. atlifetime

    if you want to know how the future turns. just meditate on the song and it will appear to you.

  60. Nancy Domingo

    There is nothing more wonderful than knowing that the remaining days of your life will be spent with the person whom you love with all your heart & soul. Someone who loves you the same way you love that person...since the day you both realized how much you love each other...until the moment you take your last breath.

  61. jhodia gordon

    I pray God will provide someone for me to grow old with and still in love......:)

  62. tita ramos

    Too bad my husband did not live long for us to experience this!

  63. Sinead Colgan

    love will never fade in our old age,, our hair is getting gray etc,this song bring tears to my eyes( of joy ) love will never fade......

  64. eon lynch


  65. nazar samson

    it was in 1992, I loved the beauty of the song the lyrics and melody... I searched for so long years the title and the song itself.... and I found it just this date (November 16, 2012 @ 10:11 pm) as to prepare my life with my wife as we go older the song will picture my days and song which i really worth for... wonderful song...


    Great song.

  67. Dj Adams

    my husband and i song, we been married for 22 yrs as long as this song been release, we were 18 and 20 yrs old.. love do happen at any age, music brings them together since this song brings me and my husband together 22 yrs ago..

  68. Dela Afari

    People fell in love back in the day because of such, people only lust or "love" to get the sex and run off because of the music we have around today...

  69. Didi Mumubaer

    Here comes Feeling ...

  70. Lesley Simmons

    This is a beautiful song, almost made me cry.

  71. Ang WizCoast Ungo

    one of the best love song of my idol.. wish i could sing like him


    how i wish my life would turn out like this song, but now i,m to old for it to happen to me.

    Rhonda Boncutter

    Andrew, never say never! My husband died 2 years ago, I am lonesome, but don't like all these young people, and old boyfriends from the past, saw a few! Not interested anymore! I am 64 and don't feel like dieing yet! Maybe we can meet someone someday! God bless and be with you! Rhonda!


    @sineadc1973 Thank you for your encouragement.

  74. Sinead Colgan

    this is so amazing so...... true love is the greatest for those that haven,t found it keep looking its out there waiting around the corner don,t give up its worth it every second of it

  75. Renj Rakotomavo

    Yes, It's really true! Love will never fade in our old age!






    just want to grow old with you pam. love andy.

  79. Denis Eugene Arackal

    I love this song. It remembers me about the importance of growing old gracefully.