Rogers, Kenny - If You Want To Find Love Lyrics

He was sitting on a bar stool
A picture from a cheating song
She'd been standing by the jukebox
Dropping quarters all night long.

He said, tell me: are you lonely?
Is there some place we can go?
She said: cowboy, you know I'm lonely
But there's something you should know.

If you wanna find gold go looking in the mountains
If you wanna find silver go digging in stones
If you wanna find heaven go reading in the Bible
If you wanna find love go looking at home.

She touched the gold ring on his finger
And held it to the jukebox light
And she said. Stranger, think what you're losing
If you leave here with me tonight.

So he hold her body closer
She felt feelings she'd never known
And he said: thank you, for the lesson
And if you need me I'll be at home.

If you wanna find gold go looking in the mountains
If you wanna find silver go digging in stones
If you wanna find heaven go reading in the Bible
If you wanna find love go looking at home...

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Rogers, Kenny If You Want To Find Love Comments
  1. VA3DLO

    I saw keny rogers i think around 1016 .... lol in all time fave singer kenny rogers...

  2. Bello Jordan

    Wow. It reminds me of a night in Sweden.

  3. piri vandor

    Great song...Real country...

  4. Ashika Jimo

    Wou remember of my rocking years.. Given.

  5. Luiggi Michael Riwu-Kaho

    this is pure country music : awesome

  6. joy goundar


  7. Nice Muthoni

    and its still one of my personal favourite jam!

    Love Kenny❤

  8. Ajay Prasad

    I really love this song a lot

  9. patrick langat

    Reminds me challenges of sad days is away from

  10. eloisa guevarra

    Love it

  11. Tama Matu

    This song just popped up in my head like 10 min ago and now I finally found it. I live in New Zealand so hardly any American Country fans to ask.

  12. Benson Mbugua

    I grew up up on country and western. love life


    Love this song

  14. ch64621

    Love this song lyrics

  15. Montes Kambuaya

    If you wanna find heaven, go reading in the bible.. 😇😇😇

  16. Kyebambe Janet

    So in love.........

  17. Josie T

    I’m 18 years old now , and I still love this song ❤️❤️ never gets old

  18. Abby Gainey

    I am so in love with this song

  19. It is so beautiful .Andrew Pernia Pernia

    Great songs by Kenny Rogers and so he so amazing.😀

  20. Helen Lake

    Best song ever

  21. John Gakuru

    love this song so so much..makes me feel good ..

  22. Marren Kwama

    if you wanna find love.....
    if u wanna find silver......

    so beautiful song it cools one's mind when in love

  23. Sujeirih .Mendoza

    la mejor musica de todos los tiempos

  24. Sam


  25. nelius muthoni

    nice song...loving it

  26. namwicha mali

    Nice song

  27. Charlotte Biegon

    Enjoying this music!

  28. napatasi

    thanks Kenny😉😉

    Leon Licata

    Oh yea that's him .. Love his song

  29. Sonia Menzoghe

    très belle chanson

  30. Kelso Oslek

    awesome song

  31. Ricky Fredrick

    very nice songi like it

  32. vendedeline

    This song reminds me a lot in a Tanzania country side! tuned to one of the country side radio station and this song was on air then turn the evening awesome til today its my favorite in the list of Kenny and Dolly

    Rob Hollywood

    vendedeline dolly had nothing to do with this one, or most of Kenny's great hit records. pure kenny, pure quality.

  33. Rachel Kidenda

    If you want find 😘😘😘😘

  34. Rachel Kidenda

    if you want to find love..... m in love with this song


    Rachel Kidenda i love this too..oh my



    Josephine Mugunda

    So do i

  35. MissMe 0417

    OMG I LOVE his voice!!!! I can never get enough of it!!! Sexy as hell!!!!

  36. Opal Wagoner


    Umesh Padiyachi

    l love this song

  37. jm cai

    very very nice song.

  38. Dave Wollenberg

    ACC's #91 song of the '92 survey year. Kenny hit #11 in Billboard, 2-29-92. God bless you, friend, for postin' it. Thanx! Have a blessed week!

  39. joshua Lal

    love this song two 

    Ester Wathiru

    Find heaven

    Mackson Sam

    I like the back round

  40. natasha zer

    Love this song.

  41. Andrew Allan

    love song and love this man music he is a legend


    still sweet