Rogers, Kenny - Handprints On The Wall Lyrics

The wait turned into hours
Before you came my way
The smile that filled a daddy's heart
On the special day
The moment left me speechless
I didn't know what to say
Then you took your first breath
That took mine away.

Days go by so quickly
Summer turns to fall
Seems like only yesterday
That you began to crawl
So don't be afraid to take that step
I'll catch you when you fall
I don't mind if you leave behind
A few handprints on the wall.

I can't describe this feeling
Way down deep inside
The itsy-bitsy spider
Was the first thing that we tried
Patty cake, the baker's man
With your hands so very small
You could always stay this young
And I wouldn't mind at all.

Days go by so quickly
Summer turns to fall
Seems like only yesterday
That you began to crawl
So don't be afraid to take that step
I'll catch you when you fall
I don't mind if you leave behind
A few handprints on the wall...

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Rogers, Kenny Handprints On The Wall Comments
  1. Dave Arcudi


    I don't mind if you leave behind some handprints on the wall.

    My daughters 😃

  2. George Gillman

    I heard this song today for the first time,Ive been a huge fan of Kenny for years ,but this made a tear in my eyes,for my 2 kiddos ,Dad loves you so much,cant imagine Life without you

  3. Elvia. Soria

    I had a song that was called handprints it went like this"handprints on the wall even i am saying no".

  4. Elvia. Soria

    I never knew this song exist

  5. Gerald Murray

    Great song !

  6. Harold Laporte

    I chose this song for my daughter's 40th. birthday as this how the feeling was on that very special day. 2nd.-March 1976. The second day of the fall. Most beautiful song by Kenny Rogers.

    Dave Arcudi

    Happy birthday

  7. Andrew Allan

    this song mean a lot to me

  8. mattsmom

    I have had 2 sons and 1 daughter,only last july we lost our youngest child ,our son matthew. but i have learned through this year i have lost one child but still have 2 this song is for my son Rodney and his sister Sharon... Mom will always love you

  9. jam2music

    I love this song ! It just takes me back to when my children were small The years pass so fast and before you know it they are grown! I look at pictures sometimesand all the memories just flow!.Miss the pitter patter of those little feet and all the questions .I remember one time,my young son asked me,Mommy, where did God come from and who was his mommy?I simply said, he was there in the beginning,and fumbled throught the rest of it,but pastor couldn't answer that one either.:) very smart child!

  10. Huia berry

    without her 'brother' she left him there really mother and sister needed to get him out,heaven only knows what damage has already been done.Finding solace in music is not the answer....and I'm a Kenny Rodger fan 40 years plus.

  11. Huia berry

    Look deep into yourself ..he is your brother,its not too late to rescue him, your damage has already been done.Don't quote what he use to do or might be doing are his 'sister' for g'ds sake,he has to come out of an abusive home...Robin is right call some1 b4 its too late.Stop laying 'pity' to yrself ,5 years how selfish are you.....

  12. Danielle King

    It's disturbing to me that someone would leave behind a child with someone who is abusive........

  13. staceybyrne53

    CHECK OUT "I BELIEVE IN ANGELS BY The Mears Brothers.....Best Father-song of all time!!!!!

  14. Roy Spurlock

    Nothing like seeing your child for the first time , no love any stronger than that except God love.

  15. Sammy k

    my daughter is only a few weeks old and already i fear her growing up im just not ready lol i know it sounds silly but still

  16. Crittersandme Unruh

    to Mattie, sweetie you did the best thing for your life getting away from a abusive father, your so filled with saddness my heart broke when I read what you wrote you sound so precious my heart feels so saddened for your sorrow. when your can reach out to him, BUT NEVER PUT YOURSELF ALONE IN THE PRESENCE OF your father. Your Mother needs to get your brother out-be her strength -Every situation is isolated -we need not judge and DO NOT LET ANYONE JUDGE YOU sweetie, be strong in your life

  17. Robinh4

    @mattie0741 If he's abusive, your brother shouldn't be there. Call someone for help, like the police or social services. It's never too late.

  18. Chanel Chartrand

    When my little brother was 2 i left him because he lives with our father, and our father is very abusive so i decided to only see my mother. He is now 7 and a half years old and i still haven't seen him again since he was two...this song always makes me cry.1, he went to sleep every night and nap to this song, and 2, this song describes him the last time i seen him. He always looked up to me and it seems like yesterday i was playing trucks with him, then i realize how long its been and i cry='(