Roger Waters - Picture That Lyrics

Picture yourself as you lean on the port rail
Tossing away your last cigarette
Picture your finger pushing the doorbell
Picture the skull and crossbones on the doormat

Picture yourself on the streets of Laredo
Picture the casbah, picture Japan
Picture your kid with his hand on the trigger
Picture prosthetics in Afghanistan

Picture a courthouse with no fucking laws
Picture a cathouse with no fucking whores
Picture a shithouse with no fucking drains
Picture a leader with no fucking brains

Follow me filming myself at the show
On a phone from a seat in the very front row
Follow Miss Universe catching some rays
Wish You Were Here in Guantanamo Bay

Picture a seat on a private plane
Picture your feet nailed to the floor
Picture a crew who are clearly insane
Picture no windows, picture no doors

Glued to a screen in the state of Nevada
To follow the dream gets harder and harder

Picture her wrapping a gift for the wedding
Picture her boiling the water for tea
Picture the kids climbing into the backseat
Picture my hand turning the keys

Oh, picture that...

Picture the dog in the pickup ahead
Picture the tree at the side of the road
Picture my hands growing steadily colder

Follow me down to a place by the river
Sold for my kidneys, sold for my liver
Why so weedy, so fucking needy
There's no such thing as being too greedy

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Roger Waters Picture That Comments
  1. Silvano Rossi

    This song is in your face....Picture a leader with no fucking brains......

  2. SP Coll75

    The whole album has huge nods to Wish you Were Here and Animals. It's ok, I still prefer Amused to Death, which I think is a better album than Momentary, or Division Bell, easily, (I won't even dignify Endless River)

  3. Joe Floyd

    This song live isnfucking amazing!

  4. Super Potato90000

    Fkn Roger an artist with BALls,,,always magnificent

  5. Andrew Brady

    Floyd are gone. This is....something?

  6. Max Frenchy

    That voice performance is horrendous, musically it is rather poor...a very disappointing album overall.

  7. Charles Dickinson

    Roger Waters I wish I was in Kansas City to see your concert Roger Waters

  8. Charles Dickinson

    GOD is on this face of this earth

  9. Terry Casey


  10. Sabbath maiden fan

    Picture a musician with no fucking soul!

    Camila Dias

    What do you mean?

  11. Game_Life 23

    I feel like, this is a mix of Wish you were here, Brain Damage, Sheeps, Welcome to the Machine, and Shine on you ctazy Diamond, and also, just general hilarity.

  12. Charles Dickinson

    This is the life you want

  13. Güneş Seyis

    A powerful song by Roger Waters..

  14. Diego Diestel

    "Picture a leader with no fucking brains" Picture Bolsonaro...

  15. Dead Weight

    first time hearing this.WOW..missed out a few years ..picture that!

  16. T Radmard

    This song is so fucking amazing

  17. rizergood

    Much more then this, if thay can

  18. David Collado

    Well picture people getting killed by suicide bombers

  19. breezy

    King Roger !!!!

  20. Enedino Padilla

    This is in another fucking fart! es decir no tiene madre!

  21. Infinity Prospecting Inc

    Picture a President with no fucking dreams! Yeah, Obama was a real piece of shit! Great thing we have a GREAT President now. Make America Great Again!

    Racemixer Berg

    Obama was a piece of shit I agree, but so is Trump.

  22. Michael McCullagh


  23. Infinite Is

    On point Roger!

  24. Van Cleef The God

    Roger Waters' solo sounds more like Pink Floyd rather than Pink Floyd without Roger Waters

    Izno Iznogoud

    It's more Nigel Godrich (Radiohead producer) who made it sound like in 1977...

    R Chapo

    @Izno Iznogoud so its not waters then


    Van Cleef The God yeah sure... without Gilmour, Waters can’t make a great guitar solo, just 3-4 notes in a row...i like him too, but without Waters or Gilmour ( or Nick, Wright) it’s not Pink’s just something trying to pretend/achieve to be a Pink Floyd song

  25. michael gorman

    ".......Unbelievable !!!"

  26. DADAMON 99

    Hermosa canción

  27. Brandon Ariel Melluso Braun

    No Roger Waters, no Pink Floyd.

    Joe Bryant

    Millions of PF fans would disagree strongly.

    Racemixer Berg

    @Joe Bryant PF after Waters should have been called Polly Floyd.

  28. José de Jesús Jiménez

    No Fucking Brain! No Fucking Brain! No Fucking Brain! No Fucking Brain! No Fucking Brain! No Fucking Brain!

    I listened that in live performance and was wonderful with the bass too... and I'm here.

  29. William M

    10/10 FAB.......This is only one track from a FAB Album....

  30. cacfympma

    Que bien suena en vivo este tema, igual que "Smell The Roses"

  31. RM-Stuffs日本

    I have this Album now 2018/11/19. Yes.

  32. RM-Stuffs日本

    1:04 My future Nation ❤🌆, Japan 日本。😄

  33. RM-Stuffs日本

    Modern Music how life in Tokyo 日本 😀😄

  34. gabriel cortes

    Que calor pethso

  35. gabriel cortes

    Soy punk floyd vamos sid barris

  36. Mr. Floyd

    This album deserves a Grammy

  37. J.H. Warrior

    Welcome to Picture That.

  38. Marcel Girard

    He has just finished being comfortably numb..... Go ahead Roger !!

  39. Franco Todeschini

    im sorry, Roger! God people are Antifacist!



  40. Amanda Ariane


  41. dean susky


  42. Viktor Salmi

    This and Deja Vu were real highlights of Rogers show in Helsinki 21.8.2018. What a fantastic show it was I have never really been part of something that fantastic

  43. Angus Young

    Watched this man in Liverpool Echo Arena. WOW. been to many gigs. This one got BETTER AND BETTER as the “cake” kicked in. Dancing to fuck. The crowd bouncing in the VIP seats and the whole arena. Superb visuals too. This Album is up there with the classics. Time will tell “no pun intended”. ROCK ON ROGER 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤👤👤👤👤👤👤🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸

  44. Ia baramidze

    unforgettable life performance was in Berlin. Roger is a magic himself.long live man

  45. Aglio e Olio

    no windows, no doors

  46. Kinga Kolczynska-Przybycien

    Roger Waters to geniusz.


    Mam jego album.

  47. Ali Nawaz Thaver

    So much like the album 'Animals'.

  48. Ali Nawaz Thaver

    Amazing music.

  49. Major Hardon

    “ROGER , ROGER , ROGER , ROGER , ROGER , ROGER. ⚒🐷🌒🐮⏰🐶🕰🐗👁💰🛏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  50. Aurora 57

    The ending is so beautiful

  51. Allengarlick Garlick

    This was awsome in dubllin your mind was glued to every thin....... iceman .. you was more than great LOVED IT ALL ICEMAN IRELAND SLIGO

  52. Slippery Jack Reviews it

    OMG! This track is absolutely brilliant! I can't get enough of it!

  53. Peyman Khodabakshian

    ROGER WATERS 🌷👏♥🎸🍻🎧🎬

  54. beatlesrgear

    Roger has become nothing more than a boring, hateful, bitter old man who keeps moving further Leftward and wondering why he has no peace and no joy. Very Sad!

  55. Christian Parodi

    Muy buen disco, vamos a disfrutarlo mucho en argentina en noviembre de 2018. Un sueño? verlos a Roger y David juntos, reviviendo el mundo Pink Floyd!

  56. 4GeRLvX


  57. Alessandro Pinton

    Is it just me or in some moments Roger's voice sounds like Trump's voice??

    Alessandro Pinton

    00:58 example

  58. Mark Raishbrook

    There's some Sheep in there and a bit One of These Days. Fantastic stuff. Love the anti-social media message, too. "Follow me filming myself at the show/On a phone from the seat in the very front row". And, of course, the Trump stuff. "Picture a shithouse with no fucking drains/Picture a leader with no fucking brains". Seeing the show in Lisbon in May - can't wait! And no, I won't have a mobile phone with me!

  59. Maiden Utah

    Listening to the tail section of this song, I imagine myself watching a doc of the Trump (like him or hate him) White House years sometime in the future.

  60. De A

    Your picture looks fantastic! Thank You Mr.Roger Waters!

  61. Vosoogh Zardoshtian

    it sonds like pink floyd and its good to me.

  62. JB On the streets

    One of these Days???????!!!!! Roger waters great album!

  63. Sylvia de Wit

    Zo ongelofelijk goed!!!!!!

  64. WeLikeIke

    Heard this last night at his PHENOMENAL Us And Them concert in Sydney. Absolutely amazing performance and amazing song!!!

  65. Marina G.


  66. Geoff Sebesta

    This is sort of a combination of all the songs from Animals with new lyrics.

    I'm totally cool with that.

  67. JJgamer 123

    What are those 3 notes from? I recognize that tune but can't place it.

  68. Mila BuLL

    London ♥

  69. Kitten Chaos5

    I saw him play this live in Albany in 2017 and I was blown away. The way he did 'Pigs' and 'Dogs of War' was also super epic

    I'm surprised they let me in I was 14

    Echoes of The Times

    Kitten Chaos5 He wouldn't play "Dogs of War" because it is from "A Momentary Lapse Of Reason", an album in which he didn't participate because he already left the band in 1985 and the album was released in 1987. Maybe you mean the song "Dogs" from the album "Animals".


    Matie I was let into a concert when I was 11 chill out

  70. Marina G.

    Roger is genius of Pink Floyd! 😍

    Izno Iznogoud

    but the 3 vows were already done in the early 70's, unfortunately, he didn't returned in his bottle

  71. Pacafeliz

    the ONLY thing i'm grateful for to Mango Mussolini, is that many a great artist has decided to sing about it and bring out amazing new albums.... this one being the greatest of them all! RESPECT. Waters is a leader with helluva lot of brains!!!

  72. renovationbio

    Vivement Lille

  73. L Lawliet

    Fucking masterpiece! Waters is a genius

  74. In the year 1230 A.D.

    "Picture a leader with no fucking brains." Sound familiar?

  75. Pól O'Giollagain

    This is that dude who used to be in pink Floyd that's why I'm hearing all these sounds an seeing all theses visions an feeling all these feelings an he's speaking truth about some brainless cunt voted into power by a lot sheep
    Who's talking about building a Wall what a pig an animal..
    Smell the roses mudder fuckers tear down the Wall..

  76. Laurie Diehl

    no innocent brains

  77. Frogsley Quack

    I don't give a shit that this is a blatant rip off of Evidently Chicken Town. It's a top tune and both Roger Waters and John Cooper Clark are the dogs bollocks. Anyone that disagree's can just fuck off..!?!


    I passed my theory by the way


    your bootleg leg company will never succeed my wife's boyfriend works at VEVO and will shut you down

    Frogsley Quack

    Doge and I are happily married now. It was fate I guess

    Frogsley Quack


    and thats how I met your mother

  78. J James

    Roger must be a master of grocery lists.

  79. Rojelio Aguas


  80. Michael Martel

    Picture this! An ageing musician, trying to be relevant! at least this song is slightly more upbeat, better then the other ones I've had to endure, Ive really tried roger but I just cant seem to get you, its not new, its not a classic lets me honest here, what are you about, why are you still doing this, and why are you still doing the same thing! again and again and again, to quote floyd. All in all your just the.... (weak link in the band)!!! Queue guitar solo ba da na ba na na na naaaaaa.


    You're wrong.

  81. Clocky

    picture yourself as you lean on the port rail, tossing away your last cigarette

  82. Kevin Goolden

    I like how roger recycles old pink floyd songs.... this is sheep. and also "smell the roses" is an augmented version of have a cigar...... sorry but David Gilmour is the actual goat

    Devansh Bole

    Maybe with the guitar but he has no real writing ability.

  83. Nick Capozio

    I hear alittle sheap And alittle welcome too the machine in this I am friggen digging it

  84. Hristo Todorov

    100% Roger Waters...

  85. Marjan Mehrabi

    PLEASE stay alive forever Roger!

  86. Béla Mazur

    This song is... like dogs... like pigs... like WELCOME TO MACHINE - not too original work. Just the lyrics. That is... originally Waters! :)

  87. Jo Gabriel Costa

    Careful with that Axe Eugene or one of these days you'll feel the Final Cut....

  88. Evan11

    Heard this for the first time on Rogers Us + Them tour, it was so amazing

  89. The Weird Hippie

    This is too fucking good

  90. benjinlocke

    How I love this song...

  91. Captain B

    Saw him when they came to Pittsburgh last month. Was great, but i wish he could stay away from all the political talk. Just play your great music and dont piss off half off half of the audience.

  92. Bárbara Rebocho

    This sounds like ''The Wall'' but so many years later

  93. Jakub Marszałek

    One Of These Days + Sheep

  94. Jorge Tristan Melendreras

    Such a master.

  95. Fran Rose

    He does it best go roger

  96. Travis Linton

    "Picture a leader with no fucking brains!"

    I'm trying NOT to Roger, but we see him every fucking day!

    David Paul Allen

    They all have more or less brains (just like the everyone else) but intentionally plan primarily for themselves. Rogers frustration misses the point.

    Mr Cheswick

    I disagree, I think it's the general public who have no brains, here's why....The general public go out and vote for the politicians without understanding that the whole system is rigged AGAINST them, and they worship the people who enslave them like they worship some 2 bit celebrity

  97. Randy Potter

    Is that a manure pile over there? No, it's just a stack of unsold Roger Waters + Milli Vanilli cd's

  98. Willi van Hengel

    Wie neue Erinnerungsschlacken

  99. elojorojo

    Music with substance..