Roger Taylor - Tonight Lyrics

Tonight, we're painting this town red
Tonight, we legislate on blue
Tonight, we paint your mother green
Act out all our dreams and we'll celebrate me and you
Yeah we'll celebrate me and you
Tonight, with all things possible
Tonight, we'll fly beyond all cares
Tonight, we'll tear down all the walls, ride down waterfalls
And we'll celebrate me and you
Celebrate me and you
Across the skies, into the void, we'll disappear

Celebrate me and you
Yeah we'll celebrate me and you

Tonight we're drinking this town dry
Tonight, we'll see the tables turned
Tonight, we'll see our bridges burned
Tonight, we're painting this town red
Tonight, we'll see the tables turned
Tonight, we're painting this town red


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Roger Taylor Tonight Comments
  1. Самсонова Ольга


  2. Kim Puterbaugh

    Holy shit Roger.......Wow, just Wow!! ❤️👑❤️👑

    Anne Harris

    Couldnt have said it better!

  3. Malgorzata Piotrowska

    Love this strony voice

  4. Bianca Gonçalves

    Roger Taylor...em era loucamente apaixonada por ele...e ainda sou!

  5. wakaki1414

    2:54 I want to be the microphone😍💕

  6. Broken Heart

    me encanta <3

  7. janet mullins

    He never fails. Beautiful and soulful.

  8. Joseph Cuccio

    I like Roger's Voice!

  9. theceilibristol

    Electric fire one of my favourite albums

  10. Анохин Василий

    ly-ly-ly, lublu..)

  11. Elizabeth MaryEllen

    He’s a rock god...loved him forever

  12. Angela Binetti

    Sono mesi che non riesco ad ascoltare altro che Roger

  13. andrewyka

    Roger is Great!!! I loved his music.

  14. Kearon O'Brien

    I could hav3 added a 3rd above just kidding
    Good guitars on the journey

  15. Francesco Nadig

    Great song, music!

  16. Ilona Varga

    I miss something. Sorry...maybe a sopran vocalist? Do you feel me?:D sorry about it:D

    Karendal Sadik

    Ilona Varga I think he could carry if there was more variety to his band or if the melody was tweaked. Man on fire is good.

  17. Marcela Heredia

    relajante cancion. grande roger

  18. Thisis Myname

    Great as usual!!

  19. Eliane Camargo Marins

    My love!!!

  20. SCHOTS Chantal

    je vous dis bonjour à vous tous tous ... je suis dingue de Roger Taylor j'espère de les voir a Bruxelles le cinq juin j'aime aussi Brian je voudrais des vrais fan du groupe QUEEN ... Belge ou Français car je comprend juste deux a trois mots D'Anglais pas plus merci de me comprendre

  21. Patricia Harman

    Roger is gorgeous and his voice is sweet and warm and so nice, I love this video, he was awesome.

  22. Rosa Inês Borges


  23. Bianca Gonçalves

    Meu ídolo desde sempre e para sempre!

  24. pixiepqueen

    mannn.... he's a totally under-rated singer. such an amazing singer he is.

  25. john anderson martinez mejia

    Fue uno de los mejores con el resto de sus compañeros :)

  26. Yuliana Rosas


  27. Bianca Gonçalves

    Sou fã do Roger Taylor desde meus 14 anos de idade. Cada vez que vejo seus clips e ouço sua voz, a emoção toma conta de mim. É sempre uma viagem por toda minha adolescência e vida adulta. É uma paixão que não tem explicação!

  28. Célia Rossi


  29. Sonia Fernandes

    muito bom

  30. aguantelomas12


  31. Luis Duarte


  32. Lilac Tart

    I enjoyed this very much. Not sure about the moustache.

  33. Дмитрий Родионов


  34. We Are Zoeros

    Love it!