Roger Taylor - Be My Gal (My Brightest Spark) Lyrics

Be my partner
Be my pal
Be my gal

Be my rock
Be my friend
Till the end

You have become my Joan Of Arc
My fine design, my sleeping lion
The one who'll fight my demons in the dark
My brightest spark

You have brought down
My darkest fears, I lay awake, my hopes and tears
And you can break the blinds that bind my eyes
And ears

And you can slake the thirst that burns me in the night
The twists and turns, I'm yours to sooth, console
Heal the bruises
Make me whole

Be my partner
Would you be my pal
Would you be my gal

Be my rock
Be my friend
Till the end

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Roger Taylor Be My Gal (My Brightest Spark) Comments
  1. Adriana Mussolin

    how much i cried with this treasure of a song Mr Tayor ...awww..... thank you so much for your music. Adri

  2. EileenS 1959

    Love this track, very charming! Roger’s love songs have come a long way. Beautifully tender and from the heart 💜

  3. Marina GG

    su voz me tranquiliza...

  4. Jeanette Korzenko

    Yes! Another Beautiful song, Thank You, Roger Taylor ! 🎆🎇❤️

  5. ᄀᄋᄉ


  6. Ecezio

    Okay :)

  7. Alexander Arodriguez

    Fantastic Song Mr Roger
    Thanks for this, i love your music 😍 Good Vibes !!!

  8. Pilar Vargas

    Amo esa voz....

  9. Isabelita Luna

    aww This song is so Sweet! I love it ❤

  10. Charlotte Van Helderen

    Thank you so much for this 🌹

  11. Spiderjin

    i love this song Rog!