Roger Miller - The Animal Of Man Lyrics

His footprints can be found
On the graves of dead young soldiers
On the amber covered plains
Killed by radio-active rains

And his traces can be found
In the dying streams and meadows
And he'll kill you if he can
He's the animal of man

Yes his traces can be found
In the scars of red-skin children
That have never fully healed
Ask a black man how he feels

He's a nervous gifted child
He's an old man been forgotten
He's a military band
He's the animal of man

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Roger Miller The Animal Of Man Comments
  1. Geoff Smith

    Wow! what a great song- never heard this before! sounds like Jerry Reed on guitar.

    the winner

    glad you enjoyed it Geoff

  2. Mickey Bowser


  3. Joseph Harder

    If this is  not  a   work of genius, I do not know what  is.

  4. Bob Dant

    This song gives me chills. Roger is a brillaint writer. Score one more for the winner.

  5. Glenn Johnson

    Glenn Johnson Brilliant!Another song from the album i used to have until it got lost during a house move back in the late 90`s.So great to hear this again.Thanks for this upload.Roger was such a great songwriter.

  6. fleckfleck13

    great singer, thanks. Marion

    the winner

    +fleckfleck13 glad you enjoyed this one Marion

  7. Bob Dant

    u need to hear 'a tender look at love' album

  8. MrBlodsven Nilsson

    Missed this one! I´m a big fan of R Miller too

    the winner

    +MrBlodsven Nilsson glad you found it on here to enjoy :)

  9. redwhiteandblueLion

    Had this album for many years until a disaster struck. Kind of remember two tracks....Qua La Linta  and Uncle Harvey's Plane.  Any Chance of you upping these?

    the winner

    @redwhiteandblueLion Thanks for listening. Those two songs you requested are already posted on youtube.

  10. George o'boyle

    loved this song first time i heard it many years ago the words of this song are so true with the things are happening in the world today you could say that it is an insult to the animals of the world as man is the most aggressive creature ever to walk the planet

    Dick Ellingson

    The human is the only cruel animal.

  11. paul whysall

    One of those great singers that you recognise after just a couple of words. What an incredible voice.  Could do funny stuff and emotional stuff equally brilliantly.

  12. RockyMountainRose

    Roger Miller was a creative genius and love his music. Thanks for another great song :)


    One of the best song-writers of all time!

  13. W. David Ferrell

    This could have easily been done by Waylon

  14. W. David Ferrell

    A great album!

  15. John Benn

    What an incredible singing & spoken voice Roger had.
    Also he was a wonderful composer & will always be fondly remembered by his many fans.

  16. makthnife

    Ditto!! Top 5 RM albums, this is 3 :)