Roger Miller - Ringing Up Rosie Lyrics

Me and old Rosie we go back a whole lot of years
We've had some laughter and we've had each other in tears
Rosie and me are somewhere between lovers and friends
I need me some cozy and I'm ringing up Rosie again

Well I just got in town and it's twenty five minutes till three
But I bet a pretty that pretty girl's waiting for me
Cause she know's it's Monday and Monday's I always book in
I need me some cozy and I'm ringing up Rosie again

Rosetta whoa oh my Rosetta whoa oh oh oh
You're the one girl who's in my dreams
Me and old Rosie we go back a whole lot of years
We've had some laughter and we've had each other in tears

Rosie and me are somewhere between lovers and friends
I need me some cozy and l'm ringing up Rosie again
I need me some cozy and l'm ringing up Rosie again
Rosetta whoa oh my Rosetta whoa oh oh oh
You're the one girl who's in my dreams

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Roger Miller Ringing Up Rosie Comments
  1. jaslinc

    Realize this is what the recording industry would have had if it were not for JFK and the Beatles in the Spring of '64.

  2. S҉N҉A҉K҉E҉F҉I҉N҉G҉E҉R҉

    Thx, Dick. I have a killer boil on my ass. His mouth. lol this is better than shaolin vs lama.

  3. Stevedore Votes

    Nastalgic of the impeachment today. Great somg for this time aswell.

  4. David hill

    How have I managed forty years stranded on this cursed rock without finding out about this due before today?...I'm a fucking chump....

  5. Vincent Sotelo

    Anyone from 2020

  6. Carolyn Barney

    Y'all stay tuned for that popeye cartoon .❤❤❤👣🕊🌎🥰👋

  7. Bradley Golden

    So he didn’t need any kind of amplification while playing and singing, but needed the mic while doin the interview 🤷🏼‍♂️

  8. Rich stewland

    Takes me back about 50 years.

  9. Ana Gray

    Such class

  10. bill gonzales

    dont Da nang ? me

  11. oskaveli662

    Didn't know Clearasil was that old.

  12. John Yohann

    I haven't heard this song since it was big back then. What a flash back to the past! Bringing back old memories.

  13. Tom Nichols

    Is it just me or is this blatant lip syncing ?

  14. ogadl ogadl

    Damn!!! lol at Dick Clark... I didn’t even recognize him he was sooooo young here!!!

  15. ogadl ogadl

    I want this played at my funeral.
    Don’t forget mom.

  16. Claudia Sayuri

    Isso é lindo demais tá louco 😂

  17. Jon Rome

    LMAO 🤣 😆 awesome

  18. Deemememe

    I love this song

  19. Michael Proctor

    Wonder why no black singers have covered this song?


    Maybe they have?

    Michael Proctor

    @rusher1977 Maybe it has something to do with the lyrics?


    @Michael Proctor You're right lmao

  20. Junior Nash

    Trailers for sale or rent

  21. Chairman Meow

    I’ll bet you that Robin Williams studied him carefully.

  22. TMS

    "I lack 14 dollars of having 27cents"

  23. Mike McCormick

    Nice lip sync but that’s how it was. Great entertainer!

  24. Daniel Daniels

    From the golden age of lip syncing

  25. Pat Downs

    Roger was not one to lipsync but Clark would not pay for live performances. He was too cheap. So this was treated as a promotional and Miller just sat on the stool and moved his mouth a bit.

  26. jerry sanders

    All time. And if I ever see a kid in person say “ok boomer”, I’ll throat punch him or bitch slap her😂✌🏾🇺🇸🎄🎅🏻🎁


    Ok boomer


    Ok boomer

  27. rusty booker


  28. 1silvervespa

    Think he could have done Johnny Cash covers easily .

  29. Amy Leach

    I live in Amarillo and I've been told he was a fireman here but got fired basically because he sang silly songs on the job. How!

  30. Kane Parker


  31. Stevedore Votes

    Anyone here from watching Trailer Park Boys Movie?!

  32. Country Gal 420

    I love Roger Miller,miss his cute smile.

  33. Tommy Patterson

    A great song of the best

  34. 1977JohnBoy

    i just watched the mule and had to find what clint was fucking about at!

  35. Ryan Klapperich

    He's lip syncing, right? There's no microphone nearby during the song and when they do the interview they put the stick mic right up to their faces.

  36. mj. rock

    just remember clearasil when you think your country is goin to hell

  37. Admiral Musashi

    This one never gets old!

  38. Terri S Rankin

    I haven't heard this song in years.

  39. lagginlmao

    Reminds me of Johnny rebel 😂

  40. Jay Justice

    I wish he would have done it live instead of lip sync.

  41. Me the alt centrist

    Dude holy shit the 60s was wierd asf this is like a trip I love this

  42. Bobby Greene

    And Clark Dixon!

  43. Misty_Haze

    When I lived in Florida this song came on every friday. Thanks this reminds me of when I was in kindergarten

  44. BDChupacabra

    Clearasil lmao

  45. ben tackett

    He sounds just like the Rooster in Robin Hood


    thats cause he voiced the rooster

  46. FastestGrassAlive

    Roger wasn't just a great singer, guitarist, and a master songwriter, he was one hell of a great fiddle player, too. It's been said that other songwriters used to follow him around to try and steal his song ideas, just in case he dropped a scrap of paper.

  47. Antone Wilson

    From the soundtrack of a very underrated movie Off Limits.

  48. 8:16 am

    G. LOVES Awesome uncle

  49. butterfliesluvme wetzel

    i love this man. remembered him since i was really little.

  50. Michael Lowry

    i had a gradeschool friend who sang it, “hang me from the lowest watermellon branch!”

  51. KrU Fry

    What movie or game is this from ?! I've heard it before but can't put my finger on it.

  52. Average Joe

    Dick Clark looked just like that til the day he died...
    May they both live forever in all our hearts.

  53. Mick Brenton



    No disrespect to those of you who really like mr. Miller but, I was more from the Jim Stafford generation so, I don't know how uncomfortable it is to be "forced" to lip-sync your own art but, he just looks like he's not taking this seriously at all. BTW, is he the one who did _King of the Road?_

  55. Flatus Antiquitous

    Was that a young Dick Clark doing the interview? I think it was.

    Berry Harbour

    Flatus Antiquitous
    I think it was his twin sister

  56. Lester Gibson

    Cool good old stuff

  57. Don Taylor

    Roger Miller did scat-singing better than any other white singer I know of.

  58. TheJofrica

    Full on Clearasil ad in the beginning lol

  59. spliter227

    Love how he's making fun of being made to lip synch lol so funny

  60. Luther Lewis

    Many years ago I was at a country meeting place in Nashville. It was a house where musicians hung out. I was with my Uncle, Fred Foster, who was a legend in the Country Music world. Roger Miller came in and sat down and started talking. He said “I have recorded a song today and if this is not a hit I will quit this business and go back to Oklahoma”. Someone said sing it! He went out to his car, got his guitar, came back in and sung “King of the Road”. Everyone stood and applauded. It was his greatest hit ever. Will never forget that.

  61. Phillip Holt

    He could never be able to stick to only one of his many talents 😎 Phillip Austin

  62. Raindeer Projekt

    one of the best Mr. Roger Miller!!!

  63. George Swift

    Dang me, I wish I was there to get an autograph!

  64. Mowac

    The Gavin Report submitted a report about 'Eight Miles High' by the Byrds because it had the word 'high' in the lyrics as a drug reference, yet, Roger Miller got away with it without any political interference.

    smiff M

    Really?!! That's hilarious that the President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy (which is what the Warren Commission was) would ban a song released two years after they issued their final report. I think you may be a little mixed up.


    @smiff M Sorry, it was the Gavin Report.

    smiff M

    @Mowac Okay, at least it wasn't a government entity, but a SF based trade publication. So it sounds like those stations self imposed those standards. I'm sure there was a lot of that going on back in the day.

  65. SynthFox

    My dad used to sing this when I was young and I'm just now seeing this for the first time. Wow. I never knew what it was from.

  66. GAS Man

    Cool to get to see another fine example of vintage lip syncing to one's recording. But I did tune in here to hear a tune that definitely stood out in the period and has endured. You can certainly see the "genre blur" when listening to Roger Miller.


    ......It was 1960's version of 'Solid Gold'

  67. God The Real One


  68. Jack Woods

    He had a little ol' country guitar picker in his band named Danny Gatton.


    That he did,.....Miller was no slouch as a musician himself.

  69. dabprod

    The man was a genius. He and John Prine both have that same "little something" of a gift in song writing.

  70. James Smith

    Always loved this song.

  71. Ron Shaddox

    Dick Clark was so special.

  72. Steve G

    ...violets are purple. ..

  73. David Jackson Jackson

    I have always loved Rogers music,it always lifts the spirit,and you can sing along with it, such a shame some people have it thumbs down, they must be very depressed people.

  74. Darrell Tiencken

    Something about Dick Clark is so fake,like he is above everybody!

  75. Jerry Walton Walton

    Now that was old.

  76. bunionpain16

    Da Nang me

  77. Stephen O'Laughlin

    I was fortunate enough to see him in Branson Mo in late 80’s very early 90’s. He was sick then. Very talented writer & performer. Went too soon no doubt.


    ....years of smoking will do that to you.

  78. johnschool

    to dead men shooting the shit

  79. Political Outsider

    He's witty, lol.

  80. carl tucker jr

    good one = hugs and think you

  81. Gary Schmidt

    Rogers' uncle was Sheb Wooley, who played Pete on Rawhide. He also sang and was a song writer. I think he wrote Purple People Eater. Also had a drunken alter ego named Ben Colder.


    I remember some t.v. offer back in the early 1980's that plugged a song-parody of hits and the album was called, 'The Best Of Sheb Wooley And Ben Colder' or something to that effect.

  82. good 'un

    Roger Miller: " Dang me, I gotta lip-synch this performance! Dang you, Dick Clark!".

  83. Hank Logsdon

    Thanks for this!

  84. Country Gal 420

    Roger Miller is one of a kind.Unique

  85. Elaine Stoffer


  86. Mark Austin

    212 dislikes dang me folks don't know good music

  87. Victor Jeffers

    Remember listening to him as a kid ! 👍👍

  88. Greg Edmonds

    My uncle, Johnny Bishop, was Roger’s commanding officer in the Army Special Services entertainment unit. Other unit members, all of whom regularly travelled together, were Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy, Mayberry RFD and F- Troop’s Ken Berry. Most of them stayed in touch after their Army years.

  89. LadyTiku

    lol mom had and autograph book that someone usede the maple syruple line lol

  90. Robert e Lee

    Fat ass adam a none ass fault looser snors like a pig eats like a pig i quit

  91. Hector Cano

    He looks like he could be Drake Bell’s grandfather

  92. wavygr

    I can't believe this country song was on American Bandstand.

  93. Karen Williams

    The telephone thing was Awesome and hilarious! 😱 👏🏻 👍🏻 💚 😘 🙌🏻

  94. Karen Williams

    I have to thank my Grandparents for introducing me to this music!😱👏🏻👍🏻💚😘

  95. MegaBytes

    He had his own ringtones LoL

  96. RALADO

    In Daniel Boone.

  97. Bartley Walton

    One of my very personal favorite country crossover records of all time

  98. lessevdoolbretsim

    What a totally awesome and original song that is.

  99. Tom Fletcher

    "Now Roses is Red and Violets is Purple. Sugar's sweet...and so's Maple Surple." I was a twelve-year-old Canadian "musical-proverbial-kneehigh" when I first heard Roger sing this one. It truly put a grin on my face. (Yep. We have lots and lots of Maple Surple up here in Canada. Bring us your $USD and come up and buy some...y'all !!!) (God Bless.)