Roger Miller - Na-Nominee Lyrics

Well we're tailor-made, for each other babe
We're so much in love with each other
We're so much inclined to spend all our time
With nobody else but each other

Na-nominee, na-nomino, na-nomina na na na na
Na-nominee, na-nomino, na-nomina na na na na

Come walk down my road, and lighten my load
Just walkin' along here beside me
And don't be afraid to lay in the shade
As long as you're laying beside me

Na-nominee, na-nomino, na-nomina na na na na
Na-nominee, na-nomino, na-nomina na na na na

Well la-lady-hey, la-lady-oh, la-lady-ah-la-la love you
And everwhere I go, everybody know
How much I la-la-la love you

Na-nominee, na-nomino, na-nomina na na na na
Na-nominee, na-nomino, na-nomina na na na na

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Roger Miller Na-Nominee Comments
  1. Claude Petitclerc

    beautiful song

  2. Aaron Garceau

    In the movie Roger Miller needs to be played by a cross between Bill Murray AND Nard'dog from the Office.

  3. Kaj Lauritzen

    I have a new name for YouTube. I think I'll call it "Thank YouTube."
    I live in little old Denmark and I must admit that YouTube has given me access to a lot of phantastic stuff that I never even heard of before.

  4. Tremolux Man

    Buck Trent is playing a sweet looking Mosrite guiar. Great tone.

  5. Rb Bain

    I think its time for me to take one

  6. Stanley Wilkins

    Well I wondered bout that ! Was LADY DOLLY ABOARD when Rodger was on ! See the bean pole hid her way in the back !!!!


    Bean Pole?

    Stanley Wilkins

    @GatorRock what else ? So tall they had her stand on a wood box when they preformed at the opry !!

  7. Richard Bartolo

    There is a Bio on Roger Miller on You-Tube, and I think it was Willy Nelson telling the story of how He was on his way home walking down Main Street in Nashville and There was Roger Miller slightly drunk directing traffic. in the middle of the road.


    2 geniuses - Roger & Buck T.🎻🎸

    (make that 4..... Don Warden AND Mack McGaha🎻)

  9. Kay White

    Porter Wagner and I have the same birthday! Dang me, dang me, love Roger Miller. Ken


  10. opie1956

    Great song! Hello type in "Ron Howard Cover" listen to Opie sing "the Dance"! R.I.P. Porter and Roger. To all of us who have lost loved ones life goes "that fast" and we will see them again "that soon"!

  11. sickb2200

    Miller was a real talent. I listened to him a lot as a kid.

  12. James Dowd

    That’s got to be the craziest stuff I’ve seen for a while. What a suit and haircut that Wagonner guy has and what a tight band. Roger was a funny guy & great musician as far as I can make out.

  13. Lemon Sky

    I love Roger Miller. The first time I heard him was when I was kid and I saw Disney's "Robin Hood" - he was Alan-a-Dale. When I was older, I discovered his music, including my favorite, "King of the Road." He had a great sense of humor.

  14. Andrew Young

    "Heading for Detroit" ??

  15. astraboys100

    In my opinion the best ever was Rodger I mean it ,so sorry he died so young, probably because of SMOKING

  16. astraboys100

    Rodger Miller, wow he was the real deal, Jonny cash was a second delivery when you think about it!!

  17. Barbara Downie

    Love Roger Miller 😍

  18. Darren Dackly

    That's Just pure gold, start to finish.

  19. Kurt Foulke

    Porter almost lost it when he stroked the mic stand @ 5:50

    Aaron Garceau

    He lowered the mic stand... that's what he was doing

  20. Paul Peterson

    Mr. Miller is surely one of a kind, often imitated but never duplicated.

  21. charles hyatt

    The man playing the Mosrite is my Uncle - Buck Trent and he is alive and well in Branson Missouri...
    He and Dolly are the last living members of this
    version of the Porter Wagoner show.


    I greatly enjoyed Mr. Trents banjo playing. So talented. Glad to know he is doing well.

  22. ozus flyer

    I hear some Tennessee Two in the background.

  23. Vernon Pennington

    Roger Miller was a funny fellow always joking arround. Looks like he's Jet lagged . My uncle Song Writters and recording artist . Grady Rollins . Been house band many years . At the Palamino
    Club in Pasdina Calif. Roger was close friend . Roger appeared their many times. He would come stay over night at My Uncle Grady's home . quite fun guy him and
    Uncle Grady Rollins would play and sing for hours. Greate memories . 🐦🇺🇸🌟🇺🇸🌟🌏🌍😳🇺🇸🌟🐦


    Miss Porter, He had me on the Opry stage a while back, miss Roger too..Pat Garrett

    Vernon Pennington

    Pat. Garrett. Are you on hear some where singing .? Would love to hear your recordings.. 🐦🌟🤗🐦🌟🇺🇸

  25. Irene Wheeler

    Love Rodger Miller. What a talented comic, musician, singer, song writer !

  26. Kevin Shayne

    Roger Miller was very underrated.....he deserved more stardom than he got. Helluva musician and a great comedian!

  27. GreasyFilms2016

    These guys just farting around is amazing. What talent (and fun)

  28. Robert Walton

    They were sure having a lot of fun! Warms the heart.

  29. Diamond King kyle

    Am just discovering this man hes awesome one talented peice of art omg rip your sadly missed

  30. 456swagger

    RIP Roger Miller U.S.A.F.

  31. James Anthony

    Of all of Roger's musical catalog, this one has _always_ been my absolute favorite song of his. So depressing, yet so fun at the same time. =)

  32. Beresfordjohn Greene

    A lovely crazy witty man. So talented . Love it!

  33. Jim Berthiaume

    Friendship first! is what you see in this video. Even tho they were competitors to one another they never let it show. It's called lets have fun in what we do, and they did.

  34. Randy Butler


  35. 122Music1

    2:09 "let me have the stool there, right in the face".... "Hmmm"...
    Question the agenda.
    You ever wonder if u were being cheated.??
    Odd way to talk ain't it...
    Agenda much Country Music?
    Why the F is the host touching him so much?
    He wishes to have and control of such grace and talent..
    TV creeps .. Beware the fame ..

    Beresfordjohn Greene

    You're saying something. I think its just showtime you know. TV at any price is what we still get and it doesn't have this much quality.

  36. thomas from 91

    god i wish i could pull off an ascot without looking effeminate

  37. mark rush

    insane talent..pure and undultered

  38. Norm D. Plume

    IF Roger Miller wasn't a genius he was damn near close to it. Also that Mosrite guitar sounds great. I remember seeing that singer Dolly on Porter Wagoner's show. What happened to her?

  39. RidgeRunner577

    Miller was an extremely talented song writer, poet but had the attention span of a gerbil..... The Nashville business side of music was complaining that he finished one song for every 90 he started. and, his office was a fire hazard with all of the scrapes of papers with catch and bridge lines.... This Porter segment also alludes to his heavy pill addiction and, the "tripping" is referring to that and the fact that he would stay up for days at a time. His voice also echos his chain smoking. In a crazy partnership, he built a hotel in Nashville called the "King of the Road" and, it still stands today as the Stadium Inn which is just north of Nissan Stadium in Nashville.... He was a nonchalant, poetic and line genius that could never guide his own life.... When he finally sobered up, he stated, "Damn, I was not as funny as I thought...." Hard living took him out early with a number of open legal ends to his estate and, the inheritance of his 6 biological children and, two adopted.... His last wife spent a world of time hanging on to the Miller Estate and, in numerous bouts of litigation with Sony Records.... All of his Master tapes were destroyed in the 2008 Universal fire.....

  40. kerry lattimore


  41. drop jems

    So glad I was lucky enough to find this man searching for new music a few years ago.

  42. rodney kitchen

    Is that Dolly Parton?


    rodney kitchen yep

  43. JJ Grey

    He was so funny! Any friend of Willie Nelson's is beyond kool...played his King of The Road on a jukebox in Williston NDakota and everybody in the bar knew the words...

  44. Oliver Bohlender

    Entertainment in perfection

  45. Tarmac1

    Musicians 👍👍👍👍👍

  46. Mister Grandpa's Bakery

    My favorite Porter song!

  47. Sam Daniele

    What an outfit!

  48. AdrienneAce

    My father loved all those hair-sprayed and sequined-suited old guys. I am not a fan of country (to put it mildly) but 50+ years later, I can admit to having a certain fondness for Roger Miller. Miller's comedic genius, his songs, and his style remind me of the Smothers Brothers, just without the social commentary. I wish I had all of Daddy's old albums to give to my country-lovin' son; sadly I don't know what happened to them all. RIP, RBE (my father).

  49. Arlon Meranden

    😆🔫 huh5:50was Roger feelen that guys 🤥...never mind.

  50. ryan coke

    Roger Miller was all kinds of funny.

  51. Adrina The Great

    Porters suits, say no more... Roger Miller was a Genius

  52. towerhillbilly

    The red hot guitar picker is Buck Trent I believe


    WOW, it sure is Buck Trent!!

    never seen him play gitbox

    and never knew he was once a sideman!!

    uh huh - OH YEAH!

    Robert Barrett

    Sure is....ol Buck Trent.....he was a GREAT picker

  53. George Swift

    Man he was loose and witty! Bet he had a few! And that line, "I was headed to Detroit" was a blast!

    Beresfordjohn Greene

    Yes he seemed to have it all didn't he?

  54. Homero Sanchez

    Dolly Parton is standing behind Porter near the end

    Surfs Up

    She probably wanted to kick him in the balls.

  55. mark price

    Porter calling everybody Hoss....and Dolly in the background ..just in case they needed a real singer.

  56. Lazy Crockett

    I just love that Roger, Porter, the band and everyone else was all in the that Miller was popping speed constantly. Like yeah as long as you perform do what you do.

    Gene O'Brien

    Really? I just liked them a little bit better!

  57. Louis Edwards

    Rodger Miller was a real catbird 😹🐦

  58. Louis Edwards


  59. GRD62

    I met Roger Miller when I worked security at the Calgary Stampede. He performed there as part of the stage show. He gladly signed some of his albums that I had. He was such a gentleman and a nice guy. He thanked me for having those records.

  60. barbara lassiter

    Best song and music ever written. Just love listening to it.

  61. Doctor Dolittle

    "Wasn't Roger funny?"Superb talent! Very ,Very sad that such a wonderful man with his talent as a musician and lightening fast wit will always be missed by so many Americans and also here in England. I love their voices , both Roger's and Porter's.Their voice sound like a certain kind of drone and mixed together with a kind of gravely ,gritty sound if that make sense. Wonderful! Good luck to all our friends in America. Best regards, David from England.

  62. Doctor Dolittle

    I'm from Nottinghamshire, Robin Hood country ,England. I'd just like to say how much I like Roger Miller. Also many of us English are somewhat fascinated by America, Its culture and the country music and so much more. I like the American terminology and also the American vernacular. "I'd just like to add that many Americans are somewhat fascinated by the British people. Best regards, David from England.


    @Doctor Dolittle — Thanks for the kind words, Hoss—just kidding—thought I’d throw in some Porter style, American vernacular for you!

    Yes, the feeling is mutual. We’re proud to be your country cousins. I’m in a rural, very hilly and wooded area of southern Indiana (north of Kentucky) where my mother’s family settled, but spent most of my life in the Atlanta, Georgia area and the great, “Lone Star” State of Texas. So howdy from America.

    FYI, I was watching all the live performances of Roger Miller on YT. What a talent, lost so young of age. Show business keeps us entertained, but takes a toll on so many great performers. Roger was one of a kind. Certifiably genius.

    Take care friend. Sticks-of-TNT 🧨 10.21.19

  63. playon51

    Porter is goofy

  64. Joshua Brooks

    The Robin Williams of country music in fine form. Too bad Roger died young.

  65. Jonathan Barnes

    Good song,no unsolicited commets.....🐢🐢🐢🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆
    Prayers for the family's that participated in
    This video but only in Jesus'name alone.
    Only name that's worthy anyhow.

  66. bazthehandyman

    Absolute legend.

  67. opie1956

    Great songs! Hello type in "Ron Howard Cover " listen to Opie sing 'The Dance" and "Three Wooden Crosses"!
    R.I.P. Roger

  68. Jack The Skunk

    Rarely imitated, never equaled. Roger was a unique talent.

  69. Steven Stewart

    Porter Wagoner was drowning in pussy.

  70. Mick Brenton

    What a brilliant talent Roger was!!!

  71. square kara

    Roger Miller was so gifted. Love him!

  72. jonny chingas

    I love this guy, What a great talent he was and I love Porters coat are those actual lights??

  73. Jack North

    Roger Miller was the Robin Williams of country music. Or Robin Williams was the reincarnation (to reference another great Miller song) of Roger Miller.

  74. Waterlec

    Musical Genius right there.

  75. Jef Durden

    That jacket is 🔥🔥🔥 I want one

  76. stwads

    That is SOME jacket!!!

  77. Gene O'Brien

    Who was that backing Roger on lead? Damn he was good!


    @Gene O'Brien — Nobody answered your question so I thought I’d fill you in. He played hot as a firecracker with a mile wide smile!

    He’s Buck Trent playing a gorgeous red Mosrite Combo semi-hollow body guitar made by Mosrite, founded by Semie Moseley of Bakersfield, California. (Home turf of Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, among others.)

    Buck was also an ace banjo player and a regular guest on the CBS country music variety television show Hee Haw that aired beginning in 1969.

    Mosrite guitars were also a favorite of Glen Campbell, who prior to emerging as a major celebrity in his own right in the late sixties, was a highly in-demand session musician and founding member of the legendary, Los Angeles-based “wrecking crew” line up of all-star session musicians on some of the best albums ever recorded during the 1960s by a wide variety of top artists in a variety of genres.

    From Wikipedia:
    “Mosrite guitars were known for innovative design, high-quality engineering, very thin, low-fretted and narrow necks, and extremely hot (high output) pickups. Moseley's design for The Ventures, known as the "Ventures Model" (later known as the "Mark I"), was generally considered to be the flagship of the line.”

    Hope that answers your question and then some!

    Sticks-of-TNT 🧨 10.21.19

    Gene O'Brien

    @Sticks-of-TNT Thanks!!!

  78. peanutdom

    I fuckin love Roger Miller!!


    Roger Miller had a great wit he was the best! We miss him in Country Music. A great loss!


    Have to be a 'Ramon' Jacket same as what Dwight wears?

  81. Babaloo Bimbo

    what a stick in the ass those fake forced laughs ..

  82. 69Curtdog

    Let me have a stool hmmmm right in the face hmmm, lmfao.

  83. Scare Crow

    That outfit.

  84. Harvey Epstein

    I need that blue blazer holy fuck!!!!!

  85. andrew ganley

    A great talent gone far too early,and check out from 3.20 that Mosrite guitar!

  86. Patrick McCutcheon

    The guitar player says, "I'm not Thumbs," referencing Thumbs Carlisle, Roger's guitar player that played his guitar like steel guitar or a piano on his lap.

  87. Jim Clarke

    Unique voice , and a legend

  88. Jim Adams

    Love Roger Miller!

  89. Drawhp _Heavy

    whoa... wait! roger miller shreds fiddle??? i need to re-evaluate my life!

    Gary Roberts

    He played fiddle with Ray Price in the 50s.


    Yeah! Did a well whatta ya know myself!

  90. Tori

    Wow!! Roger Miller was not only a one in a million, but I think he could be the first be-bopping rap from the 60's!! Bless his heart, he had such a wonderful sense of humor too!! I won't leave out Porter Wagoner and his flashy suit! He sparkled as much as his jacket!! Those sure were the days!!

  91. Leigh Nilsen

    Porter Wagoner ... awesome jacket

  92. Samuel Jones

    spectacular jacket, they don't make em like they used ta. I'm also covinced that Rodger Miller smoked a bit of the devils lettuce before this show he's a bit too relaxed and cool.


    I'm convinced

    Jarrod Procell

    nudie suits bub, are you an amateur

  93. Banjo Booker

    How on earth had I never heard of Roger Miller before now?! What a pisser! Not to mention a virtuoso with any instrument he could get his hands on, it would seem. Wow.


    Banjo Booker damn


    Roger Miller - only guy to ever have a Grammy rule named after him.

  94. Northernpride182

    bet they're high af

  95. Patrick Hess

    In Today's music/media you do not see good looking strong White Men as seen in this video. Beautiful

  96. LectronCircuits

    Roger was a hoot. Cheers!

  97. barry woolner

    he can sing, and a funny man, great entertainer, lovely personality.

  98. Dr. Dingus

    Do sumthin, I've lost em. 😂 omg funny shit