Roger Miller - My Uncle Used To Love Me (But She Died) Lyrics

My uncle used to love but she died
A chicken ain't chicken 'til he's licken good and fried
Keep on the sunny side
My uncle used to love me but she died

Who'll bid me quarter, thirty cents for a ring of keys
Three sixty-five for a dollar bill of groceries
I'll have me a car of my own someday but 'til then I need a ride (thanks Steve)
My uncle used to love me but she died

My uncle used to love but she died
A chicken ain't chicken 'til he's licken good and fried
Keep on the sunny side
My uncle used to live me but she died

Hamburger cup of coffee lettuce and tomato
Two times a dime to see a man kiss the alligater
One more time around free on the ferris wheel ride
My uncle used to love me but she died

My uncle used to love but she died
A chicken ain't chicken 'til he's licken good and fried
Keep on the sunny side
My uncle used to live me but she died

Apples are for eatin and snakes are for hissin
I've heard about a'huggin and I've heard about kissin
I read about it free in a fifty cent illustrated guide
My uncle used to love me but she died

My uncle used to love but she died
A chicken ain't chicken 'til he's licken good and fried
Keep on the sunny side
My uncle used to live me but she died

Well my uncle used to love but she died
A chicken ain't chicken 'til he's licken good and fried
Keep on the sunny side
My uncle used to live me but she died

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Roger Miller My Uncle Used To Love Me (But She Died) Comments
  1. james mckay

    0:26 😆

  2. Oliver Conejo

    Qien dijo que canta parase que lo es tan matando

  3. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    The first punk song.

  4. Hay Day Tinker Terri

    Roger Miller was a true genius. His talent was immeasurable!

  5. rusty booker


  6. Psynergy Programs

    rpm sutering shake put in to first flowing second

  7. Molly P. Sasser

    Colter Wall & co. :

  8. john kennedy

    they even had transgenders back !!!!

    David Myers

    Haha. The song has nothing to do with that.


    Uncle was an early transgender I guess.

  10. james mckay

    Still playing today 😆 I’m 40

  11. John Howerton

    I've always wanted to hear Jack White do this song.

  12. Garry Barry

    I imagined Roger Miller as a grizzeld old man, maybe i like him all the better.

  13. James k Chapman

    Love it! Its Jamie's song!

  14. Buk Sterlin

    Roger Miller was the American Syd Barrett. Some people do things that are other worldly and Roger was one of those people.

  15. Johnny Wheels

    One of my favorite Nirvana songs! Kurt's country boy twang is great on this tune!

  16. Gene Hennigh

    What great, underappreciated lyrics. Miller could perform like nobody else, too.

  17. Shellz Duck


  18. John and Wanda Puffer

    My wife and I were in Las Vegas in 1980 when Roger was performing at the Thunderbird Hotel and didn't see his show. We have always regretted that.

  19. Hobert Gray

    We had this on an album when we were kids. It had a version of Batman, On Top of Spaghetti, Yellow Submarine, Snoopy and the Red Baron.

  20. Sue Hall

    i love this song thanks for posting it, i have played it so many times my family thinks i am balmy

  21. Wayne Jones

    Roger Miller imitating Subterranean Homesick Blues! 😀

  22. Anita Huie

    You so funny. You make us laugh.

  23. Aliza Kruger

    I heard this song in my grandpa’s car and I had to look it up to make sure I wasn’t dreaming

  24. Jeth Smiff

    This whst happens when you give hillbillies lsd.

  25. Bobby Greene

    I've never heard this Nirvana song before

  26. Big Jimmy

    Damn good stuff.

  27. Julie Rushing

    gahhh Roger wish you were still around so i could see you perform.

  28. Paul Cadogan

    great writer, performer, multi instrument and and drop-dead funny. Thanks Roger!!!!

  29. Buk Sterlin

    Roger was America's Syd Barrett.

  30. nobody important

    His uncle must have been a transgender.😃

  31. Shawn Hendricks

    This is the greatest song ive ever heard.

  32. lorraine thachuk

    haaaa he was so darn funny his songs love it

  33. olek blochin

    That`s so great. What a beautiful spirit.

  34. Lews Therin Talamon

    This song makes sense.

  35. Mrs Hogan

    I was raised in rural America and moved to Chicago when I was (middle aged).. It amazed me how quickly these Chicagoans took to (my) Country Music! Yeah, even the good ole' stuff from Roger & Conway & George...

  36. Lenny Buttz

    I don't get it?

  37. Jaysun Puke

    You all are correct, my uncle Roger was a wild one. My dad told me some crazy stories on the road with Roger and Johnny back in the day. He passed away in 92 and is still missed. Check out Dean Miller, he can play like his dad but more old Hank William style

    Jona Ozo

    Your 'Uncle Roger' was my neighbor in New Mexico. Many times roasting chiles and drinking Coors. Crazy shit and I am so honored.

  38. Jacob J Wengerd

    My aunt use to love me but he died😂🍻

  39. TheUTubeTeamSucks

    My mum and dad used to have an old JVC HiFi with a load of records in the cabinet underneath, KTel, Contour, Decca with loads of C&W artists, James Last - I rem the Roger Miller record, was one of my favourites, with this & Boeing 707. He also narrated the Disney Robin Hood film which we also had on LP. Good old days from the late 70's!

  40. william Hudson

    I listen to this song ever day

  41. TheAloweWolf

    Funny song! A really good Friend of mine just mentioned this song to me. :)

  42. brad h

    I could hear Nirvana covering this.

    Garrett Carrico

    brad h except they never will lol

    Franklin Taylor

    Kurt's ghost leading vocals.

    Garrett Carrico

    Franklin Taylor no.... lol. There's one good version and it's this one. Kurt would have butchered it

  43. ᛞᚢᛋᛏᛁᚾ ᚺᚨᚴᛟᚾᛋᛟᚾ

    Fuck, I love this song!

  44. Alexander Bennett

    Punk as fuck, he was.

  45. trreb1

    I first heard this song when I was about 5 yrs old. Every time I hear it I can still see my dad and Uncle Bill Johnson singing this song in the back yard when we lived in Kalamazoo Michigan. They just don't make awesome stuff like this any more.


    That was around 1971.

  46. Jakob Thomas

    I think he sounds a lot like Cobain in this song.

  47. Mary Shaw Roberts

    My favorite Miller song

  48. Jennifer Davidson


  49. Courtney Grier

    Found the weird part of YouTube lol

    Franklin Taylor

    By that you meant wholesomely funny part of YouTube?

  50. Jon Blackwood

    We used to drive our Mom craaaazy running through the house laughing and singing this at the top of our lungs. Great memory.

  51. Dad GoneWild

    I read that unless you want to write 'gay' songs, songwriting Rule #1 is "to 'be yourself' no matter how weird you think you are. If nobody likes them (unlikely) then please get a day job."
    I think Roger Miller is the freakin' Poster Dude for Rule#1 -especially this song. First, time I've heard this song, so thank-you.

  52. radio Bisney

    I just realized this song was about losing your virginity. I'm not sure what the chorus means but the Adam and Eve symbolism gave it away

    mr. warmth

    go play your games dumbass

  53. Terry Witzu

    Thanks for posting the good version. :D

  54. mr. warmth

    i dont subscribe and i dont ask for them either

  55. Ieishdragyn

    I had this on tape ages ago, my 6yr old got SO mad because I knew the song, he tried so hard to learn and sing it.

  56. Made Flesh

    Roger Miller was a key part of my childhood, on so many levels

  57. SpiderDarling

    Country and American Folk used to be chuck full of misfits and rebels, Roger is a perfect example.
    God bless his weirdness.

    Made Flesh

    He's among my favourite of them

    Simon Humphries

    It's about his beloved father

    The Big Lubarski

    There will never be another singer/musician like Roger Miller...He sure was one-of-a-kind!

  58. Vince 1995 Dorval

    he was 1 of a kind :)

  59. Ace

    I love this, but couldn't understand the words,..U know I gave up drinking in the 2000yr. or b4 slightly,.but this song could make me easily start drinking again, and just want to stomp dance with it,.makes me happy,.But no I will not have those days anymore,.

  60. jshalom65

    This song ought to be getting some fresh mileage out of the current national gender- bathroom debate

    Sherry French

    jshalom65 lol

  61. zigsinclair

    cant believe i havent heard this before dudes so unique.. i guess for lack of a better word hah

    Darren Mcmunn

    zigsinclair his son alan would go around singing this song, made all of us laugh all the time

  62. John A.

    Roger Miller, an unusual talent.

  63. Peppa

    Terrible...... LOL

  64. Adam Petrich

    What is the possible meaning of this song??!!

    Bob Dant

    It's ROGER MILLER Dumbass! Who cares about Meaning?

    Drayke Black

    My Uncle (Sam) used to love me but she (lady liberty ) died. Its about the destruction of America through usury and the pursuit of frivolity.

  65. Adam Petrich

    Love this song!!!

  66. john kennedy

    fuck ....I love this song of kawliga .....really tells it like it iss....even if you are a fucking whitey !!!!

  67. sacheverelle

    I love his voice.

  68. Doc Holiday

    bad day haha listen to ol roger and cheer the FUCK up

  69. Doc Holiday

    happiness is this man

  70. cedarowl9

    Hey man..thanks for putting this together.

  71. angel hernandez

    chicken ain't chicken


    +angel hernandez til its lickin good fried

  72. Bob Moslow

    One of the great 'novelty' songs from 'them good old days'.  Thanks!!

  73. James Stockbauer

    This would be a really fun cover to do.  I am a kid of the 70's my dad would blare Miller on his Heathkit stereo in Austin, Texas.   Miller was such a rebel for his time, the first punk rocker! ha!

    True Oracle

    +James Stockbauer im 29 and would never see myself listening to country but this shit is amazing


    So true

    Adam Malone

    Its exceptionally difficult to play and sing. The cadance is impossible to emulate properly. I can only get kinda close

    inmate4077 Kyle

    ~ So true James EXACTLY! Lanier High School class of '82. thanx ~

  74. B1gHagar

    Did he write this for Bruce Jenner?

    Skyler King

    lmao dead

    kenneth graham

    B1gHagar lol

    Jennifer Davidson

    B1gHagar ...haha,right!

    Cody Levline

    4 years later and your comment still cant be beat

  75. Alžběta Šimek

    My siblings and I used to have this on an old cassette tape, but it always cut out at the second "Keep on the sunny si--" We were so unhappy because it was such a silly, funny song!


    what a great, raucous tune. this would be a blast to cover

    Hal Winston-Fletcher

    It's superior and makes my mouth grins

    Hal Winston-Fletcher

    Oh George you're my uncle

    Roger Huff

    @Hal Winston-Fletcher this silly shit made him rich

  77. Farrah Teague

    The silliest and my favorite Roger Miller song.

    Shane Trussell

    It's my alarm tone

  78. tonos diffuse

    he would take coffee and donuts to the secretarys at the nashville producers and bug them till they actually realized he really had something  ,  which he did and does and there are no shots for it

  79. Elwood P. Dowd

    In about '76 I bought a fold out record player from the thrift store at Fort Sill, OK. I had no music yet so my dad gave me a Roger Miller LP. Many years later i played Roger Miller for my kids when they were about 6 or so. My 14 yr old daughter just came strolling through the kitchen singing Do Wacka Do. Hopefully she will pass Roger Miller on to her kids as well someday.

    Wooden Nickel

    Chock full of overtures ain't it.

    Dan Sullivan

    I was at Fort Sill in 76 also. Separated in March of that year.

  80. Pete B

    Roger Miller's best ever!

  81. cartoonviolent

    I'd love to hear the story behind this song.

    Luke Johnson

    @Reality I always heard that Roger considered his aunt and uncle his parents. He even called them mama and daddy


    @Luke Johnson I believe that. I'm sure lots of adopted kids love the people that raise them but then they write a song like this and tell us how they really feel.

    Luke Johnson

    @Realityactually it was his father who died and his mother sent 1 year old roger to live his aunt and uncle


    @Luke Johnson Well then this song doesn't make any sense. I always thought that the "She" was his mother.

    His uncle loved him(look on the sunny side)

    But she/(his mother) died (hardships of life)

    I was certain this was the reading of the song. I was certain it was about being thankful for what ones got even through pain/loss.

    Luke Johnson

    @Reality i still think of it like that. The "uncle" could have meant father

  82. VA HOSS

    You are very welcome!! :)

  83. Mark Owens

    My dad's favorite Roger Miller song (for some reason). :-) Thanks for the upload.

  84. VA HOSS

    He's a nut!! :)

    arizona_ ranger__

    VA HOSS Are you from Virginia?