Roger Miller - Husbands And Wives Lyrics

Two broken hearts lonely looking like houses where nobody lives
Two people each having so much pride inside neither side forgives
The angry words spoken in haste such a waste (of) two lives
It's my belief pride is the chief cause and the decline
In the number of husbands and wives

A woman and a man a man and a woman some can and some can't and some can't

Two broken hearts lonely looking like...

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Roger Miller Husbands And Wives Comments
  1. James Short

    Pretty much forgotten today. But he was always underappreciated in my opinion.

  2. Molon Labe

    Hits way to close to home
    Thank you Mr Miller

  3. Denise Christie

    One of the most beautiful voices ever.

  4. Sam Williams

    This has to be the best song he ever wrote and recorded and released. I’m so glad he took a point in his career to take a break from doing humorous campy/hokey country pop songs to doing a very serious and heartfelt song. And you can also obviously tell that this song is clearly an autobiographical one just by the way he sings it. And I can testify to this since Bob Lind posted on his Facebook page that he knew him and when he was recording this song he was going through a painful divorce.

  5. Justin B.

    Most underrated artist ever!

  6. EL WIP

    A Bard of the Ages

  7. Pete Phillips

    Another great one is "The Last Word in Lonesome is 'Me'".

  8. Dan Nájera

    I think Johnny Marr of The Smiths may have gotten inspiration from that solo:

  9. Rowdy Turner

    This is not the original 1966 version, sounds like a re record from several years later maybe the late 70's.

  10. Jewel Dotson

    Roger never got the credit for his Ballad singing, seems the comedy type were his bread & butter so to speak, however this song & When Two Worlds Collide wetre his best in my opinion.

    Lacey Bowman

    River in the Rain...

  11. Alec Nilson

    Thank god for Roger Miller writing this song, because otherwise we wouldn't have Brooks and Dunn's version.

  12. MrMusicguyma

    Another great, "true to life" song from Roger, told poetically, with interesting rhythms and rhymes.

  13. Nick Galante

    Saw him several times in Tahoe, and he was terrific!

  14. Jerry Sullivan

    1966..Junior year in High School..overwhelmed by the transistor radio, 8 track tapes, 33 1/3 LPs..and all the music..what'll it be son, Country...Motown...Rock and Roll...?????????????????? Great time to have been around! Boys were boys, girls were girls and times were GOOD! What the hell happened!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!?????????

    Vrinda Kanchan

    I'm 37 years old and keep asking myself that every day.

    Jerry Sullivan

    It makes one wonder Vrinda.. enjoy the good music!!

    Michael Davis

    As a member of the class of ‘67, I can relate. All of those kinds of music (and more) could be heard of pop radio. I was glad when they started having oldies channels. Now when a familiar lyric from yesteryear pops in your head outta the blue, you can find it on YouTube. I’ve found stuff I hadn’t heard in 50-55 years. It was a great time to grow up and the best era for music.

    Lauren Bryant

    It's called ignorance, Jerry. Great song, though.

    Ian Hernandez

    I’m 21 and I wonder that myself.

  15. Golf Dewd

    Such a poignant rendering of a tragic yet too common event. Roger Miller was beyond gifted.

  16. Wayne Newlen

    This is a talent the world won't see again, he was great. And a real nice guy, a good friend............

  17. Randy W.

    I was only 10 years old when this song came out but I knew what it meant and it made me incredibly sad... still does every time I hear it.

  18. tippimail1

    He would have been 82 today-he was thought of as a comedy writer[think Chug- A-Lug,Dang Me,etc.]but he could turn around and write a song like this.Genius.

  19. Mike Vallen

    Such a fine and genuine talent...Roger Miller .

  20. j walkin

    No one can sing this song like Roger Miller did.

  21. Hal VanSlyck

    This one always dug deep into my soul. Roger Miller was a national treasure. A poet.

  22. dan wright

    Neil Diamond, Brooks & Dunn do a great job with Rogers song.

  23. Gillis vg

    Please also listen the Every Bros. version .

  24. Rick Rodrigues

    Wow Roger said it all in a song...all so true!

  25. thefabulousthomasj

    Magic! Absolutely beautiful.

  26. den o

    Nowadays of course it would be husband and husband, or wife and wife, or trans person and trans person. Oh for the simplicity of yesteryear because we are going to hell in a handcart now.

    Ian Hernandez

    den o unfortunately you are correct.

  27. joegolfer

    As it has been shown, most funny people have a dark side...the pain makes them work even harder to be funny.

  28. david owens

    Roger was a songwriter of surpassing talent. Lyrics that touch the heart. Superb......

  29. colin brake

    The one and only Roger Miller..

  30. Gator13

    Beautiful lyrics and wonderful interior rhyming.

  31. mr. warmth

    very meaningful song

  32. mr. warmth

    if ya act like an asshole n o comments

  33. Brian Wilkinson

    He definitely was a genius as a writer. Even the musical genius's call him a genius.

  34. Justin Jarrell

    Brooks and Dunn remake was alot better

    mr. warmth


    Too Far

    Yeah BULLSHIT!

    TeenyStudio Flicks

    And those remakes happen standing on the backs of original talent!

  35. Keith Mitchell

    Roger Miller ,Glen Campbell and Jimmy web so much pleasurable listening...

  36. Michael B

    I grew up on Roger Miller,,,,,his music has always brought a smile to my face....I remember mamma used to do her house work while humming this tune... :-)

  37. mr. warmth

    he broke into the buss. playing guitar for minnie pearl

    mr. warmth


    mr. warmth


  38. Craig Bryson

    Died way to soon...

    John Jarou

    yeah, I agree.

  39. Keith Mitchell

    roger is one of a very few people who makes this "shit hole" tolerable.......

    mr. warmth

    yep some fools can be rude

  40. willieboy3011 Jonas

    "It's my belief pride is the chief cause in the decline in the number of husbands and wives."

    Morris Anderson

    Cheating also, so what's happened with for better or worse, to love an obey, tell death us do part,,, sad really

  41. Shele Grimm

    A truly beautiful song.

  42. John A.

    Great song, tells a story too.

  43. mr. warmth

    this comes from the heart he can break your heart or make you laugh

    mr. warmth

    did u know he's a great guitar player

  44. Roger Forsman

    England Swings was a catchy tune also

  45. Michael McGuire

    One of a kind.

  46. Richard Kirk

    Gosh what a beautiful song. So moving. Roger Miller was a genius. A truly unique artist.

    Jack Spratt

    @Richard Kirk Most people, even the people who loved his music, don't realize the extent of his talent - guitarist, fiddler, harmony, songwriter, actor. He received seven Tony Awards including "Best Score" for writing the Broadway score for a musical based upon Mark Twain's "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn".  He also played Huck Finn's father after John Goodman left to do a movie.


    @Jack Spratt He toured as Faron Young's drummer, despite the fact that he had never played drums before. That says a lot about both his level of inherent musicality and his sheer guts.

    faye spendley

    He certainly was a genius! He was so talented, don't know why he had to die so young. I do miss him.

    faye spendley

    My thoughts exactly!!! I loved him too.

  47. Matthew Stavrowsky

    Gosh this beautiful! What a unique talent he was.

  48. Rick Terry

    Waylon Jennings had a neat little story about the day this song was written. 


    +Rick Terry I'd love to hear the story lol

    Steve Baynham

    Wow.a song

    R.i.p love your music to this day.

  49. Charles Greene

    What a great songwriter and singer Roger was. Miss Roger all the time.

  50. Alan Bradbury

    This is the song Roger always thought of as his best.  I'm not sure I agree; I like Engine Engine #9 myself.  And King of the Road made him the most money.

  51. Roger Forsman

    may not be the most popular or well known Roger Miller song but it is the best.


    Maybe it's your favorite but it's not his best.

  52. Mike Gilkerson

    Good Song.  Like it alot.

  53. VA HOSS

    You are very welcome and thank you for stopping by my friend! :)

  54. Roy Jenner

    This is so good - what a talent Roger Miller - I have this trapped on vinyl in a pile somewhere. Saw Roger when he came to NZ in 60s. Thanks Daniel for a timely reminder. He was the first I heard sing 'Me and Bobby McGee. Roy Jenner

  55. VA HOSS

    You're welcome buddy!! Thanks for stopping by!! :)

  56. rockingphil58

    That was great Daniel Rodger Miller did some great songs and I loved hearing this one again thank you Daniel from your friend Phil .

  57. VA HOSS

    Thanks man... I'm no Neil Diamond fan either...

  58. VA HOSS

    Thank you Jack... I will check the other one out?? Sorry bout that!!

  59. VA HOSS

    Thanks buddy and you're welcome...

  60. Jack Adams

    Beautiful song blocked Loving her was easier, love that song. Thank you for the share

  61. VA HOSS

    Thank you again... Neil diamond sang some years after Miller did and I think it gets played more... but I'm glad you got to hear it for the first tho!! :)

  62. Virginia McJunkin

    Never heard this one !! really great Daniel ! :)