Roe, Tommy - It's Now Winter's Day Lyrics

Everyone is warm inside, their houses in the snow
The mercury is dropping down to minus ten below
Outside it's chilling but inside it's thrilling
With fireplaces burning and records that keep turning

Gone is the green grass the trees have turned brown
The sky has gone gray, it's now winter's day
The parks they are empty, no squeaks from the swings
No kids are at play, it's now winter's day

And here we are snuggled warm in each others arms
Listening to silent sound as the snow packs the ground
Perfumed hair that I smell, essence that I like so well

You are my winter, the days and the nights
In our hideaway, its now winter's day
Our love will grow stronger a minute has chilled
Inside we will play, it's now winter's day

And everyone is warm inside, their houses in the snow
The mercury is dropping down to minus ten below
Outside it's chilling but inside it's thrilling
With fireplaces burning and records that keep turning

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Roe, Tommy It's Now Winter's Day Comments
  1. Becky Falkenberg

    This song always stuck in my head.
    Couldn't remember the name for years.
    Found it!
    Jan 2020

  2. Bubba Gearhead

    Takes me back to nights snuggling with the blonde haired, blue eyed love of my life. We were young, we were in love, we drifted apart... but my heart still aches for her touch.

  3. John Owen

    Takes me back to arriving in London Ontario Canada aged 21 on new years day in 1967 this was playing on the taxi radio I took from the airport and was often on the local radio stations in London, being from the UK I had never known such winters but I soon got used to the cold, loved my time in Canada and should have stayed.

  4. The Contrarian

    My mom used to sing this to her record player when I was a kid back in the 70s. I remembered every word and eventually I'd sing it for her to her record. I think Tommy Roe was one of her favorites. Here I am tonight, 10 o'clock at night getting snuggled in to my bed and the song came to me for the first time in decades. I still remember every word. Bet I remember every word to Jam Up and Jelly Tight as well! :)

  5. Sam Williams

    I was reading on Recent Facebook post Tommy did on this song that it was originally called it’s Now Christmas Day but his label forced him to change the title to make it less timely and so that way the song could get AirPlay all year round... and it makes sense if you think about it.. he also said he planned on re recording the song with the title he originally intended on back in the day...

  6. Tom Campbell

    Produced by sunshine pop genius Curt Boettcher from the GoldeBriars. Dotti and Sheri Holmberg (also from the Goldebriars) are background singers on this.

  7. Mike Mangan

    i had this Hitbound as an ABC RECORDS SINGLE.Later on TOMMY ROES Greatest Hits ,Such a Fantastic song.Listen to it on Vinyl,Fantastic song!

  8. Ray Szymarek

    Fantastic Arrangement. Haunting Sound that captivates so much emotion. Always Always Always a song that has so much meaning. thanks for playing this gem

  9. Bubba Gearhead

    Oh, If only I could go back and just relive one night......

  10. carol miller

    I love this song, I used to have his album, thanks for sharing.

  11. Jan Hotz

    I always loved this song, because unlike most songs, it's NOT about Christmas~or New Years~it's about winter, period. That meant I could enjoy it all winter, without feeling foolish, lol.
    And absolutely beautiful pictures in your video, by the way~such gorgeous, vibrant colors~spectacular job!

  12. Martin Pedersen

    wow-dec-1966-this was a cold won-deliveig news papers--love tommy roe

  13. Ila Hilda Sissac

    I was born in '67, and just heard this song on a retro radio station. It's really pretty, I did not know Tommy sang it.

  14. zibbyzubb

    I never understood why this did not become an annual holiday song.

    Fred Ross

    Good point

  15. francisco luis

    My friends fav songs from the 60

  16. Jane Camisa

    Brings back memorie!!!!!!!

  17. Dennis Alan Dorr

    The "BEST" Record Tommy Roe ever did. Now, if we could find an exact "master" of the 45 RPM Version. This is a nice post and I'm delighted to have it, but when CD's are remastered something lacks. The "whoosh" effect" is overdone here in several parts of this cut.


    It just so happens that I have the original 45 recording. Yes, the sound effects are wonderful. It was without a doubt Tommy Roe's Masterpiece. It is sooo relaxing to listen to.

  18. toastnmarmalade4tea

    My total favorite by Tommy Roe!

    D Mac

    Mine as well!

  19. teresa gohn

    perfect the song and the winter scenes just perfect linny, i love it great work irma

  20. Paul Revere

    Great video for a great song. Thanks for posting !

  21. Harry M

    This was one of my best get over songs. Sorry to sound like a creep, but it worked.

  22. DaddyClb

    Beautiful video for a beautiful song. Love the photos - a perfect fit.

  23. Linda Stacilauskas

    Thank You, glad you enjoyed doc, Warren

  24. WarrensWarriors

    Let me be the first to tell you thanks for posting and very nicely done with the winter scenes. Terry Lee spun this tune on his show.

    D Mac

    I remember. Played it during his "Music for Young Lovers" hour.