Rodney Crowell - The Rise And Fall Of Intelligent Design Lyrics

If I could have just one wish
Maybe for an hour
I wanna be a woman
And feel that phantom power

Maybe I'd wanna stick around for a while
Until my heart got broke
Maybe then I could find out if I'm a half decent man
Or if I'm just a joke

If I could be the first woman president
I'd take on air pollution
I'd walk the streets of Baghdad at dawn
To find the real solution

I'd bear my soul for the people to read
I'd make my secrets known
I'd rather really be assassinated first day in office
Or die somewhere alone

It's no excuse to be obtuse
It's no excuse to be deaf, dumb and blind
When evolution is a thing of no use
It likes to call itself intelligent design

So here's the world in the palm of my hand
How come I'm feeling so tender
It's a man's world, I've heard it since birth
I'm out of touch with my gender

I wanna feed the hungry, I wanna heal the sick
I wanna stifle the causes of suffering and hate
I wanna know my enemy by the look in its eyes
I wanna stop on this madness before it's too late

I don't care if you think I've gone crazy
Messianic delusion is a back breaking crime
I've got a dog and a gold fish and a friend in the navy
Don't know nothing about intelligent design

It's no excuse to be brutal
It's no excuse to be vile
It's no excuse to wanna die for religion
I harm an innocent child

It's no excuse to be a slick politician
When the whole New Orleans is drowning in brine
I'm not mistaken, it was Darwin's position
That the whole new evidence is caused by intelligent design

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Rodney Crowell The Rise And Fall Of Intelligent Design Comments
  1. Sammilicious70

    Reminds me of Bernie!

  2. Steven Espinal

    Evolution is natural selection. Big Rodney Crowell fan.

  3. Steven Espinal

    I’m not sure if Rodney Crowell knows what intelligent design means based on this song. It’s not evolution. Evaluation is natural selection or accidental.

  4. Joseph JJ Turner

    Intelligent design.

    Spiritually supernaturally existing I'm I not ? Like you?

    By intelligent design.

  5. Kerry Newbill

    Wow, this is super old, so I'm guessing no one will care about this comment, but this song is so so so reminiscent of T Bone Burnett. Both are more concerned with getting the message out than sticking to a perfect, predictable rhythm. Cool song.

    Jw King

    +Kerry Newbil- l I agree braugh!

  6. Jim Allen

    Brilliant song.

  7. Alain Delanneau

    Hi. Ok, what you say is consistent. It's in great part compatible with ateism. Again, you can't take it as an evidence of the existence of God. Indeed, "why something instead of nothing, and why us to be aware of it ?". Religion is the easiest way to deal with it. It's more comfortable than atheism. But there's no proof of "aims and goals". And above all I can't stand someone telling me how to think and behave, who I must love or hate. And that's what religions allways did, and still do !

  8. Alain Delanneau

    AND WHAT IF NOT. This is a private matter. Your right to think so, and I respect it, but this is a credo, not an evidence. And in no way a reason for religion apologists of any side to dictate anyone's thought. Mankind is just an epiphenomenon in the curse of the universe, a spark in time, and if some day there's no human beeing left to pray, elementary life will continue, earth will keep on turning around the sun, even lifeless, galaxies will still wander for billions years. Well done Rodney.

  9. Konrad Lenz


  10. shacknbake1

    great as usual....

  11. TheAntonazzo

    Great! Rob from Rome Italy

  12. Mermaid Dianna

    Keep writing and playing these treasures!!!

  13. oldnrone

    Surely one of the best artist alive today....counting everything.....writing as well as guitar too!

  14. Allen Hare

    Thanks, Music Fog, and thanks to Rodney.

  15. shinnpick

    There's alot going on here!