Rodney Crowell - Please Remember Me Lyrics

When all our tears have reached the sea
A part of you will live in me
Way down inside my heart
Days keep coming without fail
A new wind's gonna find your sail
That's where your journeys start

You'll find better love
Strong as it ever was
Deep as a river runs
Warm as the morning sun
But please remember me

Just like the waves down by the shore
We're gonna keep on coming back for more
Cause we don't ever want to stop

Out in this brave new world you seek
Oh the valleys and the peaks
I can see you on the top

You'll find better love
Strong as it ever was
Deep as a river runs
Warm as the morning sun
But please remember me

Remember me when you're out walking
When snow falls high outside your door
Late at night when you're not sleeping
And moonlight falls across your floor
When I can't hurt you anymore

You'll find better love
Strong as it ever was
Deep as the river runs
Warm as the morning sun
But please remember me

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Rodney Crowell Please Remember Me Comments
  1. Wendell Ignacio

    Inbetween Jim Croce and goerge Jones a touch of Alan Jackson tad bit of Vince gill =% rodney crowell

  2. Michael Davis

    I like the Tim McGraw version but Rodney's version has more feeling to me

  3. eromitlabhitw

    Hot take: Rodney did this song way better than Tim McGraw did.

  4. amy powell


  5. Lokkii14

    Another gem I’ve been discovering his recordings of his songs they are so much more beautiful.

  6. Darren Fonzseau

    Thank YOU for your music. You inspire me to do better. Peace.

  7. Marie Girard

    Great one,lovelysong

  8. Robert Dunham

    74 idiots

  9. Gary S.

    "Please Remember Me" is a beautiful song which boasted at least 3 heartfelt renditions -- Tim McGraw's, the duet version by Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville (which used to be my favorite version until I heard the original version by the man who wrote it -- Rodney Crowell.) As excellent as all three are, Rodney's is my favorite.

  10. Kirk Dennis

    Better version

  11. Steven Shumaker

    Cindy Cash, is Rodney the one who wrote this song? I only know this from Tim Mcgrew singing it.

  12. Ellen Mueller

    I love Rodney Crowell and his music. His voice is amazing.

  13. Isabelle da sylva

    très belle chanson bravo

  14. Rene Smits

    Beautiful song !

  15. Steve Schwartz

    This is a beautiful song and probably the saddest song I've ever known.

  16. Nashvegas Grrl

    I've been crushing on Rodney Crowell since I was 14 years old. And I'm still crushing. And I have no shame about it. In fact, I think I have impeccable taste.

  17. Susanne Isbill

    This guy is hidden treasure.
    How come he is not an household name like Merle, Willy etc.?

  18. joyce longmuir

    Love 💘

  19. Brian Sullivan

    Tim McGraws's cover, doesn't even come near this version. Not even close.

  20. Music Or Lose It

    I like this original and Tim's version both well.

  21. Carol Garber

    A handsome man singing a beautiful song. How nice..

  22. queenfan69

    Beautiful song! Stunning video!

  23. Neil Ladd

    Say good things.

  24. Anne Gwinner

    j'adore ... cheers from germany! ❤

  25. susie sanders


  26. John doe

    Tim sang this song better

  27. Constantina La Fontaine

    Aww what an angel..... Blessings yeah many blessings and love.❤❤❤

  28. Robert Dunham

    What a song writer..

  29. joseph roache

    I recently forwarded this clip to my cousin in Italy, she’d never heard it before but thought it was a beautiful song & rendition.

  30. joseph roache

    Tim McGraw’s version is good, it’s very powerful, and, obviously highly commercial, it just doesn’t have as much soul as the wonderful original by Rodney Crowell.

  31. joseph roache

    His best I believe. I always have to play it twice. It takes me to another place and time. Aaah. You know what I mean.

  32. Mike Wade

    Truly one of the greatest songs ever written.

  33. Robert James George

    This is the first time I've heard this version (as I've only heard the Tim McGraw version); and I actually thought this song was only done by McGraw.

    Now this song reminds me of 'Hurt' by Nine Inch Nails, in which the writer and original performer of the song, seems to have made it for a better performance by someone else; meaning, like Hurt (which was almost made for Johnny Cash), this song was made for McGraw (his version is amazing).

    I wonder what it feels like to know that a song you've written was not meant for you, but for someone you weren't thinking about when you wrote it?

  34. Queenie Queenie

    "You will find love, strong as it ever was." Love you lots, munchkin!

  35. Logo Film

    I wasn't familiar with this song until I heard Tim's version of this song, I hadn't heard Rodney's version of this song, No wonder surprised that Rodney released it in 1995, it would be either four years before Tim because his version was released in March 1999. Tim's version reminds me of the Simpsons episode, Bart Sells His Soul.

  36. Joseph Reynolds

    This song reminds of a woman from about 15 years ago, Her name was Rose. I introduced her to my friend at a dance. About 6 months later she called and said she was going to Marry him. So that's why I play this song about 50 times a day

  37. Russell Schiwal

    This song was perfection, then Tim McGraw crapped it out and got Country Music Entertainer of the year.
    Music industry is rigged.

  38. foryou business


  39. Robert Miller

    Tim McGraw is great but originals mean so much more

  40. Charles Pont

    One of Rodney’s best songs... (in my opinion)

  41. TOO SEXY~

    today's mess is not worth listening too, I forgot I have a radio..only cd's

  42. Gary Jeffers

    Cause I'll remember you

  43. filmrat

    One of the most prolific and under rated song writers of our time.

  44. Jeannie Rasmussen

    My favorite country songwritter

  45. Linda B.

    MY FAVORITE RC song.....makes me cry every time.. right now I am mourning a friend who died last week...this song was one we loved together...

  46. fooman65

    I can honestly say, in my opinion, I've heard this hundreds of times by so many artists and it surely must be one of the best songs ever written.

  47. C Petersen

    i love his music, also love to listen to Rosanne

  48. pjpony1234

    A voice like liquid honey. I could listen to him all day long. Funny enough, I just discovered him. He should be leading country charts all on his own. Wow.

  49. Sensei Juan

    what a unique voice. Many of today's country singers sound alike

    Diane Pickett

    Sensei Juan AMEN!hk

  50. Will Williams

    I remember when this was new on CMT, the good ole days.

  51. TheDarkKnight73

    Oooo, that descending bass run at 2:48.....perfection!

  52. Christine Haigh

    Sure do Love Rodney music....

  53. Jeffrey Feinstein

    First time hearing this. Was told there are other versions but couldn't wait to check out the 'original'. Why do i get the feelin that there's no NEED to move further than this track? What a refreshing break from the 'politics'! Makes me wanna dance again.******

  54. Rachel Madcow

    I just remembered this song So beautiful

  55. Chandra Beharry

    I watched Tim's version for the first time today, even though it's very good as well-i must say that I like Rodney's better, maybe it's the fact that it is the writer singing his song.....

  56. macdaddybill

    I was cleaning some old cd's out and found Rodney's with this song. I had no idea he released it 4 years before Tim!

  57. soulhealer49

    A masterpiece. One of the best love songs ever....

  58. MP3 Rider

    Fantastic version - STILL after all these years. Yeah I know Tim McGraw's version is good too.

  59. disapphires

    I love you Rodney Crowell. Your songs come from your heart.

  60. dollarbill108

    Sorry Tim, pop country singer who used to be good, this version is so so much better!! The 26 dislikes must like his version better.

  61. Amanda Chambers

    Please always remember me

  62. Sooner Mimi

    How do I express my appreciation for Rodney Crowell? I don't have the beautiful words that he does to touch a persons heart and music in my soul to put them to music that brings a person to their knees in tears and memories of their own. When he sings these songs it allows my feelings to be released and expressed in a beautiful way. How can one person be so gifted ?

    Michael Allen

    He’s written songs that reach in deep and massage the heart, songs that bring on tears, songs that bring on laughter, songs that bristle with electrically charged emotion, like he went to some dark, hidden place of energy just to find the switch and throw it. His songs are happy, catchy, friendly, playful, fearful, fretful, thoughtful, mindful, visionary and blind, and the records he’s put on the air, and on jukeboxes, have made the country music standard of living a little richer, made the lives of everyone who’s tapped into his talent a little more interesting.

    virginia reid

    @Michael Allen You summed up everything I wanted to say ! Touche'

  63. Cindy Cash

    Hello. Yes, I am one of the daughters. Number 3 by his first wife, Vivian.
    Rodney, although divorced from my sister, Rosanne, will always be my brother. I think of him as
    a blood relative. I learn from him. I just don't get to see him much anymore, but when I do, it's one of the
    times you will find me quiet because everything Rodney says, counts to me. He is an amazing talent, an
    incredible father, a wonderful big brother. (he's actually an only child so I adopted him as my brother long
    ago). If I could be 10% more like Rodney, I'd be a better person. I adore him and all of his music.
    Listen to "Long and Lonesome Highway'... One of my favorites. He wrote it about his father. I still cry when I
    hear it.
    Wow. I have no idea who I'm talking to and I'm just rambling on. As my daughter tells me, I need a pause button
    on my mouth sometimes.
    Anyway, thank you for your response. short, simple and to the point.

    brian versansky

    Tim McGraw brought me here. I had NO idea Rodney originally did this song. Thank you for such a beautiful written and sung song

    Donna speaks 2

    He's always been one of my favorite.

    Cheryl Fox

    I'm from franklin , listening to country music helps me feel home. I saw marylin Manson was gonna sing one of my favorite songs your dad covers, and kinda got upset, thought it was disrespectful.. but after hearing it I realized that noone would disrespect your dad, I really believe that!! and although Manson has strange taste in my opinion it just goes to show how much influence , for the betterment of everyone, Jonny had on the world. It's with deep respect that I thank you( and sympathize )for sharing your dad with the world. I dont know much about your mama but intend to find out more. I'm real proud of all ya'll. I listen to rodney when I need to cry. He has so much emotion in everything he says, its amazing. How grateful I am to know good music, that touches the soul. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

    phil holloway

    You are AWESOME Cindy!!! I'm a big fan of your dad, your sister, and Rodney. God bless and keep you always 🙏

    Debby Settle

    Please Remember Me was on the radio as I started my car, after leaving the hospital saying goodbye to my father.

  64. WWRotts

    Remember "us" Larry. This is from the heart as that's where you are for me. (us!)

  65. James Land

    "After all this time" really summates relationships and how after years apart love keeps hanging on...

  66. Bobbie LaVanway

    Very nicely done

  67. Carolyn Garrett

    I love His Music So Much My Most Favorite is After All This Time

  68. Harry Broker

    Love this song, with a heart of gold!

  69. Cindy Cash

    Holy God.


    Hey Cindy , Absolutely " Holy God "
    what a fantastic songwriter Rodney is...
    Are you related to any THE Cash family ?

  70. disapphires

    Rodney writes and sings from the very heart of him. Beautiful and wonderful man.

  71. Steven Kennedy

    I want this sang at my funeral.

    Cindy Cash

    Me, too!!!

  72. desert3347

    So Beautiful and Sad.......
    Rodney is such a Talented Song Writer....

  73. AL M

    Just beautiful!!!

  74. Robert Dunham


    Cindy Cash

    amen! They probably didn't even listen to it.

    Robert Dunham

    +Cindy Cash .....28 idiots now....

  75. Betty Thomas

    I believe he wrote and sang from the heart.lot of talent there

  76. Ronbo710

    Tim who?

  77. Kendra Kyer

    this is lori r. Thank you Rodney Crowell for ALL the beautiful songs! To me you are the best songwriter and singer. I like many others, but none like RC......Here's to many, many more!

  78. Angie Veri

    Rodney has written some pretty incredible songs, but my all time favorite is "til I can gain control again" and "please remember me" is very good also. Keep them coming Rodney Crowell

  79. gbitm

    It's a great song.  Love Rodney's version.  Love Tim's version.

  80. Juan Martinez

    ???this was first then tim McGraw?


    @Juan Martinez Yes, Rodney wrote this song.

    Juan Martinez

    @Louie723 wow did not know that

    Cindy Cash

    Rodney has written so many songs that no one even realizes it. You've heard them for years because every artist wants a Rodney Crowell song. He wrote, 'Shame on the Moon', 'Stars on the Water' 'Leaving Louisiana in the broad Daylight'. Dad recorded some of Rodneys songs as well.
    My favorite that dad recorded is 'Bullrider'... If you haven't heard it, listen to Johnny Cash on the album entitled 'Last Gunfighter Ballad' singing 'Bullrider'. By the way, my 18th birthday present is
    on that album. A song called 'Cindy, I love you'... It's on youtube also. So sweet.

  81. mgsacto

    A special song for you WhoopsieGirl ....
    Remember Me ... Remember Us ... Remember ...

  82. Craig Ard

    rodney sang this song better than tim mcgraw ever could

    Stan Kemble

    Well, Tim McGraw sure as hell ain't Rodney Crowell!

  83. rocketHtown

    Rodney prob in to 10 of all time of song writers

  84. Shirley D

    Tim McGraw took this song to the top but I still say the one that wrote it felt it when he was singing it. Nobody does it like RC !


    Agreed! Rodney's version is so much better! You can feel the emotion in his singing!

    Brian Sullivan

    This is the best!!

    Reagan Jones

    the writer is where the heart is

    Scott Powell

    Rarely can someone sing the emotion in a song like the person who felt them deeply enough to put them to paper, and to a melody.

  85. Amy Dason

    Wow Lovely song!Beautiful Voice! I Love it! Love it! I Love it! U.S.A

  86. Jacqueline O'Dell

    Voice is Liquid Gold...

  87. craig Awesome

    Please don't remember me because im getting more kitty cat attention than a truck trailer load full of flea collars. 

  88. C Petersen

    always love the way you sing this song....awesome

  89. Arlene Caissie

    Rodney is the best,from that decade, love

  90. Gregory Sundborg

    I do not mean to be a giver of bad news but I like this song!

  91. love this song...Scotty McCreery does  your song  justice also

  92. Rhondalove

    Rodney has written so many beautiful songs,  It would be hard to pick a favorite.  I'd just have to make a long list. 

  93. keith landry

    Tim McGraw did a great job with this song, but it doesn't compare to the emotion that Rodney Crowell brings to his music. I first heard this song about 15 yrs ago I guess and have always believed it to be one Rodney Crowell's greatest songs.

  94. Jeffd34006

    Well said Rodney….

  95. Stephen Donald

    Reminds me of CMT channel on the old sky tv.


    +Stephen Donald Yes the REAL CMT before all the bullshit.

  96. MsPokster

    Gives me goose bumps!

  97. luzbrisaa

    Me olvidaras? dijo el...
    Nunca! respondió ella...
    ...y así pasaron los años

  98. breffnipark

    fab song !

  99. Patricia Hover

    Dedicated to my client to whom I dedicated myself totally....

  100. BuffaloBob49

    Rodney has always been a top notch songwriter/performer as proven here with this song that He and Will Jennings penned. Wonderful lyrics.