Rodney Crowell - Fever On The Bayou Lyrics

Jole blon
Louisiana queen
Brought up on the bayou
Bustin' at the seams
She moves me
She says I move her too
Once we get it started
Ain't nothing we won't do

Baby when she roll me
Fever on the bayou
When she gets a hold me
Mucho me-oh-my-oh
Louisiana moon glow
Way up in the sky-oh
I love to see her comin'
And hate to see her go

Creole belle
Dancing in the rain
I love to hear her laughin'
I love to hear her sing
I've got money
I've got lots of time
She makes me feel so funny
When she spends my dime

Baby when she roll me
Fever on the bayou
When she gets a hold me
Mucho me-oh-my-oh
Louisiana moon glow
Way up in the sky-oh
I love to see her comin'
And hate to see her go

She's a hurricane (hurricane)
On the Pontchartrain (Pontchartrain)
And ever since she hit here
Things just ain't the same

Elle est mon cher
Ma files d'amant
Je ne parle franglais
Je suis son bon vivant
Reville au tois
Avec l'amour
'Round the kitchen table
And on the cabin floor

Baby when she roll me
Fever on the bayou
When she gets a hold me
Mucho me-oh-my-oh
Louisiana moon glow
Way up in the sky-oh
I love to see her comin'
And hate to see her go

Baby when she roll me
Fever on the bayou
When she gets a hold me
Mucho me-oh-my-oh
Louisiana moon glow
Way up in the sky-oh
I love to see her comin'
And hate to see her go

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Rodney Crowell Fever On The Bayou Comments
  1. Bärbel Nitsche

    What a wonderful song .... !
    Thanks a million .

  2. PETRVS Jean de Natrel

    Je le verrai, en spectacle, demain, au Vermont! Quelle chance!

  3. Angie Veri

    I hope Rodney Crowell never runs out of ideas to write about. I really like the songs from "Tarpaper Sky" album, such a great variety of songs. I never know what to expect from one song to the next, but they are definitely all goodies.

  4. Hally McInroe

    I love this song

    Justin Myslive

    How could you not

  5. Dirk Yarborough

    There's something real special about songs like this. I can't point to a particular aspect, but it's the groove, the melody, the joy, the simplicity, the cool... just great song writing.

  6. Dougie Stronge

    Great song from Mr Crowell

  7. František M. González

    I can listen to this song, all day long every single day, and never get bored!

    František M. González

    +Frank Cebroh it's just the perfect song buddy!

    František M. González

    +Frank Cebroh :)

    Frank Cebroh

    I agree, it's perfect song. Heard it on Folk Alley radio for the first time, and "fell in love" with it :)
    Frantisek, u r Hungarian, if I may ask?

    František M. González

    +Frank Cebroh I heard it from the album, my story with the song ain't that fun as yours! :(
    I'm from Texas, but it's a Czech name


    Can I ask where in Texas? My family is from a town called West.

  8. Nic Bing

    Classic Crowell  yet Again ..

  9. Jw King

    this fucking rocks!

  10. Jesse Brown

    She is my dear, my girl lover, I don't speak Frenglish, I am her good lover, wake up to me with love,

  11. Backwoodsforlife

    I can't believe this song isn't a hit on the radio right NOW!  Love this song so much!

  12. Peter Zitta

    Love this song and the way Rodney sings it.

  13. Ted Douglas another great song...see you in concert twice...hope once again.

  14. julie r

    Anyone have a GOOD translation of the last verse? I know a little French, but this isn't pure French, or Canadian French either.

    Joe Dickey

    All I got out of it was love in the morning on the kitchen table and the cabin floor - that's about all the translatin' I needed to get the drift.


    It's Cajun creole

    julie r

    @Joe Dickey
    Haha- yes I pretty much knew the implication already.

    julie r

    Cajun and Creole are two different dialects of French, not a language. So there's French Cajun and French Creole.

    Scott Chase

    There are some misspellings and grammatical mistakes (which are not because it's Cajun French), but it roughly translates:

    She is my dear
    My lover girl
    I don't speak Franglais (A mix of French and English)
    I am her good-time guy
    Wake up to you with love (or lovemaking)...

    BTW Jole Blon is probably "Jolie Blonde -> Nice Girlfriend"

  15. Tim Fergel

    A Classic In the making.


    This song took 20 years to finish. 

  16. VINNIE C

    I grew up listening too him as well one of my all time favorite artists.

  17. Eric Olsen

    Ranks right up there with Louisiana Saturday Night and Louisiana Man.  

  18. spurcross



    julie r

    Franglais- Combining English and French, which is more or less the 'Cajun' (Acadian) language. Like Spanglish only French! : )

  19. spurcross

    Ok, that was FUN FUN FUN

  20. Ann Cain

    Love me some Cajun music !!!!!!!!!!

  21. Kendra Sutherland

    Who is this jole blon! I wanna meet this girl! Great song! I am hooked.

  22. raulantonio65

    Great song

  23. Jim Blake

    This is a cool song with a lot of lyric imagination, cross-cultural richness - a yeasty creole  broth encompassing erotic references from the Beatles peppered into a cajun-esque text.  The use of "I love to see her come" is  forthright / explicit but hey! this is 40 years past "Come Together" - a great and sexy John Lennon gem.  One small problem here is, if the singer "loves to see her come" thus drawing listener to the woman's  bliss-engorged nether regions why would such an earthy, swampy, sexy guy "hate to see her go"  listener's brain tends to hear "go" as urinate, defacate for a millisecond prior to snapping into the more mundane - get up and leave the house.  One's brain is rattling around the affectionate references to bodily function  from "Lady Chatterley's Lover" before the song ends.  This might be a very cool lyric sung around a zydeco rhythm or a few more direct appropriations from Hank William's "Jambalaya"   

    chuck stranahan

    It's a simple play on words in a fun song. No problem there unless the critical listener, well versed in the pedantic traditions of literary criticism, requires one - I don't. Having been there, done that, I prefer to take it at face value literal level first - "I love to see her come," as in arrive, "I hate to see her go," as in depart. Then let the double entendre use of the word "come" fit in with that - I hate to see her go, as in leave, after we've had ourselves a rollickin' bon tempe, works just fine with the intent of the song. No need for potty inference or going all D. H. Lawrence on us, friend; just kick back with us, crack a beer, and enjoy the music for what it is. You could easily put this song into the same set list as Crowell's own "Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight" and make it fit. That's a good place to leave it. Crowell's growing-up home of Houston is just around the gulf from Louisiana and the musical traditions of the two areas are close enough to allow a lot of cross-pollination. Throw a little zydeco into the Texas coast soup, and this is what you get - and I like it, just the way it is.

  24. Linda Howard

    Wow, another great accomplishment for Mr. Rodney. Waiting impatiently for my pre ordered Tar Paper Sky!

  25. Pat Reiersen

    me-oh my-oh indeed!!!

  26. Jack Jess

    Excellent !! En franglais en plus !!!

  27. Don Rumsey

    Rodney Crowell is a national treasure!  This song makes me want to get my people together, put a tub of beer on ice, get out the guitars, get out under some trees and starlight, and pick and sing all night.

    František M. González

    Let's do it buddy!