Rodney Atkins - It's America Lyrics

Drivin' down the street today I saw a sign for lemonade
They were the cutest kids I'd ever seen in this front yard
As they handed me my glass, smilin' thinkin' to myself
Man, what a picture-perfect postcard this would make of America

It's a high school prom, it's a Springsteen song, it's a ride in a Chevrolet
It's a man on the moon and fireflies in June and kids sellin' lemonade
It's cities and farms, it's open arms, one nation under God
It's America

Later on when I got home, I flipped the TV on
I saw a little town that some big twister tore apart
And people came from miles around just to help their neighbors out
And I was thinkin' to myself I'm so glad that I live in America

It's a high school prom, it's a Springsteen song, it's a ride in a Chevrolet
It's a man on the moon and fireflies in June and kids sellin' lemonade
It's cities and farms, it's open arms, one nation under God
It's America!

Now we might not always get it all right
There's no place else I'd rather build my life

'Cause it's a kid with a chance, it's a rock 'n roll band
It's a farmer cuttin' hay
It's a big flag flyin' in a summer wind
Over a fallen hero's grave

It's a high school prom, it's a Springsteen song
It's a welcome home parade, yeah
It's a man on the moon and fireflies in June and kids sellin' lemonade
It's cities and farms, it's open arms, one nation under God
It's America! It's America! Oh, oh yeah, woo!

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Rodney Atkins It's America Comments
  1. smashism

    This is the #1 worst song I've ever heard.

  2. Luke C

    would be improved by leaving god out of it. not everyone follows it, nor should we be ruled by 'god' or religion.

  3. Joseph Litke

    this song is true its AMERICA

  4. Patrick Glass

    I’m proud American and proud country boy love to be in the great usa

  5. Ella Allison

    Woooooh!!! Great job love this song imma try my best to go to ur TN concert that’s commin up 😊

  6. Sylvianna Briarwood

    i just noticed the sandwich that keeps popping up in this vid XD

  7. ranger fanboy

    1:26 I attended a free concert in Gatlinburg where he performed this song shortly after the fire of 2016 and he replaced the word twister with fire, that hit home for us❤

  8. Elizabeth Narrajos


  9. Filip Červeň

    Song is great, but comments lack pessimists. Yall know this all is just one face of America. The other face is as fearful as this face is beautiful. I would describe US as country of both extremes.

  10. ValeriusYciox

    I am not American. I am Austrian, but I just don't feel like it. As soon as I'm done with school, I'm coming over to you, beautiful USA! Wait for me! The Aerican way of life, is the only way of life. I want to be a part of that one big dream, one nation, under god.

  11. Ultraviolet Morgan

    "Its Propaganda"

  12. QSH6H

    videoclip should show fat Americans too!
    That's so racist 'Muricaa.

  13. BlackBird Backward

    Hell yeah America!! But were the natives at ayee 🤣

  14. Alice Reid

    im a small town midwest girl and this is so true

  15. Ralph Ciardella

    Damn, this is so hokey.

  16. MrJab4309

    Anyone ever notice how little he actually plays his guitar in his videos...90% of the time he's slinging it around his back or resting his hand on it.

  17. Tom thx

    To hell with mentioning Springsteen. He isn't even American anymore. He's a died in the wool Liberal. And Chevies are no good either.

  18. liveoutloudhd

    If you are an American, read the comments here from those who are not, and kiss the ground everyday in thankful praise to He who has made you so...

  19. Hannah Fries

    This is the country music lover's American dream.

  20. Roofline Studios

    Country music = vapid.

  21. Noah Bata

    He should say 'it's a NASCAR race' in this song!

  22. Kelly Oyen

    This is one of my favorite 4th of July songs

  23. Anne Marie

    Beautiful song! Democrats hate
    "One Nation under God"
    I love it! *God is good*

  24. A . Burczon Precison One Power Wash llc

    I think my daughter sing your song for her school concert.....I was not familiar with your music but now I love this song

  25. Sassy Sasquatch

    *Detroit disliked this video*

  26. jetclntn

    Rodney knocks this one out of the park.
    Just an incredible song and he sings it passionately. Play this on July 4th. fuck yeah

  27. maggie ashley

    We need more Music like this this new stuff is not worth listening too

  28. Reckstar Gaming

    We need more country singers making songs just like these. Great song man!

  29. gunnut1911

    I'm just here for the Scout!

  30. KJ Sharp

    For those who don't know Old Dominion is in this video at the 2:25 mark

  31. Carson Bengtson


  32. Dakota Gardner

    2:27 old dominions debut

  33. Josh Zion

    i love this country


    2019 anyone?????

    The Polarian Empire


  35. Michigan Cryprozoology Society

    Great song man, great song.

  36. BenChi

    God bless America and President Donald J Trump


    hey this song should have a lot more views it speaks of chevrolet and america

  38. Mike J.

    I love this song.

  39. Jonathon Miller

    America needs to get back to this

  40. kiersten seay

    THIS is how AMERICA SHOULD BE!! We are all so blessed and fortunate to be living here this is the best country ever and I’m still proud to be AMERICAN!!

  41. Larry Rottenberk

    Every time I watch this, I can't help but laugh at the reaction to the Mariachi Band.

  42. steve Parker

    Hell Ya!!!!!!

  43. Aurora Hogan

    This made me think of lot of my family that are in the army

  44. Travis Bevin

    No other place I was born and bred I'm made in America. I love trump I'm a right wing conservative. I have a bible I fly the american flag in my front yard. I'm an American 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤❤❤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤

  45. steve Parker

    Thank you, Rodney Atkins!!! The President and congress should have to listen to this song everyday before they start work!

  46. fire gear reviews reviews and more

    I lost one of my best friends to combat

  47. edward zane

    Can't even believe this song got 1 dislike let alone 180 something

  48. Josh Costell

    I sure hope those kids selling lemonade had a permit!

  49. dan meyer

    When Trump says Make America Great Again, this is the America he is talking about. Amazing how liberals are against it

    Patrick Y

    They only want to take our guns and to soften us towards the UN, because the UN wants to conquer us, because we are the last place on Earth where you can say and do what you want

  50. jennadyann walker

    Sounds more like Georgia..some good ol fashioned family values kinda stuff I miss out here in Socal. <3

  51. Zach Haefner

    I love this country

    Nate Dunlop

    Zach Haefner this country is open to all who seek freedom, and looking to make this country a better place then when they came here

  52. David Mcknight

    Let's just thank the hard working men an Lady's for building this country!! An let's thank the men an Lady's who fight to keep us free!! Love this country!!

  53. Ingrid Scheller

    ein wunderschöner song

  54. Two Farm Boys

    Happy Fourth of July! We are so lucky to live in America! God bless the U.S.A. and God bless all of the men and women who risk their lives to keep us safe! Thank you!

  55. Babybluebbw

    Wishing everyone a happy and safe independence day! <3

  56. George Van Dean

    This song is lame, nothing to do with the message, just not good lyrics, seems like it took 5 minutes to write


    George Van Dean ...still waiting for your amazing song...apparently you could do better

  57. Deborah Shapiro

    This should be our new national anthem!!

  58. Logan Ganier


  59. TwistedNerve

    it's so stupid that it's good.

  60. The Diamond Avenger


  61. Manny Dorsey

    Happy Memorial Day!

  62. steve Parker

    Thank you Rodney Atkins! Im old enough to remember when All Americans loved America

  63. Bill's Autohell

    That's why Chevys slogan was heartbeat of America. Die hard proud gm guy and future gm owner. Grew up riding in Cavaliers and other Chevys.

  64. Conservative AMERICA

    Keep America great! #Trump2020

  65. theultraman 20

    Then Trump gets elected and everybody's not so patriotic anymore

  66. Mir Ali

    Somebody explain 2:36 . is that disdain?

  67. Ford f150 Nation

    God bless America the greatest country I know 🇺🇸

  68. Mark Portz

    Screw you Kaepernick!!

  69. roseleaf #1

    I been thinking as american we should not make fun of the government because those are men and women like you and me working hard to get a pay check. I not saying go all out on them and agree to ever thing they say you still a american. But i also saying when you think about it. If you really want to help america star by saying thank you. With a smile. Love everyone. Be nice to the bully. You dont know there story and before you start to judge people know people-AJ

  70. MooCow

    So beautiful

  71. A_Painters_ Lyfe

    Did you get a copyright claim on this? I want to use it on one of my videos but I cant find it in the copyright library

  72. David Jones

    There is no better place in America to live than a small town where everybody knows your name

  73. Armand Vezina

    That kid's ACUs got me dying over here, lol. Only some will understand.

  74. Joe Dominick

    Who's here because of Rob Portman?

  75. The ice mask gang

    It’s one empire under Trump

  76. james garmany

    Merica. That's what. Love it or leave it


    great song

  78. kingkam78

    "This is What We Stand For!" -Me. 2018
    My family has had people such as my Grandfathers who Served at least 3-6 Years in Service. One was in the Army and the Other was in the Marine Corps. I RP Quite a lot. SO when it comes down to World War 2 and Vietnam Era Role-plays, Always America. WWII RP's, 101st Screaming Eagles Airborne Division. Vietnam, 7th Armored Division, or and Infantry Division.

    I love my nation.

    Here's a quote from the Famous George Smith Patton.
    "The Objective of War Is, Not to Die for your Country, but to Make the Other Poor Bastard Die for His."

  79. Ricky

    I love the melody in the chorus, but these lyrics are so dumb haha.

  80. BilliamTheGoon

    I just realized that one dude was eating a sandwich the whole time

  81. Queso Papi


  82. TheBob1901

    I love the look Rodney shoots at those Mexicans!

  83. QSH6H

    Fat Americans...

    jennadyann walker

    QSH6H you're just jealous... Lol

  84. ChromerGamer

    2:37 Mexican band from if you are going through hell video?

  85. savge zach

    I love it

  86. PhilHockeyBoy

    That Song should be way more famous. Tough call,but I think that's my favorite Rodney Atkins song,but then again,all are damn good,America Baby!

  87. Student Peyton Cook


  88. Kristin A.

    America will always be great. We are a baby country but a great one. Their are more good people then there are bad

  89. HunterTheCyborg// HunterHTC

    The 128 people who disliked this must be communist

  90. FreeRepublicUSA

    I live 3 miles from the Mandalay in las Vegas where some liberal setup murdered my beloved Americans. makes me like this music even more. You can shake the love we have for our Nation and it's true free God GIVEN destiny. We love God first and foremost. He blesses us because He loves us. May THE USA humble herself, repent and Seek God's face....He will heal us and our land

  91. steve Parker

    I dare you to listen to this song and take a knee!!!!

  92. xavier ali

    love it

  93. Dustin Pfarr

    2:38 Same group of guys from the music video "If You're Going Through Hell".

  94. Kristin A.

    No matter what happens I will always love my country. to tho who say it has "collapsed" were still a baby country we are still learning.

  95. Vickie Terry

    most underrated country singer

  96. bio2020

    America messed up. It let in too many immigrants from too many different cultures in a very short amount of time.

  97. DarkFenix34512

    I remember my father telling how it seemed the country would collapse back when he was a teenager in the 60s with his buddies being drafted and he was three months from being drafted...things seemed bad, then in the 70s when the aftereffects of the 60s were almost decaying on every street, things seemed bad, and then the 80s when environments issues and corruptions and riots covered the news...things seemed bad, I remember watching movies released in the late 80s and early 90s that showed late 90s as a crime ridden war ridden corrupt society and that by 2000s, the world would be dead...things seemed bad. Yet, here we are, still a united, doing slightly better than we were, maybe not as well as we should, but effort counts toward something....keep trying, bring hope, don't spread fear and hate..

  98. len man

    This is what America is about till some who makes it to be.