Rod Wave - True Story Lyrics

Do my thing
True story
Ayy, ayy

Lost in my thoughts, guess that's what I get for thinking
Lost in a cough, this year, I almost quit drinking
Took some time off just to find myself sinking
Then they said I fell off, that's what I need
He made me flash out, look how I turned into a cash cow
Broker than a joke, who get the laugh now?
Rod got them racks now, always knew that I would cash out
Just had to keep gong when I was assed out
Toting, fuck punchin' the clock, I'll break in houses with Kareem
And fuck your favorite rapper, he ain't gangster as he seem
I done met a lot of rappers, they don't live the life they say they live
They don't do the things they say they did
Jeezy told us trap or die but told his son to go to college
I'm a bottom boy survivor, I made it out my apartments
Last year, I was thinkin' about robbin'
The same rap niggas for some Robins
But life go up and down like elevators
Who would've knew that we'd count hella paper?
Or that this cash came with hella haters?
We movin' fast like the Talladaga
Them niggas mad but it get greater later
I got a tip for ya, save your
Energy, 'cause you gon' need it
We finna ball, you got a long season of hatin' for no reason
I run the game, these niggas' nose bleeding
Them shows piling and them phones ringing
I took advantage of Tawana's child
Lord knows that I'm still thankful for her
'Cause rules and her gave me some law and order
They told me karma's coming back around
I just pray it ain't Debora's daughter
I'm grown now, learning more and more, I'm
Finally becoming a man
Tried to get you to understand life had grown out of hand
Until you walk a mile, you would never know it
They told me people grow apart, it's all a part of growing

True story (Swear to God I'ma do my thing, go through your pain)
True story
True story, look, look
True story

I'ma rip my heart out my chest, put it in this envelope
Put if you don't feel my pain, you would never know
They say when it's raining, it's pouring, it's thundering, it's lightning
But if it's meant to be, ain't no way you can fight it

True story, uh, yeah, yeah (I'ma do my thing, I'ma do my thing)
True story
I swear to God I'ma do my thing, I'ma do my thing
Look, look, look, look
Yeah, yeah, dawg, yeah

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  1. first name

    lost in my thoughts that’s what i get for thinking🥺

  2. Tamarris Gibson

    This will be forever my song

  3. Vyshawn Villagomez

    Imma meet you and we’ll make history mark my words .



  5. T Ci

    Love this song🙌... I listen to it everyday...

  6. Cita Christina

    If you're reading this I hope you are having a great day

    (BTW I make videos and sing covers on my channel)

    babygirl martina

    I wish I was

  7. Elante Ward

    Why isn’t this on Apple Music

    My Mixtapez


  8. Anime History22


    My Mixtapez


  9. cleveland mack

    🔥🔥issa hit