Rod Stewart - Pure Love Lyrics

If an old friend lets you down
And a true love can't be found
Till the blue skies come around
I'll be right by your side

Journey far and travel safe
Make this world a better place
And keep that smile upon your face
I'll be right by your side

There may be oceans in between us now
But I think about you every living hour
No don't forget me now that we're apart
Just open up that great big loving heart

And you'll always be
You'll always be
You'll always be a part... of me

Take your time to embrace romance
Teach your children how to sing and dance
Love may hurt but it's worth the chance
I'll be right by your side

Try to be the best you can
Show compassion to every man
And always take the higher ground
I'll be right by your side

I hear your laughter echo through this house
I miss you all of this there is no doubt
I wasn't perfect this I would admit
I was always tryin to make the pieces fit

And you'll always be
You'll always be
You'll always be a part... of me

Don't ask me now the time has gone
I've loved you since the minute you were born
So many times we have laughed and cried
I see you now it fills my heart with pride

You'll always be
You'll always be
You'll always be a part... of me

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Rod Stewart Pure Love Comments
  1. Alan Kenworthy

    Never studied Rod Stewart's songs, but this is magnificent. Up there with the greatest English songwriter , Clifford T Ward, in that realm away from rock. And from me that is a huge compliment.

  2. TenSpeedPress

    After hearing this lovely song, I have decided I want it played at my memorial service.  I have a son that I so adore and a lot of the lyrics fix perfectly.  Thank you so much Rod, loved you in the 70's and still do today.

    Pamela Ade

    TenSpeedPress I too thought that I would like this to be played at my funeral which God willing is an aeon away. I then thought that I want my two sons to know this beautiful song, and the deep love held in its words before I depart this earth. So. I’ve decided to send them both a copy of the lyrics and access to the music on Mothering Sunday, next year 2020.
    I love my boys unconditionally and as new dads themselves, I hope they will take on the beautiful sentiments for themselves, and realise that I truly and purely love them.

  3. Kelly Cockrell

    I new her as friends for a number of yrs and than we dated this time and everything is perfect now

  4. Kelly Cockrell

    I thank this time I found the right one

  5. Kelly Cockrell

    I'm in love again

  6. NGUYEN Luna

    Wonderful .

  7. Brian Walters

    I thought it was about a woman. That's rod

  8. Magnus Dering


  9. Irene Zafar

    you were there then - you are here now - i am not one of your children - i am some one who listened to your music - always

  10. Angela Kim Bruhjell

    A song to my son

  11. Linda Borgia

    lovely song and lyrics

  12. Samantha Scott

    I listened to this with my dad before I got married to my husband mark it was a special moment XXX love you dad xxxx

  13. Susan Matthews

    Words that strike chords within me. Profoundly Beautiful.

  14. patricia greenfield

    Beautiful song xx

  15. g hiet

    I loved it very much. it 's a part of our life

  16. MJsGirl85

    So so gorgeous

  17. conorjakcl

    Love this song thanks Rod

  18. elsa castillo


  19. Hazel Whitaker

    Just beautiful - never heard it before - love it!

  20. Kathy Stokes

    rod is brilliant, song writer

  21. Valerie Prenkert-Brandenburg

    I absolutely Love this song. Each and every time I hear it, I immediately think of how very
    much I Love my two Sons, Nicholas and Steven Prenkert.

  22. Kathy Stokes

    love this one

  23. sosanna

    And you’ll always be
    You’ll always be
    You’ll always be a part... of me...

  24. Jacob Wood

    I think this one will be the one song i have picked for the day i say good bye to let my children no how much i love them not yet i hope

  25. Twosie76

    Love of your children is the purest love

  26. Lillian Shawn

    Stephen, Mimi, Sami, Tiff, Beth, Nicky and wee Rach Love dad, 4/30/57-1/30/2016

  27. fiesta125s

    I absolutely love this song, whenever I hear it I think of my Daughter.

  28. Josh Onions

    Love this song

  29. Celia Murphy

    Beautiful, beautiful song, I loved it from the minute I heard it!

  30. Jason Lee

    the beginning sounds like..."You belong to me", which Rod must know, but its a good song.

  31. Amanda Kananl

    My daughter n grandaughter live in Australia,if i could have written a song especially for her..Pure Love would be the one.Thank you Rod xx

  32. Papillon



    +BV D Me too, thinking of my two big boys of whom I'm so proud

  33. sundar mann

    ...Rodney has come very far indeed....

  34. Patti Don

    My wife's father picked this as their wedding dance song. it was amazing. 

    Maria Silva

    Sou apaixonada pela voz desse homem!!!

  35. birute kacerauskiene

    beautiful Rod Steart song.....Thanks....

    Ivan Heywood

    I have loved Rod Stewart's music
    A long long time
    Away beginning a middle then a end
    Night god bless you Lady

  36. Johnny Jensen

    This has got to be one of the most beautiful songs Rod Stewart has ever sung.  Love this song and this album!

  37. Andrés Rojas

    This sounds so similar to "Go West" from the Village People except Slower.


    +Andrés Rojas ???????

  38. Kim Williams

    Amanda, I'm dedicating this song to you.

  39. Ken Wood

    He  is  good  !!  I  have  around  4  of  oldies  somewhere  lost  my  record  spinning  device to  the  odds  , Hmmm   why  did  MMM  money hafta  win  the  day  !! Rod  its  really  so  smooth  how  we  feel  how  it  should  feel and  that s  for  a  faily  to  show  direction  sometimes  its  just  having  the  wisdom that  makes  sense  . Family  turns  it  down and  off  with thir  muted  hearts  that money  claws hater  clubbed  someone on the  fore head  so  what  thats  what  it  might be  a  club, or  shamrock , a  4  leafed  clover  a  brown splatter  from  where  . Centered  is  whats  told is  a  Sun to  our  own understanding  life  holds  us  with  a  grip  a  strong  one  and  death  it  chases  some  people  with    meaning s  were  becoming  an  out  weighed  by  policy  and  losing  a  wicked  sentence  to  be  forced  , flung  and  parched  to  duty  foring  for  children I suppose  is  always  the  reason  and  explanation  for  abundance to  feel  the  same  for  everyone  Morning and  day  time  experiences  should  be  what  were  foring  for  or  going the  distance  that  energy  must  suck  from each stem to  complete  this  cube of  reality  does  exist  in truth and  deception  were  lost  and  woe  each  will a  wanton wanged  winged  watchamacalled  it  a  boogie man s  world  has  taken  over  if  we  cannot  grow  the  pureness  that  came  from this  Pot  !!

  40. sandrabrunt1

    beautiful both lyrics and arrangement. Well done rod!   been a fan from the early sevenies knew u had it you always apart from the terrible eighties stuff

  41. baby cat

    this was played at a funeral I was at today and meant so much


    +baby cat It's on my list for mine!

    Brian Walters

    I'm for only joking my dear

  42. maura macdonald

    this actually made me cry.. what beautiful lyrics.. Rod has never lost it has he ? tells a story in his songs..

  43. asurfmom

    When I first heard this song, from Rod Stewart's latest album "Time", I had a son who had recently left for his freshman year of college, a daughter who was only months away from leaving for her freshman year of college, and my last who was just two short years away from leaving for her freshman year of college.  When listening to this song for the first time, I felt every emotion: happiness that made me smile; sadness that made me cry; fear that made me wonder if it would always hurt; comfort that made me realize that it would all be okay; and finally, awesome wonder that Rod Stewart and Kevin Savigar wrote such wonderful lyrics that put all my emotions into one beautiful song.  I still cry whenever I listen to it, but now my tears are simply those of the intense love I know I will always feel for my children. By the way, this is a great album! 

  44. Louisa Keller

    Annie thanks for sharing this beautiful number with us

  45. motoreta54


  46. Paula Hunt

    love it , I have been a fan from the start. xox

  47. Fran S

    Thank you for your comment. He has just always been in my heart.

  48. wlguitarman

    "I have been a fan of Rod's since there was Rod" I have never heard that thought and feeling put so well. Thanx

  49. sue hembury

    Mandolin Wind and Pure Love - So special - Rod Stewart - Timeless !

  50. Selma Bartan

    Love you too son and very much!

    Ivan Heywood

    That's so nice

  51. Tayfun Bartan

    Love ya mom!

  52. Selma Bartan

    Now at a certain age I can understand how Rod Stewart mentioned in his interview that this was for his children! Yes I would like to leave these sentiments to my children when I leave this world!

  53. may red

    Absolutely love this song and lyrics! I've always loved Rod Stewart's style of music! Unfortunately, I an having difficulty locating piano and guitar tutorial for this song. :(

  54. tim watkin

    but we all need one more album rod.your songs..

  55. tim watkin

    real good i say,,nice work rod!

  56. pat lynch


  57. wendy Pearson

    one great man to look up to -i can not pay to see you - this best all ways have on on cd

  58. Alison Norman

    Mums too x

  59. Fran S

    I have been a fan of Rod's since there was Rod. This is a beautiful song that brings tears to my eyes each time I hear it. He will always be wonderful.

  60. Louisa Keller

    the more I hear this song, it's so beautiful, full of lovely things and feelings, it's one of the most lovely songs I ever heard, and one who touch your inside. it's a song for everyone, sometimes we forget the lovely things in our life, this is to remember us who we are, lovely people with feelings.

  61. Louisa Keller

    thanks for your reaction regards louisa

  62. Mauro Ch P

    Pure love, pure music, pure arrangements...Pure Rod !!


    M J

  63. Mauro Ch P

    This kind of songs is precisely the one that takes Rod beyond evil and good. That's why Rod has outranged the ruthless proof of time.
    Kevin Savigar is a coauthor, just like 25 years ago with the legendary "Forever young".
    Wow... 2 tears on my eyes.
    Regards . . .

  64. Louisa Keller

    there is an other thing a like to mention, he is a great artist, a clown and a lovely man full of compasion and a man for every woman, thanks for this beautiful song

  65. Louisa Keller

    this is a pure lovely song and i love it, full of emotions and love rod and his songs forever

  66. Graham Crow

    If your a parent, especially a Dad you cant help but be moved by this. To all of us who have children along way from home and cant put it into words this says it all. Thanks Rod.

  67. Dragana Shimic

    lovely song lovely words . I have my own children and I made them heard this song. They are empresed. thank you Rod.!!

  68. Heather Tomsett

    Oh! I love this.... so reminds me of my Children xx

  69. Noelia Filipponi


  70. Clive Bindley

    You're very welcome dear, feel free to contact me for advice charge! xx

  71. Freda Smales

    I will make sure I follow your very sensible advice Clive - thank you! xx

  72. Clive Bindley

    Hi Freda..nothing wrong with soppy, male or female.
    Just make sure to have a tissue handy if you're driving and listening! xx

  73. Freda Smales

    Hi Clive - you are a sensible man. Of course the insurance wouldn't pay up if I was honest about what I'd been doing prior to any accident - but hey, as I said before, I'm just a soppy woman!

  74. Clive Bindley

    He didn't I replied to the wrong person...oops!! :-)

  75. Clive Bindley

    If you have an accident I doubt the insurance will pay up if you say you were listening to a soppy Rod Stewart song at the time.

  76. pam croft

    where did he say he was driving?

  77. pam croft

    love this

  78. Hal Pilkington

    my daughter is there too ... this song just makes me cry

  79. Elizabeth Bond

    Love this track, makes me think of my three beautiful daughters.
    I play it over and over.

  80. Phillip Mathis

    Absolutely love this song!! The CD is awesome but by far my favorite song...

  81. Charlotte Hooper

    This song is soo beautiful it says everything I want to ever say to our son who lives in hong kong xx the Lyrics say it all

  82. steve jones

    This song tells my lovely daughter kayley everything I haven't told her face to face - thank you rod - kayley your dad loves you to bits xxxx

  83. ann king

    Still makes me cry every time love this song lyrics are amazing ! For Liam xx

  84. Margaret Dorbie

    How do I upload this to facebook, got to admit I howled my eyes out when I heard this, now I remember why I love Rod Stewart.
    It keeps saying the owner has not authorised this content

  85. 01226juliew


  86. Andrea Toth

    The best song on the new album, absolutly love it!

  87. christine may

    The most beautiful song I ever heard - love the album but this song get played the over and over!

  88. MrJensonboy

    i don't know what this man dose but my god with truth he hits the right note for a tear or two

  89. celticqt22

    Another good song. - I really am enjoying this album. Keep up the great work!!

  90. dan Whitchurch

    sounds good but, melodically the song sounds more like a slower version of Pet Shop Boys' Go West... IMHO the best songs on the album and worth a mention are Brighton Beach, Time , Live The Life and the beautiful beautiful cover of Tom Waits' Picture in a Frame

  91. Noelia Grimaldi


  92. Spaniels2

    I heard this for the first time on Sunday. It made me think of our son who's getting married in a few weeks. A little too long for the Mother/Son dance, but I think I'll send it to him. :)

  93. Jackstertherandomer

    I recently lost my sister who bravely battled cancer for 6 and a half years. We used to go to see Rod live and i have such happy memories. I was so close to her and when i heard this i felt like it was meant for me and my sister. Thank you Rod

  94. Freda Smales

    Ditto with some of these comments - I cry everytime I hear this song. It's not a good look when I'm in the car listening to it and can't see the road in front for tears - but hey - I'm a woman!

  95. kenny anderson

    Thanks bud sometimes a song just hits home life is to short enjoy birmingham

  96. Michael Martin

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that cries or at least tears up when I hear this song. Absolutely beautiful and special.

  97. sixtiesboy1950

    totally agree Kenny, cried first time i heard this, bring on Birmingham!! go Rod !!

  98. Shelly Baker

    Perfect!!! Gotta love Rod lyrics!

  99. Alex Joy

    The song!

  100. erick clemente cuya

    hermosa cancionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn¡¡¡¡¡¡