Rod Stewart - I Can't Get Started Lyrics

I've been around the world in a plane
I've settled revolutions in Spain
The North Pole I have charted
But man I can't get started with you
And at the golf course I'm under par
Metro-Goldwyn wants me to star
I've got a house and a show place
But can't get no place with you

You're so supreme
The lyrics I write of you
Dream, dream, day and night of you
Scheme just for the sight of you
Baby but what good dose it do
I've been consulted by Franklin D.
Even Gabel had me to tea
But now I'm broken hearted
Can't get started with you

You're so supreme
The lyrics I write of you
Dream, dream, day and night of you
Scheme just for the sight of you
But what good does it do
I've been consulted by Franklin D.
Even Basic had me to tea
But now I'm broken hearted
Can't get started with you

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Rod Stewart I Can't Get Started Comments
  1. Liz Clegg

    I don't think the lyrics need to be updated. I prefer Greta Garbo having me to tea, or at least the Queen.

  2. SonnyGTA

    Why would you ask HILLARY C ANYTHING!?!??!!?!?!

  3. Simon Taylor

    Give me Bunny Berigan version any day

  4. Giorno'sMusic

    Love! ♥

  5. Alvaro Medina Peniche

    Es el mejor cantante romántico en inglés

  6. jim partridge

    i think you either like Rod singing the standards or you don't - I think he brings an original voice to the music myself - remember it's subjectivd

  7. Melissa Schroeter

    I have also seen some of the world...Why? do you need me...? What can I give you? If you are so you...I dream of living my life as with me....What do you need me for? You life is so supreme....Well damn I can not compete with you...I hope you enjoyed Tea...Tina must have been fun...I would have you to tea as well...crumpets? w/jam? I can not give you more...

  8. Pedro Pinto

    É dos melhores, para mim.
    go ahead

  9. Elsa Leon

    Love you,, ROD!! ♥ ♥

  10. Robert Soskis

    Not the Bunny Barrigan version but, damned good.

  11. Nin E.

    perfection itself!!!!!

  12. Stefano Coduto


  13. Tango Bango

    This song so reminds me of my dear Mom. She used to play this, by Bunny Barrigan ? when I was just 5 or 6! Miss you Mom!

  14. Pec Pec

    Me encanta, cómo interpreta esta música bella de los 50, me transporta a un cabaret de esos de la época, tan elegantes!

  15. Michelle Chenon Zabun

    Paul à la

  16. Alvaro Medina Peniche


  17. Restaurant Coréen, Sésame et Sel

    beautiful voice jazzy. Thank your ROD!

    Merenice Lacerda

    Restaurant Coréen, Sésame et Sel Luiz miquel lá barca

  18. Ali Howas

    r muzyka mojego życia
      music my life
      we are waiting on Rod in Poland

  19. MsAnna47

    I like Rod Stewart's voice. 

  20. BoldyBaldyBastard

    How different opinions can be....

  21. conner chalice

    I suppose i would have to acknowledge that people like rod stewart tom jones and robert williams attempt to sing and vocalise these great standards but the truth is very clear . Not one of them can interpret these songs better than the Giants  of past vocalists ,eg Frank Sinatra Ella Fitzgerald Billie Holiday and Bunny Berrigan,becouse back then you had to excel at your art and rod stewart and his imbecilic reiterations are a primative  attempt to imprevise on the melody ,nice try but no cigar.

    dan Whitchurch

    +conner chalice the only thing wrong with these recordings are the songs itself. Why would someone as great as Stewart sing nonsense pretentious '40s shit could be put down to the recording label J Records trying to cash in on Stewart's name. Good riddance, Stewart dumped singing these shit songs soon as he got a deal with Capitol. Now he'a back to his roots,,singing pure rock and pop stuff...


    To all the other commentators on this song;
    Stop being picky and being clever about the lyric. Who cares.
    This is a gorgeous tune and Rod does it superb justice and it is in our opinion even better than the Bunny Berigan version.

  23. Victor Alkana

    This is the best of his American Songbook albums. He has other great performers on each tune. Some sing, others play instruments. Very rich. Obviously, the sax player is the key person here. I wish I had my jacket to tell who it is.

  24. Lewis Sanders

    I don't think so.

  25. Jim Cohen

    I like his version alright, but he really missed the lyric, "In 1929 I sold short..." What did he sing? "In nineteen ninety nine?" This is supposed to be someone who came out ahead during the great stock market crash of 1929. Sounds like he flubbed the line but never went back in to fix it!

    Joseph Hardaway

    jasaco22 I believe that his intentions were to purposely change the lyrics to a more current time. He even mentions having tea with Tina Turner.

  26. Maria Ines de la Barra

    Hay que escuchar este tema de Gershwin por Frank Sinatra en el long play "Sinatra con Cuerdas" para saber lo que es cantar!!

  27. Paco Blazquez

    Inspira a dejarse llevar, y no pensar en nada.
    On en muchas cosas. Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  28. Herb Hofer

    Bunny Berigan would be proud!!!