Rod Stewart - But Not For Me Lyrics

They're writing songs of love
But not for me
A lucky star's above
But not for me

With love to lead the way
I've found more clouds of gray
Than any Russian play
Could guarantee

I was a fool to fall
And get that way
Hi ho! Alas!
And also, lackaday!

Although I can't dismiss
The memory of her kiss
I guess
She's not for me

It all began so well
But what an end
This is the time
A fellow needs a friend

When every happy plot
Ends with a the marriage knot
And there's
No knot for me

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Rod Stewart But Not For Me Comments
  1. Marco Evans

    Sorry, Chet Baker owns the male version of this song. Conversely, Judy Garland for the gals

  2. Justina Montero

    Bella canción

  3. Lewis Sanders


  4. Lewis Sanders

    How DARE YOU GO THERE THAT'S NOT FOR YOU,Stick with your own JUNK.

  5. Arturo Clynes

    Gershwin. ...that's it

  6. Melissa Schroeter

    You are sensitive love.. A writer must test the water... you show up and I question...

  7. Pedro Pinto

    É dos melhores, para mim.
    go ahead

  8. Justina Montero

    me facina

  9. Justina Montero

    me facina

  10. Justina Montero

    me facina

  11. ken d

    Rod re-invented himself in such a masterful manner that it's almost impossible to believe!

  12. Pec Pec


  13. Alvaro Medina Peniche


  14. joel lledó

    Jazz Swing

  15. Abbie Baker

    Before I knew about the train hitting the transfer truck to day I was worried.  I did not like the way the sun was acting, it is supposed to be 71 Degrees for Christmas, that is bad news, it is a warning that the "Cold Sun" is around the corner.  It is always warmer right before the cold sun plummets.   Good Luck to you.  I am leaving and getting my family out of here.  After all you were never my friend no matter how much I needed a friend not one of you were my friend.  If you get another chance, learn the law of kindness.

  16. Abbie Baker

    Anybody can disagree that pleases.  If John Casey is right; millions and maybe billions will die.  If I am right, it is the end of the world.  We cannot survive a 200 year cold sun.  The Calderas and large volcanoes will do tremendous damage. New Madred and Yellow Stone, and the large volcaoe in New Zealand will do the rest. The ash cloud will block the sun and cause the temperatures to drop further.  You could have saved lives but you kept quiet.

  17. Abbie Baker

    They are still up there across from Wells Fargo cleaning up the mess.

  18. Abbie Baker

    Rod we don't win.  John Casey said that Al Gore and all those pushing global warming are you telling you there is plenty of time to get ready.  He said that was like a transfer parked on a rail road track and the railroad man said "Don't worry, you got plenty of time to move this truck off the track."   Less than five minutes later the train came racing down the track and hit the truck.  I don't know if any died or now many died. What is strange is that its the exact story John Casey told.

  19. Jazz Mozely

    Cual es este genero musical?

    Enrique Sada

    +Jazz Mozely Se llama "Swing" Jazz Mosely, y es el equivalente al bolero anglosajón en su momento

  20. maureen1938

    LOVE this SOOOO much !  The song and especially the singer are superb !


    hermosa ejecucion 

  22. taufan hermansyah

    Saya suka ....

  23. taufan hermansyah

    Good, I like it

  24. Tony Marcelo

    Obrigado por compartilhar suas musicas !!!!!!!!!! Cordial abraço !!!! :-)

  25. angela67841

    muito lindoooooooooooo

  26. itsabe11

    very beautiful song :D

  27. Rebecca Lonsa

    my work place always played rod stewart song,, i end up love it and played it again and again~!

  28. Lillina Rossotti

    My favourite song. Thanks RodStewart. Thanks a lot