Rockwell - Peeping Tom Lyrics

I don’t know who she is or where she’s from
But she’s my Peeping Tom

Who’s this lady
That drives me so insane
Sneakin’, peekin’
Outside my window pane, oh

I don’t know who she is or where she’s from
But she’s my Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom, yeah

She hides in shadows
And never comes too close
My mystery lady
Haunts me like a ghost, oh

I don’t know who she is or where she’s from
But she’s my Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom
Peeping Tom, yeah, yeah
Peeping Tom

What’s she seekin’ when she’s peekin’
Will she find it ‘cause I don’t mind it
Even though I question her obsession, uh, uh
She’s my Peeping Tom

So strange
I don’t even know her name
And yet I remember her face
Oh, can it be
She stepped out of my dreams

Oh, can it be
She’s the girl of my dreams

So tell me what’s she seekin’ when she’s peekin’
Will she find it ‘cause I don’t mind it
Even though I question her obsession, uh, uh
She’s my Peeping Tom


She’s my Peeping Tom
Peeping Tom
Peeping Tom, yeah, yeah
Peeping Tom


Just wanna get to know her
Maybe then I can show her
I just want a chance to hold her

Peeping Tom (She’s my Peeping Tom)
Peeping Tom (She’s my Peeping Tom, lady), yeah, yeah
(She’s my Peeping Tom)
Peeping Tom (Peeping Tom)

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Rockwell Peeping Tom Comments
  1. The Gorilla

    Rockwell music is good film music.

  2. Roberto Sanchez

    I can't believe no-one has posted this...Everyone should check out his jam called We Live in a Jungle...& "You're Welcome". 😎

  3. Mammie Barry


  4. Mammie Barry

    C videidosmaxwello8cisrae6⛺🔼🔽

  5. Mammie Barry

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  6. itchydiscoman

    It actually sounds a little like "touch me all night long"
    By fonda rae

  7. All Inspiriation

    Rockwell is is full of swag from then to 2019

  8. All Inspiriation

    This song is amazing. This is the sound of a true hit!

  9. Tim Hater

    Boooo 2018

  10. oh kay

    Gotta be the greatest love ever ... cause he was singing about a perfect chick like all the others he was singing about a bitch with some serious falls he was able to look past

  11. Manuel Legaspi

    He is like a personality of Bruno mars or Hollywood actor Ice cube, but his songs are really fantastic!!

  12. Zoe Abbey

    The Last Dragon is my top 3 favorite movies. I love the movie and music.

  13. Evian Mason

    Nice song love it that beat

  14. california82170ify

    looks like he was going for the jermaine jackson look dynamite?

    Rohan Padiyar

    More like a cross between Marlon Jackson and El DeBarge.


    I agree, I noticed that he done away with that fake british accent that used on two other songs.


    The gheri curl was a very popular hairstyle with black men in the entertainment industry at the time.

    Ronald Lane

    Funny you say that. He was Jermaine's brother in-law.

  15. Jessica D'Agostino

    Another great song by Rockwell. I'm surprised I've never heard it before. Thanks for the upload!

    farrah lynch

    Jessica D'Agostino Lol... I thought the same sentiment while listening to this song!


    I imagine MTV and radio had immediately wrote Rockwell off as a one trick pony and one hit wonder by the time “Peeping Tom” came out, even though it came out as the follow-up single on The Last Dragon soundtrack to DeBarge’s “Rhythm Of The Night”. I’m sure it didn’t help that that he was the son of the chairman of the record label he was on, so I’m sure charges of nepotism were hanging over him in the music industry. It definitely would have been too oddball even for R&B radio at the time.

    Im wearing tights that I borrowed from your mum.

    My high school was called Rockwell.

  16. HIP HOP

    His best song yet!

  17. Strideo1

    Be careful Rockwell. She's actually from the IRS!


    Strideo1 ... Ironically, he covered a song titled... _"Taxman"_ written by George Harrison

    Im wearing tights that I borrowed from your mum.

    Yeah and she just paid a visit to Wesley Snipes!

  18. utubegirl

    I had no idea there was a video for this song! :O

    Zoe Abbey

    utubegirl me either. I just seen it this year. or late last year.

  19. jose angel Nuñez godoy

    Ami me gusta esa canción lo demás no importa , para mi excelente temas musical

  20. Michel K

    I didn't know that Rockwell was such a brilliant conductor as well. Bernstein would be proud👍🏼👍🏼

  21. Joseph valley

    his best vocally. dont understand why this song was a flop.


    Joseph valley I think it was too oddball lyrically for R&B radio, which tended to stick very strictly to the themes of love, romance, and sex, and I think most listeners by and large quickly wrote off Rockwell as a one trick pony and one hit wonder after "Somebody's Watching Me" hit. Michael Jackson's vocals on the chorus completely overshadowed him on the song.


    Joseph valley ... It does have a nice melody.


    Joseph valley Knife was his best song!


    Todd In The Shadows said that he didn't deserve better. I disagree. This, in my opinion, is his best song. I think he could have been regarded as one of the greats if he was given the chance.

    Chris Dragnet

    Came out during a time when the Minneapolis Sound was over saturated.

  22. jhonn sanchez

    yo estuve buscando el tema por 3 años lo confundia con michael jackson pero el cantante es rockwell, me fascina este tema para karaoke.

  23. xavia holden

    damn he was too cute!!! #80ssexy

  24. Christan Paredes Yana


  25. kumada84

    2:51 Air violin (and he clearly knows how to play the violin because he's playing the string part)

  26. ubiquitousdiabolus

    Rockwell has 3 songs about a stalker.

    KnowingWhatThe ButtonDoes

    well, I suppose if you want an antithesis to love themes you just can't go past psychopathy.


    He must had a real life stalker 👀. Or maybe it was the IRS???

  27. mugabesunny

    great production. very underrated song writer and producer. its too bad people just remember somebodys watching me, when he made many other great tracks.


    He isnt recording because hes a great talent, hes recording beucase hes berry Gordys son... if Michael Jacksons voice wasn't in the chorus of "watching me" the song probably would have flopped, or certainly not have been a major hit

  28. 68niou1later see kids ...back then you could write music like this , but don't worry it's ok cause he always feels like somebody's watching him!!

  29. Rohan Padiyar

    Rockwell looks like El DeBarge's twin with that long hair.

    Jeahav Valentin

    Yup I agree with you

    Erika Harrison

    Him and Stoney Jackson...


    It’s not surprising since he happened to be the son of the chairman of the same record label that DeBarge happened to be signed to.

    Comment Freely

    DeBarge came up as recommended video

    Im wearing tights that I borrowed from your mum.

    @Comment Freely Because both of their songs are on the same movie.

  30. Xavia Holden

    Omg lol lol this was way before i was even born and this was decades ago and I'm starting to LOVE me some Rockwell...hehe lol <3

  31. Maxi Bodyalive

    Hot song! Where is this dude now?


    He just recently said in someone's amateur YouTube video he appeared in that he's trying to get back into music. He's trying to start an entertainment company named after his stage name and plans to put out new music he's recorded in the many years since he was dropped from Motown Records.

    Maxi Bodyalive

    thanks man

    yury daniel machado jaimes

    RocStarr913 thanks for the information, I hope this time his talent is better recognized than years ago


    He had done an interview with an actress named Share Cherrie and had said he was recording a new album as of 2016.

  32. thechickinthemiddle

    1:32 "King of Pain!"

  33. padams24

    Last Dragon :)

    Jeahav Valentin

    Yup my favorite classic movie of 1985

  34. Bjarni Thordarson

    Love this song and have done since the 80's...

  35. Rotten Puppets

    This video is what magic is all about. His hair is divine.


    Yeah, that Jheri curl is sopping wet!!!

  36. starkid77

    Wow, just like Bloody said down there, he does seem paranoid, but I'm liking his songs, think I remember this one. Very sweet.

  37. Tornado1994

    This is probably Rockwell's best song. It really fits him perfectly. I like it. Too bad it failed to chart in Late Spring 1985. Shame.

  38. mickmister99

    Does anybody remember the movie the " The Last Dragon " ?

    yury daniel machado jaimes

    Yes I do, during the 80´s the soundtracks were as importants as the movies they belonged to

    Im wearing tights that I borrowed from your mum.

    yury daniel machado jaimes

    Juan Elorriaga

    “Nigga please!”

  39. Alex Corona


  40. TechNoir87

    Jheri Curl wonder he's paranoid! lol

  41. mimi chua

    i still love your song, im still playing it... shes my peeping tom!!!

  42. jorgejema

    natalicio o cumpleaños de este vocalista a igual que yo nacimos un día como hoy

  43. antonio jose herrera jimenez

    fantastic,bravisimo the best

  44. AngelsTakeMe2Heaven

    What the hell? 240p? really?

  45. JoJosVoice

    Way better than the song "somebodys watching me" This song should have been a bigger hit. Gaah I wish Rockwell's Captured album would be released on itunes or a remastered cd... Having this music video cleaned up and put on itunes would be nice too


    PaisleyParkFan , I couldn't agree more. This sounds better.


    What you fail to realize is that when "watching me" came out Jackson was at his peak success, "watching me" was destined for success no matter who would have recorded it. Every one called it the Michael Jackson song

  46. BloodyandEnchained

    im in love with a girl, wouldnt ask her to marry me yet but fuck id love to listen to this 22 years from now and say the same thing

  47. BloodyandEnchained

    obscene phone caller, somebodys watching me, peeping tom! hes pretty paranoid lol but i understand him, thats why i like his stuff

  48. 80smusicfan1067

    I loved this song so much back in 1985 that I bought the "Captured" cassette. The song was not a big hit but I still love it anyway!!

  49. Megared82

    i gonna assume he doesn't mind the peeping tom as much as he did mr. obscene phone call and whoever was watching him.

  50. Thomas Carrasco

    The Last Dragon! Best movie ever, and one of the best soundtracks too!

  51. RocStarr913

    @goodstuffbunny Because Michael Jackson was the biggest performer of the era at the time. Rockwell wasn't the only performer, particularly on Motown Records, to imitate Michael Jackson's look. The lead singer of DeBarge, who was on the same label, looked a lot like Michael Jackson in the music video for their hit "Rhythm Of The Night", which came out around the same time as this.

    Rohan Padiyar

    You mean El DeBarge?

  52. discovery781

    @gailmckennag yes....

  53. jorgejema

    esta es una buena rola y aquien no le guste pues que no la escuche y la busque por mas de 25 años

  54. discovery781

    sounds like "touch me all night long" by fonda rae

  55. discovery781

    the 80s has some ugly hair styles for men and women

  56. albertobitten bittencourt

    Esta e para meu primo Clovis Bezerra Rocha. Inesquecivel cara!

  57. JustForSneaks Ent.

    shades of sven86

  58. Andre Matos

    muito bom!!

  59. vidaa82


    thanks a lot.

  60. mzzvaughan


  61. ednoroirika

    @38yofrmut That's what I'm saying! Don't forget about video rock. Did they show that where your from?

  62. ednoroirika

    @MasterJ74 lol, I was thinking the same thing. A lot of twinkle toe shit going on in the early 80's. .

  63. 38yofrmut

    Also, back then I never saw a video to this song & I watched music videos faithfully on MTV, TBS' Night Tracks, USA's Night Flight, & NBC's Friday Night Videos.

  64. 38yofrmut

    I remember hearing this song at school & church dances at the time & knew it was from "Last Dragon" sndtrk but I didnt know it was Rockwell!

  65. vidaa82

    thanks a lot for that explanation. that makes perfect sense.

  66. RocStarr913

    That was part of Rockwell's whole shtick. I think it was in reaction to the success of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video and single, so he made the campy horror theme in that song his whole act. All of his songs have to do with the strange and disturbing and unknown. The British thing may have been him trying to sing in a campy horror show host kind of style. I think it was just something Rockwell felt could distinguish him in the usually formulaic R&B world of love, romance, and sex.

  67. vidaa82

    why is this man always bothered? lol. i dont get it. somebody's wtaching me, obscene phone caller, and peeping tom.


    vidaa82 It was more a formula than anything else. I'm sure that part of it was record label pressure for more singles in that vein.

  68. Abhi Sarkar

    The strange fact is if you just type"peepingtom" in U-tube it does not give you link to this beautiful song...only when you type "peepingtom+rockwell"...then it takes you to this song....

    Nathan Baker

    WOW! what a strange fact!

  69. kawaiiaix

    Thank you ^_^

  70. ChrisC11291980

    I have a feeling Kennedy Gordy is one paranoid man behind the scenes myself.


    Rockwell was overheard saying.... OMG, Somebody's Watching Me ! Maybe it's that Obscene Phone Caller again .. or.. uh... wait, no, no, NO !! It's , it's my Peeping Tom ! There's a theme here, I believe.... LOL !

  72. Jack Starr

    rockwell didnt wanted to be big star from the beginning.He wanted to create something to himself,it just happened it became a hit.He didnt wanted that people judged him because of his relatives,he understanded that.He made his reckords without father;s knowledge.


    Jack Starr He had said he had completely stopped doing music for a long time after the third album because he had felt the whole process of writing and recording songs basically stopped being fun for him. He definitely made some interesting music during his tenure on Motown Records.


    This really is Rockwell's best song !

  74. tuttoinuno

    grazie a te !

  75. juhui cho

    Its awesome espeicially the keyboard player. I like the music and Im a modern day person first time hearing it.

  76. tubebecito

    esto me recuerda al D.J. EDMOND de Puebla

    excelente musica, increible que no la habia ya escuchado por ningun lado

  77. UltraPOPDJ

    I remember this from BET play not radio airplay unfortunately. This was one of his better songs. Apparently that image that he carried was not enough to even sell records. Where is he now, really?


    UltraPOPDJ He said he had left music because the experience had become a job and it stopped being fun for him. He also wanted to lead a normal life outside of the Gordy family shadow. However, he never stopped recording music and is preparing to put out a new album called The Second Coming.

  78. saulo campos

    wonderful!!!ive been searching for this music for decades!!!!
    brings back good memories!!!