Rockwell - Obscene Phone Caller Lyrics

I came home knocked out after work

That's when my telephone goes berserk.
How can I unwind or get some rest
Receiving sick phone calls from a lonely pest.
Find someone else to bother
Mister or Miss Obscene Phone Caller.
Why do you get off breathing on that phone

Obscene Phone Caller leave me alone.
Why did you have to pick me out of all the people in the directory

I don't know what's going thru' your mind

But these nackoff phone calls are a waste of time.
I must have my number changed
Or trace these calls from whence they came

If Alexander Bell were alive today
Would he want the telephone to be used this way?
Find someone else to bother
Mister or Miss Obscene phone Caller...
Obscene phone Caller
find someone else to bother.
Obscene phone Caller
you dirty little nasty twit

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Rockwell Obscene Phone Caller Comments

    "Breaths in video In 2019 quietly " huuuuuuuh* huuuuuuuuh* huuuh*

  2. Stephanie Smith

    Is this song and video the reason why kids prank call then and these days?🤣😆

  3. Geminisixtyfour

    Rockwell almost surely would have been a shoo-in for the front office at Motown, filling Berry Gordy's shoes. Wonder why that never happened?

  4. brandxnbernal

    this song is too underrated imo

  5. Juan Elorriaga

    2:42 my father used to answer the phone like that in the early 1980s lol

  6. James Pigott

    "If Alexander Bell were alive today, would he want the telephone to be used this way"

  7. ILoveEmilee

    I recognize the desk clerk in this video. He was in an episode of Full House and was in Big Trouble In Little China too

  8. El Mostrito

    Ah, the good ol' days before *69.

  9. David Ryals

    Neil Rockwell Tyson


    4:06 dirty little nasty twit :-) ha ha ha

  11. Dave G

    1-976-3636 only $25.99 a minute 🤣

  12. K Heart

    Not smokin wit dis nigga😭

  13. K Heart

    Dis dat weird shit


    I forgot how sexy Rockwell looked, I would defo have made an obscene phone call to him. :)~

  15. rochelle hawkins

    I had a few obscene phone callers in my life ....and there was a time "I" myself was the obscene phone caller too. I was a teen back in the 1980s....don't tell me you all wasn't once an obscene phone caller too back in the days of "land line phones, 3-way calls (party line), break dancing, Pac Man, big hairs, and spud mackenzie"?

  16. The Gorilla

    Nice and easy.

  17. George U

    The Weeknds father....

  18. maximumjesus

    I love how it's connected to the first video. It's like a Rockwell Cinematic Universe

  19. DJ Ryan

    why you guys call him weird and mad scientist???

  20. King Koopa1986

    I was 3 years old in 1989 I grew up in the 90's.

  21. Skortan 8

    when i heard the opening section i thought i got duped

    Omar Alshrari

    Skortan 8 hi 😁

  22. Cody Krosstown

    @2:57 when your mom walks in while your cursing

  23. Nakia Lowe

    not bad☺

  24. Rader

    Wow, he must be one paranoid man. After I always feel like somebody's watching me and obscene phone caller I don't know any other popular songs of his. Maybe the whoever was watching him or the obscene phone caller got a hold of him!!

  25. France Lewis

    This mail man needs to chill

  26. João Munhoz

    Too bad this song wasn't on Call Me (1988) soundtrack

  27. Infidel14?

    This was so freekn New Wave, hilarious. MJ really helped put Rockwell over by singing background on 'Somebody's Watching Me'. It pays to be connected, right? LMBO!!!

  28. Fans, speakers, and more

    He really looks like Etika when he plays the violin.

  29. Ro Lee

    Cool little new wave vibe

  30. Da Joker

    This song is such a fucking jam! Maybe even more so than “somebody’s watching me” in my opinion

  31. Nat White

    I was around in those days...never heard it till youtube. Where was I ? This is completely brilliant ! Somehow brings back that whole era.

  32. Nat White

    Do people still make obscene phone calls ?

    crappy firedog

    No these day they send the swat team as a prank call

  33. Armon L

    "cocain's a hell of a drug.. " - rockwell

  34. Allan Joseph

    why cant i find this song anywhere lol

  35. jimmywoodfull

    Like the two hits.

  36. Hiking C. Blackwell

    I Love to be paranoid thank you Rockwell.

  37. Don T

    Just when I thought I heard and saw everything from the 80s. lol

  38. Ulysses the Limitless Spirit

    The lighting in this video reminds me of old's really nostalgic...

  39. TimelessHorrorTV

    I bet he went into protective custody programme since the 80s


    I just found out he's the Motown's founder son and beat the crap out of a woman in 2018

  40. Samo

  41. P Joy

    Wow, love this one!

  42. Anime foxy

    Paranoia at it's finest

  43. YumAngryCookie

    She still calling him at the end of the video

  44. YumAngryCookie

    "Who is this!" lol

  45. itchydiscoman

    Awful follow up to his major hit

  46. Michael Warren

    Who would want to call this guy

  47. UschisGroove

    Super camp and cheesy video!

  48. Nash Burnette

    Charted at #35 on The Hot-100, but how in the hell did this completely miss the R&B Singles chart ?!??!?!?!?

  49. Hiking C. Blackwell

    Fun days people had from the early 80's, I was born in November 11, 1986 & I was 3 years of age in the late 80's 1989, fun times I had in New Orleans watching television & playing video games, I never watched bodybuilding women Channel on television & I didn't watch MTV that much in 1989, I only watched Beavis & Butt-Head on March 8, 1993. I remember watching Stacy Q music video two of hearts on one of those music videos Channel on television in 1989, I did know that music album from some where in New Orleans.

  50. Unexpected Potato

    African, 1980, America, That is why he is paranoid.

  51. Kat

    I was born in the very late 90's, but I seem to pursue the 20th century. I don't know if it's the nostalgia-loving generation I was born in or what, but I love anything to do from that century. I think it's where each decade is so different from each other. I like to go through tv/film/music/books and even fashion so I can sort of experience the certain year I'm looking at, even though I can't enjoy what my parents or grandparents enjoyed back in their day, this is as close as I can get, but it's so much fun. I've gone thru Wikipedia and checked out movies/tv and albums that came out in 1984 (also an avid WWE fan and have finished '84 on the WWE Network) and it's quite eye-opening; I've found a handful of amazing albums that came out that year, like "Into The Gap" by Thompson Twins, "The Smiths" selftitled album and this one, not to mention the metal that emerged from this year <3 I enjoy this time travelling <3

  52. maximumjesus

    I like how this video has the mailman from the first Rockwell video. It's RCU... Rockwell Cinematic Universe.

  53. Ben Rayonez

    He was one paranoid dude???? Thinking everybody wants his black toosie roll.

  54. Prankmaster533

    Yep rockwell knows what organized stalking is. COINTELPRO.

  55. Robert Kidd

    Call someone's house and say ribbit all night.

  56. Kristi Fuller

    This song came after his big hit"somebody's watching me"

  57. Owen Weaver

    Whos wathong

  58. Troy Arrington

    Introducing,....Kenneth Gordy-AKA- Rockwell!

  59. Neosoulgroovydude

    Yes this was his other hit

  60. nathar40

    Me and my best friend did a break dance routine in high school during a dance that we had practice for a while. It felt good to do something with him haven't seen him in 31 years. I don't even think he's alive.

  61. king ofhearts

    I think we found out who's been watching him it's the creepy mailman 34 year old mystery solved lmao 😂 😂

  62. dee Sparks

    what ever happened to this guy!

  63. Gage

    Amazingly unique. The whole album is killer

  64. Dave G

    Barry Gordy's son

  65. Amaraye Robbins

    This man was paranoid out his mind....

  66. Nob the Knave

    I think Rockwell might been like legit crazy.

  67. name less

    Obscene Service Provider

  68. Lumibear

    Is... is he trying for an English accent? That kinda doubles the creepy.


    He did an interview GQ Magazine and said he only did the British to separate himself from Michael Jackson. He didn't want people to feel he was American...because at that time Michael was the King in America back then. He said he decided to go with a British accent to get away from being American.

  69. farrah lynch

    Thank you so much for posting this classic from this underrated electrifying artist!

  70. Nayops 19

    2018 Watching?

  71. Jesse Garcia

    You guys don’t understand it

  72. John Zyp

    So weeeiird.

  73. Georghy

    Nice song, big rockwell

  74. The_BuDMaN-

    well that went downhill rather quickly...

  75. Typhlosion 157

    Whereis he now?

  76. Reborn8303

    This video is one of the most 80s from the 80s

  77. Gee Whiz

    He was privileged. Michael Jackson on his lead out single. Then this beautifully written masterpiece. But Mickelson Jagger can't sing either

  78. Jayne738

    2:34 bkkk melhor parte 👆😂. Amei essa música 🌸

  79. Han Solo

    does anyone else see Carlton????

  80. Master Chevvy

    go pla!

  81. Rajiv Iqbal

    One of the best song in my childhood.

  82. NadrianATRS

    God this guy sucks. He has no talent. He's like a male version of LaToya Jackson

    Nat White

    I think he's brilliant.

  83. micjakes1

    Always wondered why Berry Gordy didn't develop his son's career more.

  84. Styles Lee

    Mate He had Style i'll tell u That--Rockwell can sing, rap, jive, & Look Like Prince All at the Same Time!! This Song Is Funny.

  85. JGS Music

    I swear man.. This artist was absolute crap.... This is what happens when your dad is Bary Gordy and you have nothing good to do with your time...


    I think he was just having fun. he doesn't seem to take himself that seriously

    Gee Whiz

    JGS Music that shut sold units tho. Having MJ doing your chorus didn't hurt either

    Haylo Troutman

    Reborn8303 I agree, I love the Beats to his songs back in the day LOL but you're right he wasn't a serious artists at all it was just something fun and of course Michael Jackson helped a lot.

    Haylo Troutman

    JGS Music ...I remember in an interview with Rockwell, he said he let Berry Gordy hear his demo of somebody's watching me and Berry Gordy's exact words was your not getting no damn wear with this garbage !, and pitched it in the trash LOL. Later on Michael Jackson felt bad for him of course ,and said you know what let's redo the song ,I'd love to be a part of it! LOL and that was of course what made it a hit.

    farrah lynch

    Haylo Troutman Wow...thanks for that great music trivia!

  86. Cl4rendon

    I loved this back in the day more than "Somebodies watching me" - It was more groovy and funny.

    farrah lynch

    Cl4rendon I always felt the same way!

    agreed..this was the better song, but 'somebody's watching' was the better vid

  87. Michael Webb

    Before *69, it was fun to make crank calls and get people's angry reactions!

  88. Notfromthe 80s

    You tell them stalkers, Rockwell.

    DJ Ryan

    why you guys call him weird and mad scientist???

  89. David D.

    Why are all his songs about stalking or perving on someone?


    i didnt like it but when i heard it again on 1.5 i said it should have been released like that.. and yes with michael again..

  91. Chad MDZ

    I never knew had another video after watching me...its no wonder why he hasn't had a hit since then cause this song is awful.

    Prince of all Negros

    MackenDeez naw u just too stupid to know good music

  92. karameldreem

    This is Hazel Gordy's brother.

  93. TomMRF

    First a song about someone watching him, then a song about strange phone calls. Was this guy schizophrenic? Or paranoid?

    DJ Ryan

    why you guys call him weird and mad scientist???

  94. sammie smith

    I remember when this came out in 1984.

    Ray Balzz ,the poon slayer

    I remember when YOU came out in 1984 HA HA

    Ray Balzz ,the poon slayer

    Good one me ❤❤

    Ray Balzz ,the poon slayer

    Thanks me, you lookin sexy af today 😚😍

    Ray Balzz ,the poon slayer

    Just wait till your ass gets home 😣😣😣😣