Rocko - P.I.M.P. Lyrics

Put it in my pocket
Put it in my pocket
Put it in my pocket
Put it in my pocket
Put it in my pocket
Put it in my pocket
Put it in my pocket
Give a damn ‘bout where you get it from
Just put it in my pocket
Put it in my pocket
Put it in my pocket
Put it in my pocket
Put it in my pocket
Go out there and get it then come put it in my pocket
Put it in my pocket, bitch, put it in my pocket
I’m talking P.I.M.P., put it in my pocket, Aye

[Verse 1: Rocko]
Wake up bright and early, put on my pants and grab my rocket
Make sure cocked and loaded then I put it in my pocket
Plenty cash stashed stock it, leave it where I got it
Leave her how and then when I come back look how full my pockets is
Look how fat my pocket look, got your bitch in pocket, look
You bought her a pocket book, she brought me that pocket book
Purse first, yeah, my hoes in pocket
Bet I burst first if you ever get out pocket nigga
Pockets look like book centers, Yale was my college
Make a quarterback I-pass, pockets look like Diet pads
Everything a green light, nothing you can do to stop it
P.I.M.P., put it in my pocket, ho


[Verse 2: T.I.]
Ok, 4 o'clock this morning, we still up and fighting
Dizzy Bentley, roses, we don’t drive no Maseratti
Got your broad off in my party, got my rod off in her body
Got her face off in my bitch, and I got both them bitches hollering
I seen your ho in Festo, and guess what that bitch said to me
She said my nigga said he’d kill me if I fuck you
So I guess I gotta hop off in your truck, give you some head and leave
Ok, you don’t give a fuck about him, I don’t give a fuck about him
Honestly, I think your nigga scared to beef
But you ain’t got a thousand bucks, I tell you what
You can close your mouth and lay for me
But because, my bitch too hood and my dick too good
Say my name, out your mouth, nigga, wish you would
And this be the Dope Boy academy, speak P.I.M.P. round them licks
She on her hands and knees on a canopy bed
Only thing you got was a bag of weed
But see I ask for cab before I ask for ass
So I just fired up the blunt and ashed her ass and said


[Verse 3: Rocko]
These niggas pocket watching, pocket plotting
Tryna get in my pocket
All this yapping, talking about robbing, all these killers I got in pocket
They gonna do whatever I tell ‘em to, yeah they in my pocket, man down
Fuck away from my pocket
All these niggas got they hand out tryna get in my pocket
Told them nigga put they hand in before I chop, I chop it, aye
You ain’t put shit in my pocket
Don’t be trying to get shit out of my pocket, nigga
Pharaoh game on cargos, all these fucking pockets
Car got at the apartments, all these fucking pockets
Rap style crack, all my flow in pocket
No losses all profit, all my dough in pocket


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  1. Aaron Roland

    Access control Rabarnes7

  2. Mr. Castillo

    Talking Bout P I M P

  3. LiLi Parks

    This song should have a million views

  4. Albert Hunt

    This should be in tht iPhone x commercial

  5. Dontéx

    Put it in my pocket 💰💰💲💲🙏