Rocko - Maybe Lyrics

Maybe it's my... Maybe it's my... [repeat]
Maybe it's the way you look
Maybe it's yo midas touch
It's our chemistry
Maybe it's the way we fuck (oh no)
Maybe it's the way you smell
I really like that fragrance
Maybe it's the way you make me feel
I feel like taking it
Maybe it's your personality
I'm diggin your demeanor
Maybe it's yo nationality
Maybe it's you latina
You's a bad bitch if ever seen one
Maybe it's da way you strut yo stuff
Is what make you a diva
Normally I just hit and run
But Maybe I shoud keep her
Maybe we should cruise da city
Maybe I should leave her (oh no)
Maybe I should take her with me really I dunno
I told ha if she make me cum
Maybe I'll let her go

Maybe it's my car
Maybe cause I'm flexing
Maybe it's wrist piece
Gotcha bitch getting naked
Maybe it's bracelet
Maybe it's my chain
Maybe it's my swagga
Gotcha bitch off the chain
Maybe it's cause I'm ON
Maybe it's my dougie
Maybe it's my cologne
Gotcha bitch wanna fuck me
Maybe it's how I be thuggin'
She like the way I be kicking it
Maybe it's all this money
She like the way I be getting it
Maybe it's cause she know, I got the Bin Laden
Oh tho' that I been here, Old cats that I been had
Maybe it's the Pig Latin, espanol, italino
Maybe it's cause I'm trilingual, when I come talk to my amigos
Maybe it's cause I'm flexin,
Counting all these necklace'
Maybe it's that time piece
Gotta trying to get naked
Maybe she just like the way I party in this bitch (I Party!)
Pants sagging from all this money I brought up in this bitch
(It's what I do!)
Maybe it's my gangsta
She don't fuck with them suckas!
She know she love a hustler
Maybe that's Why I fuck with her
Maybe that's why she fuck with me
Maybe cause I'm hot,
Maybe cause I'm cold,
Maybe cause you NOT!


Maybe it's the way I do my thang,
Gotta these ngas hating
Maybe it's cause I fucked they bitch
Maybe that's why they contemplating... (on what?)
On a way to end me, maybe they just won't my spot
They want a car like mine, maybe they just want my watch
I just sit and watch, maybe I should say something
But when I see them sucka ngas they don't say nothing!
I'm an OG, I wear my stripes like a Ref!
Maybe once I got Right, them ngas felt Left!
Maybe I should grab that thang and kill all the confusion (bllaahhtt)
Granddaddy told me before he died just kill em with yo music!
Maybe it's cause I'm winning, maybe cause I'm super cool
Maybe it's cause I'm fly, maybe it's cause I'm that dude!

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Rocko Maybe Comments
  1. Aaron Dowdy

    Did you like trenchcoats. I don't . It really has a southern America affect. That needs another fence.

  2. Jason Nyquist

    Wish he would bump and make music again smh

  3. Zach Stiles

    One thing i know as an absolute fact is when Rocko drops some new shit or does a feature it's always a complete banger with lyrics on point. He needs to drop something soon. It's about his time anyways.

  4. Emilio Rossi

    This was that heat in elementary School

  5. AtlTrvpz


  6. Matheus Araújo

    Maybe 🤑

  7. Yung Bino

    2019 Bitch

  8. Edgar G

    2019 and im listening this again haha nolstagia

  9. katoTV

    Rocko was dropping fuckin anthems at one point

  10. C R


  11. LilZen

    2019 boi

  12. El lobo de Wall Street

    2019 🙆

  13. Leon Hearon

    Rocko hottest shit ever

  14. the seventh child spiritual Goddess

    Maybe cause I'm ooooooon still my favorite song!!

  15. Broly

    Future @ 0:13 hundred hr

  16. Kush kingOnyx

    You can see future in this you know rocko was one the hottest in the A

  17. Bob Simpleton

    October 26, 2018

    Greg Glass

    Bob Simpleton wee

  18. Áurio Distinto

    esse som me escangalha é foda perfeita 2love Rocko

  19. Marq D. Goggins

    Look at future 0:13

  20. Netiah Franklin

    2018 anyone

  21. ThePresley1989

    A true classic. 😊

  22. problem kidd x

    you gotta be rocking this in 2018  guys .....lil pump should take notes

  23. Shawn Schall

    still bumpin 2018

  24. Ashley Rasco


  25. Edwin Robinson

    still bumpin feb 21 2018

    Geoffery Jones

    Edwin Robinson ghuiopqrstu

  26. Ella Shattun

    2017 anyone??

  27. Eddie Hall

    Florida... Taking Over ...your girl all on Me.. ..Flame

  28. crystal clear

    love and relate to rocko music

  29. keith lang

    Still bumbin 2020

  30. Peaches Williams

    still bumping it 2017

  31. Kush kingOnyx

    rocko keep it 100

  32. Ms Meeny

    this my shitt

  33. Luvhim Luvher

    Monica baby daddy😎😎😎😎

  34. necelticsox

    Maybe it's my

  35. Peaches Williams

    still bumping this in 2017

  36. enis avdiu

    nice autotune

  37. Jessica Elliott

    2017 still fiyahh

  38. Joseph Deluna


  39. Daniel Charana

    Bumping this in 2017

  40. The One

    17 Rocko 💯


    Holy shit 6 years ago I thought it was latino dude rapping this shit bro im not fuckin lying

  42. Reed Boman

    tyga is better

  43. kevin2hard

    hip hop music these days got 40mil plus views for bullshit these tracks back in the day should have been 200mil views

  44. Dark Skin Romeo

    Still bumpin this in 2016

    Mariah Texas

    dsgb 26 2018

    thf mooda

    dsgb 27 hella losses

    Geoffery Jones

    dsgb 27 kop

  45. daniel anderson

    When I first heard this song in2010 I knew exactly who the artist was his style is very distinct and different...

  46. Ramadan Moussa

    What!? I never knew Future was in this song

    Dennis Nderitu

    Rocko n Future. They're half bros


    For real?? How you suing your half brother then???? Music industry even turn brothers against eachother.. Damn!!

  47. xGod

    Rocko lookin' like LL Cool J in this video. 😂

  48. John Mark Kissiedu

    Yaris Sanchez at 0:33
    Gypsey del Rosario 1:25

  49. prcimtimatervise

    yall aint notice Future at the begining tho

    Chris B

    prcimtimatervise he wrote the hook

  50. Edward Padilla

    kold track still!

  51. Jacob Nimely

    maybee is my sawgger got da girl's goin crazy..da Don

  52. Nooney B

    Yall sleeping on Da Don

  53. jsmendi23

    Taking it back to 2010!

  54. ATL Exotic Fashions

    this be Rockin!!! ... my Versse... Maybe its Sway maybe its realness,, maybe its your thang..... I aways get dat that why i stay hot... #Rocko

  55. Billiam Antony

    Love this record. Rocko is a trendsetter it's crazy how TEYANA Taylor comes out with damn near the same song 5 years later. Lol not even a rocko remix?

    Vanessah Herndon

    I thought I was the only 1 who thought that. at least im not


    What song is that

  56. Emmanuel Ray

    Maybe, its that sexy ass chick in the video.


    Hey man this is "Only the best music" and just letting you know that Feels Gudd is in my channel and what a great song, congrats!!!!

  58. Sandy Knowlton IV

    That Teyana Taylor song made we wanna listen to this haha

    Garnet Burke

    Haha, just came from watching her video then i immediately remembered this song and searched for it.

    Ms. Marr

    Lol, Thought I was the only one who remembered this song.

    Jace Lucas A.

    @Sandy Knowlton IV i thought the same thing that's why I came back to this

  59. DJ Jon804 Remixes

    Trey Songz version is better, I still like rocko tho

    beee ezeaezez


  60. 1 KASHYY

    My uncle made this beat.

  61. porcelain

    lmao maybe its my chain

  62. Wyatt baning

    rap sucks now a days
    all that rap about now a days is all the money and hoes they have.
    yet the videos are shot at other peoples mansions.
    the girls are a dime a dozen visit southern cali hoes like that everywhere!
    the rap is SO COMMERCIAL. lyrics the same as all the other current rappers! 
    2pac now that some rap! 

    Lord André†

    Stop bitching. You're not making the genre better by bitching. Go listen to 2Pac and fuck off.

  63. Vic Miranda

    May-be'd Colognes nahhh!!!!! lol

  64. Solomon walcot

    Dammmmnnn that bych is hot as fuck

  65. keisha pullman

    isn't this Monica baby father..

  66. emmanuel alhameed

    This nagga is good

  67. Bud Langley

    This song is the fuckin' shit & this song goes so muthafuckin' hard

  68. josh tate

    heather  kicked .......blow that smoke............high as hell

  69. josh tate

    hot as hell be here name lol  love my girl more thoughg she give me that dance that dance we should live on daily.....weekly.....yearly......for life

  70. celio carneiro

    muito loka essa musica do rocko maybe

  71. Janet Frew

    Maybe cause i 'm flexen

  72. DragonFire Radio 421

    MAYBE its time to listen to more of this shit!
    Rap 4 LIFE BITCHES!!!

  73. kay dub


  74. Maddy Wolfe

    my song <33

  75. Steven Sandoval

    Bro this my shit back from hemetsfinest days got ur bitch gettin naked

  76. Zack Pacheco

    Tygas version is way better

    Bobby Brown

    People be sleeping on them Well Done mixtapes .. But not better but it was a good remix tho

  77. Sam Wigand

    Shit my pants

  78. almighty47

    Future up in here 0.o

  79. Nathan South

    maybe its coz ur an ugly fucking kent

  80. Sam


  81. Jasper van den Berg

    Too much auto-tune though...

  82. marlon sacconi

    dope dope

  83. Dhee Santana

    It Is Lol

    Geoffrey Jones

    Dhee Santana frenterkenter

  84. LeeroyBePuffin

    I thought tyga is it better rocko still ku tho

  85. Vansky Vanz

    Tal vez me encuentre con esta chica
    Tal vez le de un poco de mi clika

  86. evannej30

    maybe is the song that put me on to rocko he the shit

  87. norman davis

    Rocko n Future is cousins

  88. IAMprolifik

    Please check our version of this song on my channel and feel free to leave feedback on the video. And thanks to everyone that supported my previous videos on youtube.

  89. tad nhende

    rocko's shit ride!!!!