Rockie Fresh - The Landing Lyrics

So many places that I want to see
So many countries where I want to go
Will I make it? I don't really know
But Lord knows that I'm working for it
Shit I can't be like these other guys
They bullshitting and they telling lies
Reality done went and caught them by surprise
Yeah see I done seen niggas go broke
Trying hard to be cool, chasing the thrills
Then they get behind on they bills
This a message to the kids
Growing up, it's real
I ain't never seen woman make a man of steel
People swear they got bullet proof
Flesh and blood
The game so dirty
But I'm fresh in mud
Tired of how I'm living
So I packed shit up
Put years of my memory
In the back of a truck
They say there ain't nothing wrong
With a change of scene
A playa act up
Then he changed his team
I think you got a problem [?]
Can't pick a side can you be too neutral?
I wish I had another whole 'nother planet to move to
Like the Jetson's, will you miss me?
That's the question
No more stressing
Maybe it's respect then
Maybe it's a blessing

Shout out everyone I'm cool with
Everybody I went to school with
Every person I ever worked with
Even people I went to church with
Got high, blew the loud, rolled the purp with
Every bitch I chilled on the surf with
Since you make my life better
Now a young nigga ready for whatever

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Rockie Fresh The Landing Comments
  1. 420 4Life2Style0

    The best summers i have with Rockies Mixtapes!

  2. Allno Masour


  3. Worshiper270916

    a year later, this project still hits home especially when you spend 2016 grindin to it. rockie earned his respect!

  4. Juice

    this was majorly slept on

  5. lakel


  6. Ben Ramprashad

    I fuck with thisss