Robinson, Tom - Out To Lunch Lyrics

Tom it's Colin here
Er... are you there?
If so, don't forget lunch today, erm...
12.30 Ian Randall

Er... give me a call
Or something
So that... it takes place

You're not there are you?
Tom, Colin here...
Tom, it's extremely urgent:
We're meant to be having
Lunch with Ian Randall -
Where are you?

Tom... Tom, this is Colin
Are you there?
Are you there?
This is EXTREMELY urgent
I'm ringing to remind you
We're meant to be having
Lunch with Ian Randall

If you do get in
While I'm at lunch
Will you PLEASE go to L'Escargot
At the bottom of Greek Street
As fast as possible
The lunch is due
To start at 12.30
I shall be there
See you later

Hi, I'm ringing
On behalf of Colin Bell
Regarding your lunch date today
Thanks very much

Tom, it's Colin here
Are you there?
Are you there, Tom?
You're not there
Well, I'm at L'Escargot

Hello - I'm calling
On behalf of Colin Bell
At the Press Office
Regarding your lunch date
This is Jill
Bye bye

Hello - this is Jill here
From Phonogram press office
Regarding your lunch date today
Bye bye

Here are you there
Here are you there
Here are you there

Are you there, Tom...Tom
Are you there, Tom...Tom
Are you there, Tom...Tom

Hello - it's Jill again
Ringing on behalf of Colin Bell
At the press office...


Lunch with Ian Randall
Lunch with Ian Randall
Lunch with Ian Randall

Tom, you lucky schmuck
You've missed a wonderful lunch
With Ian Randall
Heh heh
Give me a call
When you get in
Don't worry about it
See you later

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Robinson, Tom Out To Lunch Comments
  1. Santi Souto

    Im here just because of Vanessa Bayer 😍

  2. Fonya/Chris Fournier Music - from the source

    Self deprecating 😂😂😂😂

  3. Large Shake

    First time i watched this i was tripping on acid, and honestly watching this on acid was the best trip ever.

  4. Jerimiah Gentry


  5. Anthony Sequeira

    Loads of beef😂

  6. Girafarig's Butt

    this skit makes me lose it every single time

  7. G White

    Saying pig dicks twice was golden. Butt sucked by flies and wet bodies also gems. Best comedy sketch I've ever seen. 100%

  8. James Sudbury

    Horrible script

  9. Bradley Davis

    Greatest sketch ever

  10. Lucas Parrett

    It’s interesting to me how some people I show these sketches to find them as hilarious as I do, and some of them don’t get it... Like when someone doesn’t think it’s funny, it makes me question my own sense of humor... it’s made me choose much more carefully who I show this show to, like I have to do a pre-evaluation of their sense of humor before putting on the show lmao. Anyways have a great day everyone

    Lucas Parrett

    I feel that bro haha totally

  11. Macaroni and Cliches

    I think this is the best segment of season 1

  12. Ben Norman

    521 people are mad cuz they didn't win best hog at the hogshit snarfing contest

  13. Desstrik

    LOL, Brenda rules!

  14. Joe Seward

    Hog shit snarfing contest 😂

  15. Mike B

    Vanessa <3.

  16. HubbzZ

    Ugh so glad this got renewed

  17. semjaavria

    She could have done fat fucks.

  18. Tsetsi

    this was a weird set of jokes

  19. Ruth Chelimo

    Ah, the blurry lines of Instagram captioning.

  20. Quincy Jones

    id do stuff to vanessa's butt

  21. Xander X

    OMG😂😂😂 this is amazing

  22. Fielding Barget

    "Won best hog at the hog snarfing contest"

  23. Fielding Barget

    This was one of my favorite clips!

  24. Riley Stueven

    This show is a GEM

  25. Jordi Vanderwaal

    To be honest Vanessa's character is so relatable. I find so stupid when people do that fake-endearment & self-deprecating thing, so I always go one step further. xD
    Also, that Asian girl from Insatiable is very funny, I hope she gets more popular.

  26. Michael Huynh

    Her commentary is just unnecessarily hostile towards her friends...

  27. Jos Albert AA

    Screaming 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

  28. MoeGreenesEye

    Oh man, all three of them need to fuck off with that vocal fry

  29. Chris Cee

    Wish I could win a snarf contest

  30. Joe Isol

    I can't stop watching this

  31. Ryan C

    I want a copy of this script

  32. buckyphoria

    i LOVED this

  33. furioushazaa

    But the first 2 girls didn't say anything self deprecating about themselves?

  34. James M

    This is the best content period! I have been referencing this all year. Our culture is so crazy and this just amplifies it so everyone can see how f-ing crazy it is.

  35. Santino -

    They made her seem unfunny on SNL.

  36. pepper’s clock’s

    This is too accurate.. lmao fjfnfkfk

  37. Flower Guardian

    Just wet wet mud

  38. Connor Fresh

    Didnt get an answer.
    Are they the pig dicks or the bags of meat?

  39. verzure

    Netflix: "Only on Netflix"
    YouTube: "They're mad because I won best hog at the hog shit snarfing contest"

  40. Justin Bowen

    Stop bullying her 😪

  41. Chris Mann

    This reminds me of SNL before Trump.

  42. Talcum

    "thank yewww" -- why do young American woman talk like that? It's so awful

  43. adam fox

    This is a perfect sketch.

  44. BoniBon 666

    This shit was unfunny af
    Who wrote this garbage?
    It had so much potential especially with the girl from snl

  45. pat Steimer

    I’ve watched this 4 times and each time I’m in tears. This is amazing.

  46. Jared Wilson

    Holy shit! Mr. Regan!

  47. Brad2Penske

    im dead

  48. Gregor Miller

    PLZ check out Fearless Down The Rabbit hole site if ya get a chance, thanks:)


    This shit is fucking outstanding.

  50. Oscar Holmström


  51. X Woog

    I fucking love this show.

  52. Jonathan DeFranco

    I don't know why, but the part where the one girl says "basically the same thing" makes me laugh so hard

  53. Andrew M

    What does this have to do with Netflix?

    W.B S.

    It's on Netflix... Duh

  54. social coder

    I see Mr Reagan!!

  55. Dan Bee

    At least post a link to the account so I can like😞

  56. Trey Henderson

    Almost forgot to watch this today

  57. Maggie Dempsey

    "So... are we the pig dicks or the bags of meat?"

  58. The Crab

    They're mad cuz I won best hog at the hog shit snarfing contest.

  59. Tynan Media

    'gulping down some pig dicks with these bags of meat' is my fave ❤️

  60. Steven Huetteman

    Vanessa Bauer has a similar tone to Amir from jake and Amir in this sketch. Especially when she says “I hope nobody gulps us”.

  61. Valerie Woods

    This was one of three good sketches on the whole show. This was the best by far.

  62. Barbara Donegan

    Dammit it's no good. I've allowed three weeks between each successive viewing of this and I still end up with mascara all over my face.

  63. Joel Hamby

    I enjoyed this skit and a few others from the 1st season BUT there is entirely too much yelling in the show for me. More times than not, Tim is screaming, veins popping, which to me says it's aiming toward a much younger audience. Kinda reminds me of YT streamers who don't really have comedy chops so they just yell a lot to be 'crazy'. Doesn't work for me but... this is all subjective.

    Brandon P

    Lol. Hot take. Swing and a miss though. Might want to rewatch with the volume lower if all you got was yelling? This guy is a well known comedy writer. And did you see the names on this show? Tim Heidecker is on board..I mean..this IS good comedy. But sure.. maybe some Jeff Dunham is more your speed?

  64. James Richie

    A+ sketch

  65. M LE

    Vanessa Bayer is such a gem

  66. Job

    Love her. But this is the dumbest pos show on anything

  67. undifined thatguynamedjim

    so funny I laugh pissing myself, Lord

  68. Coach Vandy

    I hope this never leaves me. GOLD!!!!

  69. Kit E. Katz


  70. Delusional-Shadow

    vanessa bayer 😍

  71. Jew Slayer

    I don't understand why the least funny sketch in the series has the most views. Lol sHe sAiD a SwEaR

  72. christeebs

    strong Jake and Amir vibes

  73. mbolduc

    Love this show

  74. BouncingSoul1987

    Hope nobody GULPS us....

  75. F xx

    can someone type this out so i can use it as my capation next sunday brunch xx

  76. Sh D

    the way Vanessa says “pig dicks” gets me aroused every time

  77. James Dean


  78. skonenblades

    So...are we the pig dicks or the bags of meat?

  79. Zack Dean

    load my frickin' lard carcass into the mud

  80. LockeKappa

    Wait. So are they the pig dicks or the bags of meat? Im so confused.

  81. Teppei Ando

    I love Vanessa Bayer... She cracks me up

  82. Jess Roberts

    Fucking dead. I literally had to hit the ventolin 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  83. Kristen Pierson

    Jesus Brenda

  84. Will C.

    vanessa bayer is so cute

  85. Click03

    Eating crap with these sacks of shit. If they died tomorrow no one would shed a tear.
    Slapping down some pig shit with these fat fucks and I'm the fattest of them all. If I died tomorrow no one would shed a tear. Load my freaking lard carcass into the mud. No coffin please, just wet, wet mud. Bae.
    Gulping down some pig dicks with these bags of meat. Sunday Funday with these pig dicks. Hope nobody gulps us.
    Slurping down fish piss with these wet chodes. Total tuna cans. Put a bullet in their fucking brains and leave their wet bodies on the side of the road. Boo caught me sleeping!
    *Sitting here with two bonafide pieces of hog shit. They're mad because I won best hog at the hog shit snarffing contest. But I'm not mad because we're all loads of beef sitting on the side of a highway getting our butts sucked by flies.*

  86. K August

    Miss Bayer just got inside the unconscious thoughts of many Instagram users.

  87. Julianna H5782

    Vanessa is such a pro, I could never even start one of those end ones without dying laughing

  88. Kiico

    ”I tagged you both in that” 😂🤣😍

  89. Kingbopit

    Where’s bones are their money?

  90. ninjaJAF

    Hey I'm grump

  91. Kiico

    Best sketch of the show imo

  92. eddie1236

    Thanks Game Grumps!

  93. OptimusProvost

    Game Grumps

  94. ASMR moneystaxxx

    They hate us Cuz they ain't us

  95. TheAlbinoskunk

    Big Jake and Amir vibes

  96. Ghost Note

    717,450 views, with 5 comments Herh?