Robinson, Tom - Castle Island Lyrics

Where the sun lights up still waters in the harbour
And where hungry eyes once stared out to the sea
Yes it's there that I'll come home, across the dancing foam
And once again I'll walk on Castle Island

I remember years ago the place seemed quieter
The rain fell softer still, the moon shone brighter
Maybe memory plays its' games, and the beauty's still the same
As when I took my first steps on Castle Island

I smiled as I walked up past the old ballroom
Where in sharp creased suits we'd laugh and dance till dawn
And when Mary said 'I will' my heart with joy was filled
But we cried as we sailed out from Castle Island

The city that we came to was a stranger
Where neighbours passed you by without a word
The work we did was hard and filled with danger
Never found the promised land of which we'd heard

We met up with fellow souls who'd left the old place
And we'd drown our dreams in pints and whiskeys smooth
And when Liam would sing a song, we'd be carried all along
Transported through the tune to Castle Island

Now the years lie heavy on my aching shoulders
And my weary bones cry out for rest at last
When the circle is complete, the good earth will taste so sweet

As they lay me down to sleep on Castle Island
With my own folk I shall sleep 'neath Castle Island

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Robinson, Tom Castle Island Comments
  1. Ringo

    Trover saves the Universe xD

  2. alex gameplay e cose


  3. thewalkingdead

    this was my favorite movie as a kid tho

  4. Bhujay Behera

    Anyone from odisha?

  5. ソウルTWICE

    It sounds sad, but the movie is really funny🤣

  6. Two crazy boys

    This movie exploded all my emotions coz u either hope or die.

  7. Mads Rasmussen

    Lol the background music is from Braveheart

  8. Aliff Daniel

    0:00 DreamWorks Pictures / 20th Century Fox

  9. Daniel Watson

    And the Best Supporting actor award goes to..... WILSON!!!!

  10. Girl Girl Tribe

    watching to show the wife as she’s never seen some how.

  11. عباس عباس

    منو جاي من سنة ٢٠١٩

  12. Felicia Schemonia

    I absolutely love this movie! It was so awesome. But when he lost Wilson I cried so hard! 😥

  13. Tobias Constantine

    Dang a movie filmed in one of the most popular islands in fiji.


    Ты сдела выбор я не осуждаю
    но вера в тебя помогала мне

  15. mohammad mawla

    That wilson part though made me cry

  16. Siddhesh Berde.

    Tell Me Which Is this Last Music
    i a really Like it
    give me the name

  17. うんち


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  20. Suicide Slush Puppie

    um why do they have the soundtrack from Braveheart playing in the background?

  21. Thomas Richard

    Worth watching.....but so sad he had no faith in God......just his basketball..........

  22. MrGabeanator

    Atticus Omundson sent me

  23. Ravi Naga

    Full movie please 🙏

  24. Tha'er Ra'ed


  25. Terrell320 Brown

    2019 anyone

  26. عبدالله العراقي

    *من اجمل افلام العالم*

  27. Breaking TEN

    Everyone’s saying that Wilson should’ve won an Oscar, but in all seriousness, Tom Hanks should’ve won that Oscar that Russell Crowe (from Gladiator) stole from him. Tom Hanks went through hell and did so much throughout production in this film. All Russell Crowe did in Gladiator was kick ass and say one liners. He didn’t deserve that Oscar for that overrated film. Tom Hanks deserved that Oscar WAY more for this film.

  28. valeria Iskorneva

    Just watching the trailer makes me cry let alone the movie 😪

  29. Dr1MaR

    Sponsored by Fedex

  30. ༺M༻

    menn.. such a gooffy tight azz was wilson
    i tel yaa, swear to God if I find him one day, hoofff.. I will tearup his shady ripdup bichezz azz.. jus like that: oohhmm!
    yoo hear me willi?!? yoo fuktard bichazz sonzebichezz arzzholdd

  31. Jeffrey Richardson

    scotts darwin theory
    lauries friend michael weiry
    a dead dog teary

  32. Jeffrey Richardson

    ellers on the hill
    video store old rental
    katies soups lentil

  33. thomasod05

    One of the greatest movies ever.

  34. Lisa Foxx_321 Foxx

    I was born

  35. Barry Khan

    T2 373 Party of God

  36. DJ Burger


  37. Janett S

    Whos here after watch this on AMC February 28th 2019

  38. Rishabh Shukla

    Oh I watched this movie when I was 6 and was literally depressed after watching this...

  39. Cheezeitzrice Insert-last-name-here

    He made me feel sad about a ball.


  40. Randy Brewton

    Looking back this trailer basically told the whole story

  41. Yasir Ali

    Willson i am sorry.

  42. Yasir Ali

    Best movie of all time.

  43. Deborah Busch

    Did any one else cry when he lost Wilson in the ocean?

  44. technical hero

    U r aweeeeeeesssoooomee

  45. booognish

    Why does this remind me of a trailer from tropic thunder.

  46. Kamlesh Tala

    What a wonderful actor Tom,,

  47. CHRIS

    Does anyone notice that the soundtrack sounds like braveheart?


    This is not just a movie it tells and teaches us the main thing that is how to survive alone when no one is around you, welson is the character we all have in our lives and we are also like this man no escape and no free to live i am from Pakistan and i watched this when i was 5, my father loved this movie and mee too my father is now no more with us, i can't say what i want but this movie is like the best movie for me everytime.

  49. Elshan Samedov

    Əlaaa filmdir bu

  50. Elshan Samedov


  51. Olivia Kędzia

    I love this film😍

  52. Raymonf Rose


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    if This Movie Available In HIndi Please Send Me [email protected] [email protected]

  54. William Eriksson

    When he had to jump off the aircraft he could not breathe in the air.Then he trained a human because he could not not breathe well enough.After late when he crunsched on an island.

  55. Rezzmari

    I watched this movie as a kid too. Left an impression on me at the time, especially Wilson. When I see memes of that, I REMEMBER. NO ONE FORGETS WILSON!

  56. Al-ghifari fathan

    Nice forest!!

  57. mallikarjuna koppada

    I would love be this lost guy in real life,

  58. ロンアッキー


  59. Raul Salazar

    This idiot never cried to Jesus what a fool!! and while he was trusting in FedEx another man was banging his wife,I bet she was very happy with that and forgot his name upon the first penetration!

  60. jumbeaux1

    I love you too, Kelly. More than you'll ever know...

  61. Rasheed Wright

    that soundtrack was desame with the soundtrack of braveheart

  62. MrGabeanator

    from the director of who framed Roger Rabbit and starring woody Carol Connelly Art Mullen and Mike Logan

  63. sara tfkh

    will never forget this movie <3

  64. J A

    When a trailer spoils the entire movie

  65. ludaa da

    Very sad movie 😭❤️

  66. DemonActivity101

    I miss this movie

  67. Hewerton Barros

    Wilsooon !

  68. Luke Waggoner

    family guy

  69. Oi Zélc


  70. Thokchom Dinesh

    it's very nice movie I like it

  71. Lê Trọng Phúc Entertainment

    1:46 music please

  72. Christopher Perry

    His scream for Wilson, remains, unparralled.

  73. ꧁༒WALDo⓻u⓻༒꧂

    llo solo bine por guilson

  74. Jeff Bingaman

    Shows you should always carry a mixed pack of seeds cuz you never know

  75. Almond Alegado


  76. Grzegorz P.

    i back to this move after almost 16 years :) ... amazing story ! . Greetings from Poland ;)

  77. B R

    R.I.P. Lari White 1965 - 2018 you will be missed.

    Hasan Ulaş Ay

    Yav hehe oç

  78. Bruce Wayne

    Apetently director of this film was gonna do superman film after this film and supposed release date was 2003 he had signed Tom Hanks as Lex Luther and new comer was supposed talks were with josh Harnett and Matt Damon to play superman with Kate winselet as Lois lane however they never able to complete pre production I still remeber interview of director back in early 2001 how he will approach superman

  79. Summer Snow

    I do not remember 1:45 scene...

  80. Brooklyn Garcia

    My grandma has the volleyball Wilson

  81. Night Hawk

    Is this worth watching? I wonder why it looks it was shot in the 70s

    B R

    Yes it is.

  82. Kylee Rose

    anyone 2017?

    Hasan Ulaş Ay

    Bi sg amk

  83. José Segura

    In the memoriam of Wilson.

  84. val di

    Great Film! Very beatiful.

  85. Andrew Smith

    This is one of the most boring films I've ever seen. What's supposed to be good about it? For most of the film, nothing happens. When he is finally rescued, there isn't a happy ending - he was assumed to be dead and his girlfriend has married someone else.

  86. M-Cool

    I watched this movie because I have no friends....

    Zainab xx

    M-Cool cool


    Braveheart soundtrack? aaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggggg

  88. Lil Pandaxox


  89. Paidmason

    shrek music?

    San Tourism

    it's a music from Braveheart.

  90. キミレス


  91. apple's lover

    anyone here from watchmojo for the worst trailers that spoiled the movies?

  92. GCJ

    Anyone here to see the actual film becuz of Stranded Deep?

  93. Joshua Skeen

    I can't believe I cried for a volleyball. still Wilson should win an award

  94. Elle Jones

    Is this movie any good? Suitable for 9+ years?! Thanks

  95. Chloe Price

    I hope he gets the part

  96. Chris Wolff

    This movie can make you really think about your life.

  97. Ding Dong

    It's Woody from Toy Story 2