Robinson, Tom - Bully For You Lyrics

Cut the cackle 'cause we're getting to the facts now
Guilt edged security hold me back now
Cold blanket at the drop of a hat man
Bully for you, I'm just mad about that man

I hear the sound of dogs in the rain
I know you won't be back again
We seen it three times on the run
Pass up a chance to
Cut the crap and make it happen
Giving can be fun

We don't need no aggravation
We don't need no aggravation

I ain't afraid but I just don't wanna fight now
This movie's over, so switch that light out
Turn of the screw and tomorrow soon come man
Wake in the morning, wonder what've you done man

There ain't another place in town
I'm moving over, going down
Killing time, the morning drop
The final judgement
Stayed a day to try your way to
Make the aching stop

We don't need no aggravation

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Robinson, Tom Bully For You Comments
  1. a prole

    The Ian Rankin Rebus novels had a few references to this using lines like 'bully for you'.
    There was a constant stream of musical admiration in those novels, always winding back round to records, lyrics or styles.
    Love stuff like that.

  2. Rasputin's Walloper

    One of their best songs.

  3. Dave Sheppard

    Criminally overlooked ..!!


    The band or the song?
    Y'know what, both. Both are criminally overlooked. And it makes me supremely sad.

  4. Super Mururoa

    I think, talking about the final choir, that PINK FLOYD should offer Tom Robinson at least a couple of pints down at the pub... and present him a signed brick from their castle' wall...

  5. G-plan9 Future

    One of my faves at that time..b side

    Rasputin's Walloper

    Are you sure? I thought it was A side.

  6. Gasparuccio X

    great underrated song

  7. fossie32

    Great :)

  8. Brad Leuzzi

    Great song

  9. Tony Featherstone

    Is this TRB or just TR ?! Sounds more like a Todd Rundgren tune than anything I had heard from Tom Robinson !

    Thomas Hillebrandt

    The music was mostly written by Peter Gabriel; that might explain something.


    You Wrong :) Peter did this as a cover of the song

    Thomas Hillebrandt

    Peter Gabriel is even credited on the cover of the LP. I'm not wrong.

  10. Mr Bluntforce T

    One of TRB"s coolest hits

  11. Bods

    First song from the first ever gig I saw. Blackburn. Me & my mates got mugged beforehand by a gang of punk rockers.

  12. the vhs machine

    Wow - I've never seen this before. But I must knock it off as I'm waiting for the 'Anthology' CD/DVD and don't want to spoil the fun of watching and listening to everything then. Class tune though.

  13. Nigel White

    Brilliant tune Tom, great memories of Bath Pavillion, Peter Gabriel came on and did it with you, hoping to make it up to London in July...