Robinson, Tom - Blue Murder Lyrics

He wasn't a loony with a sawn-off gun
A dangerous terrorist on the run
He'd never been mugging or molested a nun
He was really quite a regular guy
Six pints sober in the club one night
He started to argue with the law outside
Gets arrested and his hands are tied

Lie lie lie diddley lie
Die die die liddley die

Well they kicked him far and they kicked him wide
He was kicked outdoors, he was kicked inside
Kicked in the front and the back and the side
It really was a hell of a fight
He screamed blue murder in the cell that night
But he must have been wrong 'cause they all deny it
Gateshead station, police and quiet

Lie lie lie diddley lie
Die die die liddley die

It was eight to one and the one man died
But the coroner said he was satisfied
Killing Liddle was justified
He really was a desperate man
So if you figure on staying alive
Button your lip and just swallow your pride
And don't make trouble when your hands are tied

Lie lie lie diddley lie
Why why why liddley die?

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Robinson, Tom Blue Murder Comments
  1. SkinnySweatyMan

    Great track. Yet another fine Danny Kustow guitar solo ✊

  2. raypsychodad

    R.i.p Danny kustow

  3. Paul Fitzpatrick

    I thought that Liddle Towers was a council tower block.

  4. Stepa1007

    happened in 1976 under under the Callaghan Labour Government,

  5. Mark Allenby

    #caslox This happened under the Callaghan Labour Government, as did the murder of Blair Peach.

  6. alecahauf

    The amazing thing about Liddle Towers death was the coroners verdict "Acceptable homicide" and after the appeal about this verdict the new one was 'Death by misadventure' Good old British justice eh! The thing is that police brutality still does happen in the UK.


    another waste of life mudered by our good old british police....hhmmm..... rip liddle towers.

  8. caslox

    true story happened during the thatcher years as usual the law got away with it, just like they got away with killing Blair Peach.

    raymond newby

    No it didn't, it happened during the Callaghan labour government and I'm a labour supprter. Let's not twist facts