Robinson, Tom - Black Angel Lyrics

Steve was a rebel and a boozer
The AC king of teenage cool
He was a clean-cut calculating cruiser
Broke the heart of every kid in the school
Well I never had him figured for a loser
Till one morning no-one could foresee
He fell in love with a sweet black angel
In Brixton Market SE23

I've been in South Kent, Clapham and Cleveland
I've been in love and I've been deceived
But I've never been a sucker like Steven
Who lost sight of everything he'd achieved
Well he told me on the night he was leaving
(Though I found it pretty hard to believe)
You'll fall in love with the sweet black angel
He said I had it coming to me

I've got a friend in Borstal
I've got a friend next door
I've got a friend in my own double bed
I've got a real friend in the law

I've got a friend in Jesus
But we're just good friends you see
'Cause I'm in love with the sweet black angel
I know he's coming after me

In love with the sweet black angel
In love with the sweet black angel
I'm in love with the sweet black angel
I know he's coming after me

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Robinson, Tom Black Angel Comments
  1. musikerman52

    Great gospel feeling! Especially the place without the comp, just song. I fell for this band and this song way back, and it still touches something deep inside. Absolutely one of the reasons I became a musician and have been that for over 45 years now.

  2. Simon Loveland

    Danny Kustow must be one of the most underrated rock guitarists ever. His playing on this is blistering...

  3. Playup Pompey1898

    Totally brilliant song and TRB2 most underrated album that needs time to grow but once you get it. It stays with you. Just like Power & The Darkness. These guys had a magic potion shame it didnt last. But he is back on tour with another brilliant band seen him twice this year. Sounding totally brilliant a True rock legend still.


    Amen brother/sister! So true!

  4. George Jones

    "I've got a good freind in Jesus, but he's just a good freind you see" - great lyric.


    "We're just good friends, you see"