Robin Thicke - Give It 2 U Lyrics

[Intro: Robin Thicke]
Yeah, huh
Yeah, baby baby
Yeah, baby baby
Hey, hey

[Robin Thicke:]
Girl give it to me
Girl you know what it do, girl give it to me
I got somethin brand new, girl give it to me
I'll put it all on you, girl give it to me
Wooo! I got a gift for ya
I got this for ya, a little Thicke for ya
A big kiss for ya, I got a hit for ya
Big dick for ya, let me give it to ya
Baby baby, I got a call for ya
I got a whip for ya, black car for ya
Ball hard for ya, I know you wanna get fancy
I know you wanna start dancin

[Bridge: Robin Thicke]
Hey... girl
You know you're lookin so damn fly
You're lookin like you fell from the sky
You know you make a grown man cry

[Chorus: Robin Thicke]
I wanna give it to you, tonight
And make everything you fantasize
Come true, ooh baby
I'll make you so so so amazing
I'll give it to you

[Robin Thicke:]
Girl give it to me [x4]

Ooh! What's that girl?
What's that baby? I like that girl
I like that baby, on your back girl
On your back, yeah shake it like that girl
Baby baby, I got an eye for ya
Got an eye for ya, I got a smile for ya
Cheese, let me put it on your face for ya
Please, I got a taste for ya
Tasty, I bought lace for ya
Freaky, I'll put it on ya
Yeah, so I can come and take it off ya
Yeah, and get off to ya



[Kendrick Lamar:]
Uh, you're like a needle in a haystack
Uh, I wanna sit you where my face at
Uh, lunch with a few Mai-Tais
Uh, purple kisses on my tie
Uh, life give leave a dick loved
Uh, now you gettin this dick, love
Uh, I'm lookin for you with a flashlight
I wanna feel what a real fat ass like
No injection, I learned my lesson
I walk it like I talk it, baby this pedestrian
Runnin through your mind like Jackie Joyner
Pussy like pop like "DO!" Go get me a burner
Got shot like "DO!" This can be detrimental
T-shirt and panties, that's your credential
You're cotton candy, I need a fistful
I'm often antsy, hope that convince you


[Chorus x2]

[Robin Thicke:]
I'll give it to you

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Robin Thicke Give It 2 U Comments
  1. Claw Wolf

    OK but... Who's child is that?


    Forgot about this song

  3. アンパンマン

    This song iz so cool

  4. méguy firoly

    Je kiff grave meilleur cliché 😍

  5. The Adventures of Bob

    2:38 yellow sign

    LOL "thicke's dick blocks out the sun"

  6. London Loves

    Robin is a creep but this will always be a bop

  7. Chrisangie Perez

    2:08 is my favorite part 😍 2020 💪🏼

  8. Seda Koğak



    Am i the only one that this song just popped up in my head 6 years later?

    Foo Moo

    SUPER MON samesies!

    Lil Xan

    Some Illuminati shit😭

  10. amber murray jenkins

    Wow and lol😇

  11. LoLa

    I only care about 2 Chainz, the HBCU girls and Robin. #BlackGirlMagic

  12. Maryke Wiese

    i love that dancing in the background, what do they call that? other than amazing.

  13. brian bc mamelodi

    Am I the only guy who likes this song?

  14. Andrew P. Stewart

    Let’s put this thang in action!

  15. Pricy Love

    This song was sooo fireeeeee

  16. Wendy Mann

    The girl on the right next to Robin thicke on the bleachers is bad to the bone

  17. Lookan Indian

    4.09 nice dance


    Came back to say 2 chains is a lyrical genius

  19. Azzabi Kahlo


  20. Wendy Mann

    I love 2 chains

  21. Wendy Mann

    Black girls rock. Awesome dancing for sure. Beautiful girls. You go

  22. LitmusSubhumans

    Looks like a porn movie set cheesy and not sexy

  23. The2012djwess

    I like 2 Chainz but he's not needed here and I would replace him w/ Snoop Dogg or Juicy J in this song

  24. Smyles Styles

    @avalverde77 what's good

  25. Uncle Peaceful nih

    The best singer of his generation , lyrical skill and pitch in voice. Incredible.


    Especially the deep and metaphorical meaning of the lyrics, honest to god true talent

    Uncle Peaceful nih

    @KaliN9ne No sarcasm intened.

  26. Delight.

    And I'm 2 chainz babyyyyyy ayyyyyyyyyyyy

  27. Jey harden13

    2019❤ nov 13

  28. Alexandra García

    Dancing Dolls in this video?

  29. Fandom Fan

    Beetle Juice wore it better





  32. Алекса Петрова

    November 2019

  33. Maxirific

    I don’t understand why everyone shits on this song it’s miles better then blurred lines

  34. Tea B

    2019 who's here

  35. Lcarter52


  36. Maybe Maybelline Mako

    2019 anyone ?😍

  37. RisingStarFalls

    He should have just used the dancers. Everything else was unnecessary and made the video look tacky.


    robin thicke has always been tacky in my opinion. but he can sing his ass off, so he gets away with it.

  38. Nuzhat Tanzim Khan

    Robin Thicke was the Jason Derulo of that time with songs like these...

  39. Andrew B.

    Love the 'Ass Float' superimposed over 2Chains at 2:13

  40. la reginald

    Remember when Robin thicke came From absolutely no where and just turned 2013 into a fucking year

  41. Alex Hughes

    The carnage this video would cause if released in 2019!! A feminist meltdown

  42. S. H.

    Love the fact that there are HBCU dancers in this video!!! They brought about a refreshing flava to the video!!! Great job girls!!!

  43. Queen Harriet

    October 2019??

  44. one memey boi


  45. Chloe Anicia


  46. Vania Orozco

    I try to follow their dance moves😂 so fun

  47. jacksonmwatson


  48. Hadeel Al.shammary

    omg with the sunglasses he looks like simon 😂

  49. Rye

    I'm pretty sure that Robin can't dance but he does is thang lol.. the son does his thang too :)

  50. Noah Partic

    This is NOT explicit. "Dick" is bleeped out.

  51. B Sebola

    Robin Thicke was big pimpin in 2013.

  52. Brandon Now 48

    Saturday 19 October 2013

  53. Emily

    Absolute worst things in this video:
    - Robin Thicke with his shirt off 🤢
    - ‘ass float’
    - Robin Thicke’s smug face 🤢
    - Product placement every 30 seconds
    - Robin Thicke taking that chewing gum out of the girls mouth and putting it in his 🤢

  54. Afrodite Tshatedi

    There's literally nothing wrong with this vid ,it just shows how sensitive people were back in the day👀☕️

  55. brandonisi

    In my experience, men who go out of their way to tell you how big their penis is are, at best, average. It’s the sweet, quiet ones who whip out an anaconda when you least expect it.

  56. Billcosby Bootycrumbs

    This song still bangs in August 2019

  57. Darko Lane


  58. Adarkershadeofrainbow

    Robin Thicke has a rapey chode

  59. Fortune Young

    who's here for kendrick 2019!!!

  60. Bob Bob

    This sounds like every Justin Timberlake song in one

    Tobi Alfred

    My daughter asked "Is that Justin Timberlake" I said "No"

  61. Carl N

    Reminds me of a sleazier version of george michael in "faith" lol and... the parents from the 80s thought "I want your sex" was explicit...? *smh*

  62. Cristóbal Amar.

    Dios bendiga a los Estados Unidos!

  63. Jay Blair

    The girls were not hot damn

  64. Darryl Giggity

    4:15 the one in the shoulder pads can rideeeeeee me till she cant no more💯💯💯💯😩😩😩

  65. Jake Krynock

    I just picture parents dropping their kids off to school and walk past this.
    The mom gets angry, looks at the father.
    The father is dancing with them😂

  66. Javi_xl

    He should come back remix with people

  67. Antonio G.

    I remember being 13 in middle school listening to this so much not understanding the meaning then watching him perform this after Miley Cyrus twerked on him 😂

  68. Valdymort

    2019 anyone ?

  69. Steven Simmons

    I'm always amused when people are surprised any hyper sexual man or woman cheats on their significant others.

  70. mia manning

    I would **** robin thick I LOVE HIM UGH

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  72. Ibrahim Ahmed

    He looks a bit like Steven Gerrard with a bigger beard

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    I became a doughbag after this song

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    This song still makes me happy ✨

  76. **Grif One**

    “You’re like a needle in a haystack, i wanna sit you where my face at”😎

  77. Dot Park

    2:38 it’s like, everyone having dumb fun time, and Kendrick shows up, and makes people know how it’s done.

  78. Foxtrot 007

    Damn I just found some forgotten memories with this song

  79. Melody Media

    Okay I SWEAR I remember there being s Lamborghini in this video, in the desert possibly?? Someone please tell me I’m not crazy!

  80. HOLEinROSSWOODpark

    5 years already. I remember loving this song when it dropped

  81. Rene Ivan Rodriguez Zamora

    2019 LIKE!!!!

  82. Aaron Weeks

    This video did not age well 😂

  83. Aslı Cesur

    PLEase how old are you ??

  84. Nathan Ferro

    Big up Hillingdon x sean

  85. Lily Iglesias ツ

    Robin Thicke copied the name of Jordan Knight song, a song he helped write lol :P

  86. cloudy techie

    And I’m 2 chainz baby Lmao

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    Anyone just appreciating the giant ass on the float or is it just me 😂

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    Can’t believe he used his son in this 😯

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    Ng bless out one of the best tunes 2013 great year

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