Robin Thicke - 4 The Rest Of My Life Lyrics

I knew when I laid my eyes on you
The lights from above seemed to shine on only you
And you made me feel like I was flying
When I made you sparkle in your eyes
We ain't even 20 baby
I ain't learned to love you right, yeah
Umm, good thing I thought I was the shit back then
I sang in your ear cause I wanted you to know
That I had soul baby
I called you all the time
I guess I tried too hard to make you mine
You'd have nothing to do with me baby
Thank God that you changed your mind, oh

For the rest of my life you know I'm gonna be yours
For the rest of my life you know I wanna be yours
For the rest of my life for you I'm gonna be strong
Baby will you stay?
Baby will you stay?
Baby will you stay?
Baby will you stay mine?

Finally convinced you to come over and just say hi
I said "Forever My lady" and kissed you for the very first time
After months, holidays, holding hands in the park
Normally I'd just play basketball or something in the park
And I messed up like boys tend to do
It'd be a year till I got back with you
Thank God that you called me back baby
Cause I'd never be the man that I am today

For the rest of my life you know I'm gonna be yours
(Oh, you know I'm gonna be yours)
For the rest of my life you know I wanna be yours
(I wanna be, I wanna be yours)
For the rest of my life for you I'm gonna be strong
(For you I'm gonna be strong)
Baby will you stay?
Baby will you stay?
Baby will you stay?
Baby will you stay mine?

Then one night upon the phone
You said you were at home alone
I wasn't even old enough to drive
I saw my only chance just to keep it alive
Keep love alive
Good thing for you I stole my daddy's car
Cause no one's gonna ever love you better
Better than I do, yes I do

For the rest of my life you know I'm gonna be yours
For the rest of my life you know I wanna be yours
For the rest of my life for you I'm gonna be strong
For the rest of my life, for the rest of my life
Come on baby, will you stay forever?
I'm gon' love you baby
For the rest of my life for you I'm gonna be strong
Gon' love you baby, gon' love you right
For the rest of my life
Baby will you stay?
Baby will you stay?
Baby will you stay?
Baby will you stay mine?

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Robin Thicke 4 The Rest Of My Life Comments
  1. a b

    I just heard this on the radio yesterday (was in Thailand for years don't hate lol) - this is THAT song!

  2. Talanda Saddler

    😘😘 for my baby

  3. RehanSiddique

    This was on repeat when I first climbed Mission Peak in Fremont, California lol. Random as hell.

  4. Samia Spearing

    Make this public so I can play list with out video I love this list

  5. Levon Williams

    1:18-1:21 so damn good

  6. Yoon Yoon

    Love love

  7. Otis Hays

    This song should have 1 billion views!!!

  8. Angel Jackson

    2019 anyone?

  9. Kelley Reed

    Robin thicke jamed on this song he has a beautiful voice

  10. Vanilla Cream 6lack

    Whoop Whoop Whoop 😍🎶🎶🎧✌☝

  11. Eastside landlord Villageeast

    One ☝🏾 of my top R&B songs, never gets old.... reminds me of my wifey..... FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.....thanks my Thick for this classic track...

  12. Oladele Olawaiye

    I heat hints of Prince on this song.

  13. Devontay Oneal

    Still listen 2019

  14. Shamika Goode

    Yessss 2019!!!!

  15. James Funchess

    Danced to this at my wedding reception...

  16. Pez Reed

    Listening 2018

  17. divinetiming

    Dvsn mood brought me here

  18. divinetiming

    Suggest More songs like thissss

  19. Tracey Sosa

    2019 👍

  20. Blesstheworld1

    "4 The Rest Of My Life", Sweetie I wanna be yours...Baby I hear you calling me! 👑👄😘❤🌹

  21. Beautiful Disaster

    This song is so nice!! 2019!!!

  22. Destiney M.

    Here in 2018 💗

  23. Eastside #THEVILLAGE985

    Makes me fall in love 🥰 with my wife all over again whenever I hear 👂🏾 this song , for the rest of our lives baby, IM GONNA LUV YA BABY.........

  24. Erika Payne

    I do love this song ♥️👍🏿

  25. Michael Stallworth

    2000 and whatever year I'll be listening to this forever

  26. Bri Nicole

    Who’s listening in 2018 ?

  27. Bri Nicole

    Love this songgg ❤️❤️😍😍


    2018 anyone?

  29. Charles J Branton

    This song sucks man

  30. SheerBeauty

    Oee I Love this song..... Sooo cutifuL

  31. Lady Mac

    2018 this jam😍

  32. K.I.A k.i.a

    Who still listening in 2018



  33. Achtung! Ich bin traurig.

    Love it❤

  34. Neesh

    Love it still.....

  35. etuboldon boldon


  36. Big Beard Jefe


  37. Sam

    This song didn’t age well

  38. etuboldon boldon

    Maxwell's lifetime...

  39. Rakenya Woodson

    Still listening in 2018❤

  40. Mattloc'd The Innovator

    Who’s listening 👂 in 2018

    Sydni Renee

    Mattloc'd 2019 😎😎😎

    Beth Luis


  41. Elvis Presley

    3:26 Richard Ricca running fast but gets tased

  42. Solo Aijeswannasing

    This still my shit

  43. dequan spruill

    2018, 90s baby

  44. JoshTheBalla

    My favorite song for my baby

  45. Charlene Henry

    Love this song..... such a beautiful song...

  46. Jade Keefer

    This is my most favorite song

  47. ThatGirlLuttie

    This song is so underrated it deserves way more views

  48. Candace Rhodes

    Playing this at my wedding.

  49. Otis Hays

    Man got soul

  50. Carlotta Plowden


  51. Taxist Fox

    Gotta play this at my wedding 😍❤

    Andrew Balogh

    Would be a pleasure if you could check out the remix I did of this song :)

  52. litkid von

    2017 and still listening

  53. Isaiah Beckford

    I Love Robin Thicke - 4 The Rest Of My Life!

  54. Amayiah Alese

    I love how this song tells a story

  55. Melsha_Smiles

    I don't care what color he is! Sing to us😌😌😍

  56. iamzaymusic

    who's listening in 2017?

    Bri Nicole

    2018 haha


    2019 - Hope he sings this at Hot 105's Up, Close, & Personal Thurs Jun 27!!

  57. Manuel Fernandez

    2017 and listening

  58. Golden Buck

    real true courtship for my generation

  59. Ieisha Bennett

    I loved this song I had this on my ringtone lol

  60. T. Fazzo

    2017 !!! Delaware still listening

    Andrew Balogh

    Same! Would be a pleasure if you could listen to the remix of this song that I did.

  61. Watson Drummer

    8k views wtf that's so disrespectful

  62. Xavier Dye

    he cheated on her BTW they're divorced now

  63. Shamell Jervey

    still listen to the song in 2017😎😎

  64. Kid Ink-#1Fan

    2017 and I'm still digging this beautiful slow jam.

  65. Zoe Haywood

    i wanna hear this song at the highest level i possibly can

    Zoe Haywood



    clark ken yes yes yes!

    Bri Nicole

    Mood 💯

    Nora Hernandez

    Zoe Haywood. Tottaly Agree yes!

  66. Whats Poppin Louisiana

    Yessss sing it robin.. I love this song so much

  67. Cassandra Keeley

    who watching in 2017

    Zoe Haywood

    Cassandra Keeley meee

    Kennedi Michelle

    Cassandra Keeley Me!!!! I Thought I Was The Only One

    Beth Luis

    Same here

  68. L Oliver

    Rockin since day 1. My Ace. RVT

  69. Nunya Bizness

    Makes me fall in luv with my wife all over again..... #classicluvsong

  70. Audra S.

    yaaasss! come on Robin!

    Andrew Balogh

    Would be a pleasure if you could listen to the remix of this song that I did!

  71. Raziel cain

    I'm jam

  72. Lolita Brogsdale

    life is blessing. Mr. Thick. That you are

  73. D White

    Me too, and probably for the rest of my life....

  74. Sydney Alexander

    a boy wanted me to listen to this cause he wanted to explain his feelings for me🙈

    Jennie Z

    Sydney Alexander saaame girl😭😭

    Big Beard Jefe

    Sydney Alexander ..perfect choice hoped it worked

    Ona Baptiste

    Sydney Alexander 🤦🏾‍♀️

  75. Inspiring Creative Entertainment, LLC

    Ur on VIdeographic Radio @ ICE

  76. jimmy d

    reminds me of a song "your all I need too get by" by Marvin gay.

  77. Erykah Jenkins

    makes me think of me and my boyfriend... chased me freshman, sophomore and junior year of high school and we started dating senior year and we couldn't be happier now. . just graduated high school together and definitely wouldn't trade him for anything. that's my baby ❤


    So you rejected him and treated him like shit for 3 years before you finally grew up. He's retarded.

    Montoya Mattison

    kaii231 Damn dude😂

    James Funchess

    @kaii231 exactly,then resentment comes...

  78. dee samone

    still listening to this in 2016 🙌

    Zay K

    2018 now

    Montoya Mattison

    August 2018

    Carolina Blue

    Let’s try 2019. I’m gonna be here in 2119

  79. patricia.mcleod Lady

    life story😰😭💕😍❤

  80. Gabby Epps

    Wish he was my husband ;-)

  81. Joel Luis

    That's putting the term "forever and ever" as a commitment

  82. Eman Blanco

    Heard this on the smooth jazz station, and was like damn... who's this?... then I searched it later on found out it was Robin thicke... and all I could remember was this old black lady who told me, "damn white boy can sing!"

  83. Blessed Beyond measures

    I love robin thicke.

  84. Brandon Kimbrough

    perfect song

  85. fanof music

    I'm flying to LA to put them back together. This song is beautiful. I love me some Robin. Yeah, I know he supposedly, cheated on me & Paula, but I forgive him.

  86. Craig Pointon

    Such an underrated song.

    Zoe Haywood

    Craig Pointon i know. its so smooth

    Sarku Roll

    Was just about to say this

    Shelvyjoyel Peterson

    Craig Pointon

  87. Velma Albert

    Love this song

  88. zevon williams

    Dope track!!!

  89. TheJE32

    Robin Thicke - 4 The Rest Of My Life (Lyric Video)


    I very well appreciate it

    Joel Luis

    Thanks dude


    I wonder what the music video would've look like along with the song?

    Joel Luis

    Maybe it's wonderful or probably the 1st M A Rated type, something that matches the music

    Beth Luis

    So true dude

  90. Noah Gill

    Can definitely hear d'angelo over this

  91. rosie poteat

    It's a very beautiful song and i love it

  92. TheJE32

    I'm glad this song is made and it's an awesome lyric video. This one is really good. #SlowJams

    Joel Luis

    It's still interesting


    Best times

  93. Tanya Sanders

    Robin thicke is my men and I am his girlfriend. all y'all his fans love his music. Found y'all men out their

  94. Joel Luis

    Cool job on the lyrics video, love the way you control the words. #SlowJams

  95. J Johnson

    Love that violin

  96. Joel Luis

    Best slow jams song #SlowJams


    Yes dude yes

    Joel Luis

    That's what I like to hear


    Thank you very much

    Joel Luis

    Anytime dude

    Beth Luis

    That's right

  97. Hanna G

    This reminds me of Ariana Grande for some reason. This dude had some good music but after the vma performance, we want to cast the devil out of him...I'm not sure if men should sing in these high pitches...his real voice doesn't sound like that for real?