Roberta Flack - Stay With Me Lyrics

Stay with me
Stay with me
Spend just one more day with me
Maybe you can rearrange your plans
I know there whole new world you found
And it's true that love you found
But please don't make me stand here
Just standing on the ground

Stay with me
Stay with me
Spend just one more night with me
Maybe you can barely see it in this way
If I could spend one night with you
It would last my whole life through
Of all the nights I've held you close
Tonight is the night I need you most

I never thought that I would find someone so beautiful
Never thought there'd be a love like this
And if you know you are gonna loose someone so beautiful
The rest of your life, that's an awful lot to live

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Roberta Flack Stay With Me Comments
  1. Cee Tee Oliver

    OMG...a true classic!😮...this whole album was nice. Another favorite from this same side is "God Don't Like Ugly"❤️I remember it like it was yesterday...I was in high school at the time, and in the 10th grade (sorta brings back memories of my mom and sister, may they always S.I.P❤️❤️❤️)...good memories. Thankyou for sharing David da Fonseca👍🏾

  2. Arthur F. Scaltrito

    Lots of good tracks on this album.
    This is the last one.

  3. Keith Yearwood

    Such a refreshingly sweet voice!