Roberta Flack - Bridge Over Troubled Water Lyrics

When you're weary and feelin' small
When tears are in your eyes, I'll dry them all
I'm on your side when times get rough
And friends just can't, can't be found

Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down

When you're down and out
When you're on the street
And evenin' falls so hard
I will comfort you

And I'll take your part when darkness comes
And pain is all, all around

Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down

Sail on silver girl, sail on by
Your time has come to shine
All your dreams are on their way
See how, how they shine

If you need a friend
I'm sailing right, right behind

Like a bridge over troubled water
I will ease your mind
Like a bridge over troubled water
I can ease, ease your mind

Like a bridge over troubled water
I can ease your mind

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Roberta Flack Bridge Over Troubled Water Comments
  1. Cesar Tabora

    To listen this song is to succumb to the most higher place and feel innermost in you soul what poetic them is in it’ s lyrics, and the same time so sad but addressing to those moments when you feel alone in this life and you need a friend by your side, never you will find such a beautiful poem to the friendship than this song ..!!

  2. Ygus 30

    26Jan2020, still love this song

  3. marcelo robson vieira carvalho

    Musica Linda voz fantástica..

  4. For real talent

    WoW!!! Listening 2020



  6. Tim Sharp

    She certainly eased mine.

  7. HighCity

    Wow, never knew this version existed

  8. Atreus21

    pursuit of happyness brought me here.

  9. Darren Mcmunn

    One of the top 3 voiceses of all times and a very classy ladt also. We need more like her today

  10. 雨宮孝二


  11. Sigismund Jumbo

    Immortal. Silky and majestic void. Incomparable RF.

  12. Guillermo Borroel

    Hermosa versión...profunda...melancólica

  13. Guillermo Hugo Szatynski

    OK.... VG....!!!!

  14. Simone Scott

    Dec 25, 2019

    Charles Ntsele

    Missed you by 2 days🙈

  15. Nicolas Rivera

    Angelic crystal-deep voice!

    Darn Right

    A soprano's soprano!

  16. Brian McKeever

    Derry woman

  17. enimnori

    Fabulous!!! Absolutely Fabulous!!

  18. Joao Mauricio Hack Cardozo


  19. Dave Croston

    There have been so many aberrated versions of this song over the years, some to the point of characaturation ( excuse me if my spelling is incorrect). What Roberta Flack has demonstrated in her interpetation is a respect for transparency to let the lyricism shine through .WELL DONE R F !

  20. Antonio Fuentes

    December 2019. Sorry Simon and Garfunkel, I sincerely love this version.

  21. Martha Wolff

    Wow 2019 December but this song still gives me goosebumps love is a beautiful thing

  22. Jeep Bilenki

    Freakin' MAGNIFICENT!!! My God could this beautiful human being sing like an Angel!!!This is/was Music!-Jeep-USN. Ret.-

  23. Ryan Gorsline

    I listened to this everyday, especially the evening's. When I was in the darkest years 2015 to the very end of 2017 I was battling the most unimaginable depression. I know we've all been there and have our pain at times, but those were some of the lonelinest, unhealthy, dark, desolate, empty years. I am glad I came out strong, but I hope I leave stronger when I leave earth and better than when I came in. Never give up, keep striving for beauty and life and God bless!

  24. Jesus Abraban Hernandez

    deleiten se los oídos qué estas canciones están en extinción GRACIAS 2019!

  25. Gearzen Leri

    Diosa, tiene la voz suave como el tacto de un melocotón

  26. Laurence Bigelow

    Oh so beautiful... Still brings tears to my eyes.


    Conpared to her, relative Whitney Houston just sounds like she's yelling. Beautiful, unique voice.

  28. Brendan Love

    That was one of the most beautiful things I've ever listened to. Sending vibes of peace and love to all.♥️⚡

  29. Rita

    Rober ......tah!!!

  30. Steven Pope

    What happened to music they don't make them like this anymore

  31. Chris Goebel

    Doesn't get any better than this

  32. JIMBO

    Every word was her heart

  33. Antonella Sturatti


  34. Winner 2016

    Thank Jesus 🙏

  35. manusia Berkicau

    Simply the best rendition of the bridge over troubled water. I have already thought that this song shpuld have been slower than the original. I have watched many renditions, including Whitney, Elvis, Sohyang, Kodi, Clay, Josh Groban, and of course the original. And this is simply what I like the most. It is brilliant in its simplicity. Love this a lot. Thank you for uploading it. (I didnt say the other rendtions are bad, they are intrepretation of the singers and certainly everybody has the right to intrepret the song).

  36. Leroy Ng

    Her voice alone is just so crystal clear and so beautiful. Anyone here in Nov 2019. ?

  37. bill cleland

    Best version

  38. Grant Atyeo

    so good

  39. Bill Starke

    She could sing a phone book

  40. Cesar Tabora

    There is so much sentiment in every lyric when she sings this beautiful song, it makes me to tremble, and 😢 cry, what hymn to friendship!!!

  41. Craig Ernest

    2019.. you lift me up R.F.....Godbless

  42. Hector Alfaro

    What a wonderful version of a great song

  43. emon 91

    Came here after watching The Pursuit of Happyness for the nth time. Both the film and this track are inspiring.

  44. Ronel Ivan Feraer

    November 2019

  45. Damian e

    Woow!! Es una cancion hermosa, es una version hermosa.. llegan al alma! Its a beautiful song, its a perfect version..

  46. Jack Watters

    she did a fantastic version of this song. like it better than Simon & Garfunkel.'s version great voice I've now listened to 4 of her songs, all beautifully recorded

  47. rebecca hooper

    not heard this version till now and thanks Roberta a very soulful piece

  48. Tina Parrish

    Loving her voice and piano

  49. selena

    Oh man I’m in love with her....

  50. Regan Davies

    We have some parts of this song in our marching band song this year and it’s so beautiful to spin and dance to it. I always tear up

  51. Modesty Shabazz

    Roberta did rhe best rendition of this song. The boys chorus in the background sounds beautiful

  52. Roland Genereux

    memories are made of this

  53. fullplate100

    I say it, with no reservations: DIVA...

  54. Texasgrrl

    Wow! Her voice was so silky smooth and beautiful! What a beautiful soul she was. Sigh...

  55. Lynn Brown

    Who is carrying the melody in the background - it's beautiful. The cover performed by Roberta is absolutely breathtaking as well

  56. Paul Greene

    This is just flat out great .... wow ... never heard this cover before ... #BRAVO

  57. Priscilla Chung-Hacker

    Roberta Flack is my favourite female singer. Her talent is beyond compare. In my opinion, her version of this song is stunning. It never fails to move me to tears. What a treasure Roberta Flack is, we are blessed to be able to enjoy her music, it never fails to touch ones heart and soul.

  58. Behar Dan

    tremendous interpretation ………..

  59. Sylvie Lopez

    Tank you very much for upload this great singer Roberta flack she a great voice en beautiful women to , souvenir merci beaucoup

  60. God bless you

    I dedicate this song to my mom whom passed away Sunday! I love you infinity! RIP

  61. Reason *

    Absolutely adore Roberta and have since I was just a preteen.

  62. Curtis Ball

    First time I'm hearing this...and it's grand.

  63. Maria Martinez

    estoy aprendiendo ingles con canciones, pero con esta cancion y esa voz simplemente voy mas alla. Gracias por compartir

  64. Clara Lawrence

    She is an extraordinary singer, one of a kind.

  65. 김정옥

    지금 시각은 새벽 2시
    온 우주가 잠자고 있는지 조용 한대
    고요함 속에서 듣는 이 음악
    장군이는 피곤 햇는지 코를골고 고양이 루미는 할말있다고 나를좀 보자 내요
    심심 한가 봅니다
    얘내들 은 별로 인가 봅니다
    쇼팡의 녹턴은 좋와 하던대~



  66. 新・新房

    I sing, and the good music is inherited by a good singer!

  67. Michelle Smith

    I'm crying

  68. TerencetheScribe

    This is my go to song when I need a recharge. To me, Roberta Flack sings this beautifully in a hymn like arrangment.

  69. Conversation With Cass and Cat divas5

    This song is so wrought with the precious gift of reflection and meaningful words that is symbolic of one’s own life’s experiences . On another note, Mrs Flack executes precision and quality in her voice.

  70. G Power

    This is beauty, pure and simple.. Thank you for sharing. Roberta is a gift.

  71. Karen Choquette

    Chills - Absolutely beautiful. Thanks you Miss Roberta for sharing your gift.

  72. Choi최항준

    how could i say !!!! great singer ~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Justina Fields


  74. Justina Fields

    "When evening falls soo hard..."RESONATING, When I loss my child....Thanks Soo Much Roberta, and my Sister
    C. A./ She WAS always "sailing right behind...." because she ALSO loss a child/her only daughter ...May You RIP My Dear, You Did WELL/and You Did Well By Me.... APTTMH

  75. Spider Sax

    Beautiful voice. ❤️

  76. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

    That was a spiritual experience

  77. דודי ריימונד

    She is a good singer but no one can sing it like Art Garfunkel. nobody!!

  78. Jasmine Turner

    First time ever I saw your face, first song of hers I loved hearing her sing x

  79. andreza lira

    Excelente! !

  80. Tony A

    Magical voice can be healing... a medicine for troubled souls

  81. James Harnish

    So Soulful! Never tire listening to Roberta sing such a feeling!

  82. Frederick Parillon

    Guy thank you all for your comments, they actually made me so happy . Roberta Flack was my favorite singer of all time. .well she still is . My mom introduced me to miss Flack in 1970 and i have never stopped loving her music .
    Sadly Roberta passed away on August 11 of this year.She will be missed but thank god we still have her music for comfort.
    R.i.p. songbird.


    Frederick Parillon you’re full of crap...she’s not dead. Don’t know why you would say this?

    Frederick Parillon

    @hampton2108 Thank you a lot..but you are a stupid ignorant person.
    That's my opinion and if you dont like my crap...don't eat it.


    So your opinion is that a living person is dead? I’m speechless...

  83. Edith Lilian Murray

    Bellisima version de Roberta flack!!!! Me encanto!!!!

  84. Crltnmbr 1


  85. Liliane Babineau

    love her the song awww so beautiful ,i want to use this as my wedding song what do you think folks

  86. Chibi Chibi

    Everyone before me has expressed how I feel. Amazing.

  87. Chrysalynn C

    I wonder if a young Eva Cassidy ever listened to Ms Flack?. I'm only just the hearing the similarities now in this song,

  88. Graham Shepherd


  89. Davis Whatley

    I’m having this played at my funeral.


    I will lay me down like a bridge over troubled waters

  91. Melómana_ FullMusic

    Siento... una Paz única❤❤❤❤

  92. lagaman11

    Her voice is incredible, no doubt, but I would have loved to have heard her sing it closer to the original versions tempo and construction. IMHO, it would have been better.

  93. FARID1870

    This softer, gentler version really makes you reach for the tissues. and I'm not usually an emo guy haha.

  94. Jhorcy Diamsin

    Put me on tears every damn time. Hands down

  95. Willonne Wilson

    Overwhelmingly beautiful! <3

  96. Annette Maxwell

    A masterclass :)