Robert Plant - When The World Was Young Lyrics

Oh yeah, here I am
I've been here since all the time began
Oh oh, I'm here and then
Go round and round and back again
Hey hey, come look and see
My footsteps through eternity
Riding hard and strong and free
The messenger will hold the key
I saw him - I knew him - I touched him
When the world was young
I saw - I knew and I touched
When the world was young
When the world was young
High on a hill
Home of my heart, take me dancing
Round and round
Carry me still
Sweet home of my heart, take me dancing
Round and round
Yes, I saw him - I knew him - I touched him
When the world was young
I saw you - I knew and I touched you
When the world was young
Round, round, round and round
I saw him - I touched him - I knew him
When the world was young
I saw him and I touched him and I knew him
When the world was young
Carry me still
Home of your heart, keep me dancing
Round and round
When the world was young
When the world was young

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Robert Plant When The World Was Young Comments
  1. Doctor Rocker

    Get out there and tour again, Jimmy!

  2. Ed Blackman

    still make me feeeeeeel good.

  3. Igor Petukhov

    That's the great, what they had done!!! Just flying!!! So great Guys!!! Total respect!!!

  4. Lori Driskell

    Youtoo fabulous💞

  5. jeff kirchens

    Fantastic Song and Performance! My favorite from the Walking into Clarksdale album!

  6. DemoMan

    Garbage. A reminder of why Plant is incapable of playing anything "Fun" anymore. It continues in it's miserableness on into 2019. Clarksdale was terrible in every measure of musical delivery. His goofy Americana crap is just as bad. Thank God for the Early years of Zep. This kind of stuff even puts a stain on Plant's early solo material- which, was very good btw. Then he became an old man , like we are all destined to become,I suppose, and we crumble into the inevitable darkness. Shame, really.

  7. Sals Furniture

    Nice light touch by Page. I love how they sing/play in harmony. Very nice!

  8. Wingrid Medeiros


  9. Artemis Wild

    Beautiful..2 Masters right here

  10. Pat Ilott

    Always love their intensity

  11. Jrodeadhead2002

    Love this song and album! I remember jamming to this when I was a freshman in high school.

  12. m black

    High on a hill....

  13. Dee Pratt

    I love this song. Sometimes I am doing other stuff; web, facebook, whatever, and this song just sneaks into my head and I have to play it. Robert Plant is so phenomenal singing this, as well as everything else he does.

  14. Patrick McHale

    I love this song & album.

  15. aelf

    Always considered 'Walking Into Clarksdale' badly underrated.

    m black

    Truly. Lots of great songs on there. Walking into clarksdale the song was epic in concert. Jimmy the white blew it away on the solo.

  16. Patrick Mitton

    Plant& Page are the best!!

  17. Patrick McHale

    A great song & concert album.

  18. thielees

    ...and they weren’t.

  19. Liz Torossi J

    Son unos Dioses del Olimpo.

  20. Landslide

    God has Plant's voice gone
    This is horrible. He looks like a mummified testicle!


    Landslide - Not quite sure what your talking about??

  21. TheehO Stepengone

    who about when there was a porno girl living here, oh wait the porno Queen never told me she just made movies here right

  22. 青木朋博


  23. Surfs Up

    Man, I love when these two giant's jam. Never heard this but it move's me as much as my favorite Zeppelin tune's. Damn, I miss real rock and roll.

  24. Esa Sorola

    Once upon a time, there was music...

    Beata Majka

    Esa Sorola yeaaaaaa, but it was 40, 30, 20 years ago. Now is shit😑

    Esa Sorola

    After 40,30,20 years the current music is considered the best by the people listening it today... :-) But Led Zeppelin will still be around, I will listen to it in old folks home...

    Supera Rock

    Esa Sorola *i'd do the same* ☺

  25. AlexKx

    One of the best songs ever.

  26. Ezequiel Pagella


  27. Sihar Tobing

    Still Love Led Zeppelin, Unique Music Colours : God Bless You All Bro, ... Bravo.

  28. Derek

    I am so glad we have souls out here who say, rock is not dead!!!!!! Love it!!!!!

  29. Ronaldo N

    This songs from page plant walking in to clarksdale are amazing , the record is not good as live

  30. Lisa Jordon


  31. Lisa Jordon

    When was this INCREDIBLE performance ??? What was the date ?


    Lisa Jordon November 98 in Paris

  32. Smitty

    Why do they have a picture of Bubble's from TPB in the background?

  33. Little Sister

    Great song, thank you for posting. Can't wait to be seeing you tomorrow in the beautiful city of Carcassonne!!!

  34. Dark Star


  35. NTA Design Ltd

    Eternal return to innocence as walking into Clarksdale...

  36. manatee2500

    Managed to see them twice that year in Chicago and later in yrs ago.

  37. Mark Greco

    Soooo... how much would you pay for tickets to see the boys today. ONE LAST TIME! Me 2500.00$

    Anette Hergl

    what about the true fans who simply can`t afford that much?? don`t measure your love for good music, the best music, in money! it`s a matter of heart and feeling, not money!

    Mark Greco

    Anette Hergl they turned down 800 million dollars

    Anette Hergl

    the question was how much you or I would pay for a ticket, not how much the band turned down for a reunion.

    Mark Greco

    yup i would pay $2500.00

  38. Just Believe Bath n Body Crystal McArthur

    I deeply respect where you are in the here n now and not wallowing in the ashes of yesterday..such grace courage n wear it well..mmmvery well!✨🌅🎶🎼🎸🎧

    Tommy Ledge

    Just Believe Bath n Body Crystal McArthur ...

    Ok now im thinking Rod Stewart and was he the 1st 2do that song . I can't look it up. I bet you don't know what song im thinking of ??

  39. Brian Miller

    Awesome, where is this? I heard they were going to do some shows as Led Zep but where is John Bonhams kid and John Paul Jones?

    Vasco Gomes

    Hi Brian Miller I think this is from The Paris Concert for Amnesty International ->
    The DVD has their performances from "When The World Was Young", "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You", "Gallows Pole" and "Rock And Roll"


    This is 1998... and I saw this Page/Plant show in Vancouver. So awesome!
    But remember, No John Bonham, No Led Zep!

    Bev MacDonald

    mysterions13 1999. The Walking Into Clarksdale tour was in 1998, but this is from the Amnesty International Concert in Paris.

    Adam Watson

    Brian Miller this is from 1998 . page and plant did tours on 95 and 98 with pants solo drummer and bassist . it was not meant to be a zep reunion.

    Bev MacDonald

    Brian Miller 1999 in Paris . Their Walking into Clarksdale tour ended in October of 1998 but the Amnesty International show in France that this was recorded at was in 1999.

  40. dvincentblack

    Thanks Mate! I love it! You sound great!! DVB

  41. Vanessa Cabral

    love love love <3 <3 <3

  42. Tammy Coates

    Sweet💕 if you guys read this, Robert love your spunky spirit and your talent. Jimmy your just the sweetest and one hell of a guitar picker!

  43. Samir Goradia

    nice hairdo Jimmy

  44. Julie Jersey

    The world inside is forever young😍

  45. PBx2007x

    I don’t know why all this videos had been uploaded... but it gives me an incredible full body sensation just to think about maybe something is coming

    Tommy Ledge

    PBx2007x. I wish but R.Plant keeps saying he is sick of LZ .

  46. José Augusto dos Santos


  47. Roger De La Garza

    I saw this line-up in 95 in the Alamodome in San Antonio TEXAS I remember that day like it was yesterday because the a.c. broke it was HOT but nobody left they stay to see the concert, I wasn't leaving because this was probably the only time that i would get to see half of led zeppelin I was happy that day.

  48. Roger De La Garza

    I LOVE this song...this song is so AWESOME. 😎👍

  49. Joyce Smith


  50. Alexandre Varga Bessko


  51. Bev MacDonald

    When all the sport's gone stale and all the wheels run down, God grant you find one face there you loved when all the world was young ♡

  52. g4340

    I so wanted to see Page/Plant in '95 or '98 before my Hemophilia took my body away. Even if they played down the street from me I wouldn't be able to go now. I wish they'd release an album from those tours and for Robert to release a few live albums from his tours. Please Robert!

    Adam Watson

    g4340 that would be so cool. Robert has never released a live album from his solo tours he really seems to not like looking back . but there are some really cool soundboard bootlegs on you tube from his 83 and 85 tours that are just amazing . page and plant recorded and filmed every thing from the page and plant tours . they should release them as a download subscription service so we cab hear them all they were on fire in 98 . sorry to hear about your health . be well my friend


    Adam Watson The problem is Plant. He doesn't understand that this music makes people happy. If he doesn't want to look back or unite with Page and Jones fine, but he has forgotten the fans. He is the Mighty Re-Arranger --rearrangjng all Zepp and solo songs to the point no one recognizes them. No one wants to hear that. They want to hear Gallows Pole like it's supposed to be heard. In the Mood like it's supposed to be heard. If you must rearrange to satisfy a ego then fine, a couple, but not each and every song. People go to shows not to hear different versions of his who!e catalog. They go so when they hear "this" or "that" song it takes them back to a time, a p!ace where the good ole days were good. Plant doesn't want to reflect on the days, ok, but dont deny the fans that.


    Adam Watson by the way...I like that idea of a subscription service. I suggested that on Iron Maiden and Scorpions channels. Metallica records all shows and offers the audio on their website. More bands should do that. Fans want to hear live versions from this tour and that tour. They want whole concerts from each tour, too.

    Jack Wehrung

    Bloody awful

  53. Kay Kat

    Carry me still home of the heart...beautiful lyric. Pure poetry.

  54. Wood Carver

    One of the Greatest 🎵🎸🎤🎶🎙🗿

  55. MrMegaFredZeppelin

    Excellent :-) ROCK ON!!!!!!!

  56. Hawk Davison

    The Best!!!!!! Thank you.

  57. Robson Nicoly

    Os caras são muito fodas sem palavras

  58. James Murray

    I saw this line up Live in Minneapolis in 1998. Awesome show!

  59. Jables Creed

    Beautiful voice beautiful guitar playing- Damn....🌈🌈🎸🎼

    Jables Creed

    It’s just so Beautiful

  60. Joey Huebner

    Great song! Love the Clarksdale album and my two favorite frontmen.

  61. Dean Guidici

    Flawless, thanks Dad 😎

  62. Rachel T

    Third 😌😌 Thankyou needed this ray just now 🌈🌈🌈🌈 don't forget that energy of hope right 😌



    Rachel T

    Rich R I guess it takes one to know one. Thankyou for negative view 😌

  63. Dean Guidici

    My girlfriend will be seeing you at Carcassonne... Battle of Evermore please 😃

  64. Ramon Valenzuela

    Zeppelin for life🎤🎸🎶😎

    Tommy Ledge

    Led Zeppelin fan . I wish J.Page would release all the songs that didn't make it. I would think there are more songs . Old stuff . I have all of LedZepp stuff . I started collecting when I was 12 im 53 now.. Page I know he must have old recordings.. Stuff that's never been on an LP

    Ramon Valenzuela

    Tommy Ledge that would be cool if he did and I been a Led Zeppelin fan for like almost 2 years and im like 15 years old you dont see young led Zeppelin fans mainly my age

    Daniel Paolini

    Led Zeppelin fan Rules.....!!!!!

    Artemis Wild

    Ramon Valenzuela Yes!