Robert Plant - Up On The Hollow Hill (Understanding Arthur) Lyrics

All I want
All I pray
All I crave
Is a love that take
My breath away

My deep fall turn to clay
Through this time love take my breath away
Through all time love claims my breath away

All my blood returns high up on the hollow hill

When love go
War's fired up
Wash away
Let the tights of love
My life away

My eyes
My life

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Robert Plant Up On The Hollow Hill (Understanding Arthur) Comments
  1. Jugović Stefan

    #Eclectic as fuck...

  2. Kimboze

    This was in the movie San Andreas.

  3. Kimboze

    Can this please get uploaded to SoundCloud without having to listen with the GO+ subscription.

  4. Ubu987

    This just made my hair stand on end "My love returns, high upon the hollow hill"

  5. Paul Kopite74

    Such a wonderful band of musicians Robert has assembled . Fresh as always .

  6. Lisa M. Washer


  7. Fernanda Valente

    Spiritual <3

  8. Kay Kat

    This song takes my breath away!

  9. Wendy Baker

    How many decades now? Millennia. Still enthralled. Such a body of work. Thank You.

    Retro Fan

    ? This came out in 2014.


    Wendy Baker can someone upload this wonder to SoundCloud?

  10. Nina louVe

    yong song, sorry i just started to check new stock since NoW and Zen

  11. Chris Crawford

    Fuck that's great.

  12. hose bai

    Великий !!!

  13. GregoCatal


  14. all is well

    love u so much RP

  15. Daniel Anthony Plant

    thank u so much

  16. Julie Jersey

    <3forever #RobertPlant