Robert Plant - Come Into My Life Lyrics

Hopes drift in higher places - it's easier above the gloom
Among the hollow faces, I know you're there - it must be soon
And I must straighten up - review my disposition
Pour the hope back in my eyes I thought I'd lost so long ago

Come into my life - here where nothing matters
Come into my life and roll away the gloom
Come into my life - here where nothing matters
Come into my life and roll away the gloom

Always a love and beauty - a lover's sighs content too soon
Somewhere behind her heartbeat a breath of kindness hints of gloom
So I must straighten up - review my disposition
Pour the hope back in my eyes I thought I'd lost so long ago

Come into my life [etc repeated]

Oh when you get there - you know I wanna be there
When you get there - well, you know I wanna be there
I wanna be there - I wanna be there

Come into my life [etc repeated]

Hopes drift in higher places - it's easier above the ground you know
Hopes are drifting - hearts been lifting
Somebody somewhere no, done you wrong - I don't know
Come on, come on, come on, baby
Come on, come on, come on, baby

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Robert Plant Come Into My Life Comments
  1. sal economos

    How this man went musically from NOW AND ZEN to MANIC NIRVANA and segue to arrive at this stunning LP?
    Genius at work here.

  2. Warren Field

    Richard Thompson's guitar weaves magic here.

  3. john conroy


  4. Carlos Roberto

    Great Album.

  5. Bonnie Boren

    Fate of Nations~ Awesome tour. Plant was really coming into his own. Front row @ Sunrise Musical Theater. If it was the last concert, I knew I saw the best! Robert!💙

  6. Christian Landaeta Torres

    Maire Brennan !

  7. mark s

    This is a superb album still love it after all these years !

  8. Samuel Zappia


  9. debra doubek

    One of my favorite Plant albums. Along with Now and Zen!

  10. gillis b.

    WOW.Great song.Full of emotions,High and low.

  11. Rezaul Hasan Laskar

    This song kills me, every time. I just dislike one thing about it - it fades out just as this killer guitar riff kicks in. What a brilliant album too.

  12. Sharon Farnsworth

    Have loved Robert Plant & Led Zeppelin since the late 60's...they evolved into the masters of lyrics & music for all generations...Pink Floyd is the God of Music & lyrics...never again will there be Bands of this magnitude...Heart, Fleetwood Mac, King Crimson, Stones, so many to choose from...David Bowie, Peter & Gordon, Gordon Lightfoot, Animals, John Denver, Jim Croche, Bread, Stevie Nick's,100's more have brought me full circle...even M&M(great movie by the way) Prince, Micheal Jackson, Pretender's, Chris Rea(looking for the summer), Enya, Eurythmics, sorry...guess I got carried away with that!🤣

  13. Todd Alfonsi

    It's all good, if you understand Robert . 2018 , and this makes more sense now to me , than back when.

  14. Todd Alfonsi


  15. John S.

    @ 2:42 - Stairway? You better believe it!

  16. gladly....

  17. Tom Gebhardt

    Roberts voice is just simply Beautiful such power and emotion.Try out Skips song, Polly come home again, Song to the siren...Hell everything he sings is brilliance

    Lindy Lou

    Tom Gebhardt

  18. Jeffrey Thompson

    Fate of nations tour fox theater Detroit. I loved that show and every song on this album 🙂

  19. Rosario Meza

    ni hablar de su voz caracteristica es un sello personal excelencia es lo que representa este disco

  20. TheShive

    Probably my favorite song on this album, fucking brilliant!

  21. Jay Allen

    Nice guitar work

  22. Loren Davis

    Fate Of Nations is a great album !

    debra doubek

    I saw that tour! It was BEYOND FABULOUS!

  23. Taliesin Gwyddioniaid

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  24. Guilherme Guimarães Neto

    sou fã de todas as musicas deles

  25. Hazardous541

    His best solo album.

  26. Bill Taylor

    You all have come into my life one way or other and what a lifetime of memoirs!

    gillis b.

    Good memories are lifetime memories Enjoy them for all they are worth.Cheers from Canada.

  27. Julie Jersey


    John Buchanan

    Julie Jersey Alabama said hello

    Julie Jersey

    Hi !Kisses:)

  28. MrWishud

    Wonderful song with a guitar solo by Richard Thompson to die for. Immaculate.

  29. Sebastian Somewhere

    You cut the double-tracked twelve-string geatars too soon.

  30. zephyrquartz

    Love this song and what a singer Plant is!

  31. michael19541

    The whole damn album is fricken, FABULOUS AND SPIRITUAL!!

  32. Daniel de Lucca

    Best song ever, in my opinion!

  33. Tony Rollman

    great song..great album



  35. Katy Lunger

    I've love everything he's done solo since freaking Now and Zen and Manic Nirvana. He's brilliant. I am always shocked when people don't like him.

    Robin Regan

    He's amazing and still the best set of pipes out there!


    Katy, I am shocked to the core to hear you say there are people who don't like him! Did you experience him when he was a young lad with Led Zeppelin in the late 60s and early 70s. Absolutely stunning. And such terrific sense of humour. And that GRIN. He's a great human being in every sense of the word. Highly intelligent and excellent company too.

    Ingrid Naraine

    It is their loss

    Senicka Rock

    What about principal of moment?

  36. Lukasz Mazurek

    I love this album... Master!!!


    Totally - it's an amazing album !

  37. Lukasz Mazurek

    cudowny album, utwór!!! Dziekuje panie Robercie za wszystko!!!

  38. sabine hennig

    best solo album

  39. 007billyray

    awesome song, lyrics and back up

  40. P4TRi0T5

    it took me forever to find this fucking song......i love this song